Impulsive and romantic, Connor is set to take over the family business, Sky High Scaffolds, with his siblings. But he might be ruled out as possible CEO, because even though he’s almost thirty, he’s still single.

Connor makes a life-changing chance discovery about a member of his construction team. Lee is gay, but no one at work knows. The macho scaffolding crew aren’t known for their gay-friendliness.

At twenty-nine years of age, sexy scaffolder Lee is looking for love and commitment. He’s not about to hook up with any straight guy who’s going through a gay experimental phase. Especially not his work colleague, Connor.

Lee fears rejection if and when Connor wakes up and realizes he’s not bi and not into guys.

Connor fears losing the love of his life if he can’t prove he’s serious about him and win Lee’s heart.

“There’s nothing for me here but bad memories.”

Zac Kesson fled his closed-minded family and the tiny town where he grew up. Now he’s a club owner in the big city, finally living his own life, even if he’s lonely. When a forest fire devastates his hometown and puts his father in the hospital, he feels the pull toward home. The last thing he expects is to cross paths with his first love, Anton. The one who broke his heart.

Anton McKinley, the town veterinarian, will do anything to save Charlestown’s animal inhabitants after the fire, even if the man who brings them in is his ex-boyfriend. He can’t believe Zac showed up after all this time. Even worse, he can’t believe the spark of attraction he still feels for his former lover.

Zac and Anton put aside their differences for the sake of the animals. As Zac confronts his homophobic parents and the loss of his childhood home, he finds himself reaching for Anton. Their ruined hometown begins to rebuild, but is it too late for Zac and Anton? Are they just too different, or can they build something new on the ashes of the old?

After years away from Chicago, Ash Jimenez moves back to his old neighborhood. When he encounters Phillip McGill, his best friend from high school, it brings back a flood of memories … and even stronger emotions. Ash has had lots of girlfriends over the years, and wonders how things might have been different if he’d kissed Phillip the way he wanted to in their younger days.

Phillip has had rotten luck with men. Ash was the first person he came out to in high school, but Phillip let them drift apart after his friend moved away, because it hurt too much to want what he couldn’t have. Reconnecting with Ash is bittersweet … until the other man starts to make clear that he’s ready to take their relationship in a new direction.

Ash isn’t sure how to be with a man, but he’s determined to figure it out. He wants to treat Phillip so well that it heals the pain from his exes. But Phillip can’t believe he’s worth it, let alone that the man of his dreams really wants him. Can these friends navigate the tricky path to love without getting stranded?

At the peak of his career, having won two of out of the three legs of endurance racing’s most prestigious honor–the Triple Crown–Ollie has the world at his feet, immortality within his grasp, and the eye of every other gay man in England. That is, until he gets into a fight with his teammate and personal rival, which lands his teammate in the emergency room and Ollie in a police station.

His chance at redemption comes in the form of a software engineer who wants to compete in a charity race. He must train the newcomer, or he’ll be sitting Le Mans out this year, and lose his best shot at the Crown.

After working from the age of sixteen on his company, Jack thinks it’s high time he got to have a little fun. When the opportunity to go motor racing for charity comes up, he jumps at it–especially as it gives him the chance to meet Ollie Blackwood. As a closeted gay man, the chance to get to know someone who’s out and successful like Ollie is too good to pass up.

The only obstacle in Jack’s way now is learning to drive a manual car.

Joshua is the greatest swimmer in college, the captain of the team. He’s also the head of the Alpha Xi Epsilon fraternity, or AXE for short, a name that has held his family’s legacy for more than three generations. It’s a members-only fraternity, and Joshua is the only one who gets to decide who makes it in and who gets pushed to the side.

When a new swimmer arrives, Joshua finds himself infuriated that such a small, weak guy could have ever made his team. Joshua decides he’s going to push him hard to make sure he belongs on the team. Small-town Andrew is fragile and soft, causing Joshua to feel sympathy for the first time in his life. When the new season begins, everyone’s eager to see what the new guy can do in the water. Much to their surprise, he’s the only one who can keep up with Josh. Rage turns to curiosity, leaving him no choice but to discover the layers that Andrew has hidden from view.

Coach Corelli decides that his two-star swimmers need to train a bit more than the rest. This gives them plenty of time alone in the locker room after practice.

People have always suspected Yorick Todd of being gay. He’s not, and he has an ex-girlfriend and a four-year-old daughter to prove it. Working at a male strip club is downright awkward, even if he loves being a DJ. When a DJ friend has a gig at a gay club one evening, Yorick goes along as a show of support, but he’s not comfortable — especially after Wright, the blond, built ex-Marine he works with, asks him to dance.

Wright Dixon enjoys his job as a flair bartender, and his support dog helps him deal with the scars still left from his time in the service. He can’t resist Yorick’s dark, slender good looks, so he’s willing to be patient in the face of the other man’s resistance. But even though Wright is open about his sexuality, he has secrets of his own that he can’t bear to expose.

Will Yorick finally admit the attraction between them? And if he does, can his acceptance heal Wright’s hidden shame?

It’s Colin Talton’s second year in college, and he’s still shy, still quiet, and still unable to bring himself to finally explore his sexuality—or anything else. That all changes when he rescues a wandering pit bull from a date with a truck’s front bumper, and Colin is drawn into the unusual life of the pup’s dark and charismatic owner.

Marcus Moon’s eyes are set on one goal: to make it in the mainstream as an electronic dance music producer, and with his talent, he just needs that last final push. He can’t afford any distractions, especially not one as big as falling in love, but as he shares his music and his passion with the eager and surprisingly talented Colin, Marcus finds himself slipping.

As Colin ventures deeper into Marcus’s vibrant world of nightclubs and music festivals, his feelings for his handsome new friend grow as intense as the beat just before the drop—but he just can’t believe Marcus could be gay. Can Colin finally find the courage to go after his desires, and can he show the stubborn Marcus that love is exactly what he needs to finally reach his full potential?

A straight quarterback. A gay physical therapist. Love is out of bounds… Right?

Malcolm Rodgers loses everything in one week.

The quarterback is benched with an injury on the same week that the woman of his dreams breaks off their engagement. Lost, hurting, and stuck on the sidelines, Malcolm grudgingly spends his days in physical therapy with the one person who refuses to let him get back in the game: cocky Vance Coberly.

Vance is out and proud in the macho world of pro football. As the top physical therapist in his field, flirting with football players is strictly out of bounds.

But the rules of play all change when Vance meets Malcolm.
Malcolm can’t deny what he feels for Vance — but Vance refuses to be someone’s one-time fling.

The QB knows he needs to maintain forward progress to keep Vance in his life. But can a Hail Mary gesture save the deepest love Malcolm has ever felt?

First comes marriage, then come love?

Straight Irish college student Elijah came to the United States to get an education, but ended up falling in love with the country. Unfortunately, his student Visa only allows him to stay until he completes his degree.

Luckily for him, he remembers how his college roommate and best friend Logan once jokingly offered to marry him to keep him in the country, if he wanted. Elijah trusts Logan completely, so he sees no reason at all not to belatedly take him up on his offer. Why shouldn’t a temporary marriage of convenience, just until Elijah gets his citizenship, work just fine?

Until Elijah, much to his surprise, starts to fall for Logan, and Logan feels the same way …

When tragedy strikes and Elijah has to rush back home to Ireland, will the new relationship that the two men are building be able to withstand the pressure of nostalgia? Or is the marriage doomed to be no more than the means to an end, as it was originally intended?

“It feels like I’ve lost everything.”

I’m not at a particularly good point in my life right now. I’ve recently lost the only person I truly loved and I’m not sure how to get back on my feet. The things I once cared about so deeply simply don’t seem to matter anymore. I’ve lost my passion for life and I have no idea how to get it back. Honestly, at this point I don’t even have the energy to care about getting it back.

Until my loud and overly perky florist neighbor, Oliver, decides to weasel his way into my life.

“I’ve got a love for life but have never been in love… until I met him”

Things are going good for me, they usually are. I’ve got good friends, a great relationship with my parents, I feel very passionate about my job as a florist. Things aren’t going too bad in my romantic life either, though I do have a tendency to jump from guy to guy pretty quickly. But what can I say? I haven’t felt that urge to settle down yet.

That is, until I meet my new neighbor, Gabe. Getting involved with a neighbor seems like a terrible idea… But I can’t help myself, my connection to him feels magnetic.

Jason is self-conscious about his metal arm and uncomfortable with his sexuality. A big, quiet guy who intimidates a lot of people without even trying to, he works as a cook — and has a hopeless crush on his friend, Dr. Kingsley. Will Jason ever have a shot with his friend? Or does life have a different curveball to throw him?

Two men bonded by love. A long forgotten secret neither knew they shared in common.

Andrew Vought is a wealthy single parent who’s all but given up on love. Ryan Ward is an up-and-coming landscape architect, who’s never believed true love exists.

In each other’s arms, they find the love they’ve sought. But can a budding new love survive the secrets both men harbor?

Self-professed geek Dion McCann has never had much luck in the love department. As if his struggles weren’t enough, a birthday on the horizon is putting pressure on him to find ‘the one’.

Fitness trainer Grayson Hines has put his life of one night stands behind him, now wanting a real relationship. When he meets Dion at their gym, the smoldering tension between them is undeniable.

Marjorie Little has ties to the both of them, and her secrets will be the glue that will bind Grayson and Dion together for a lifetime.

I let them think I was a loner. But I needed him more than I could ever admit.
I bought an omega. But it wasn’t for the reason they thought. I paid for him, knowing it would be their downfall. Now I am ashamed I never considered the person who was that omega.

Somebody, and I know who, is going to regret ever buying me. But my body betrays me and before I know it, my life is entangled with him. And he’s not the man – or wolf – I thought he was.

He said he was only going away for a few days
But when Cole fails to return, how can Sammy survive alone? And will Cole ever find the person he’s really looking for?

Lonely Omega is a standalone novella with a satisfying HEA.

Former Marine and full time big brother, Bull Connor spends his days helping those in need of a second chance and his nights fighting the inner demons that won’t let go. During a routine tow he comes face to face with the only person who refuses to need him and the one man he wishes would.

As a throw away, Ian Jones is used to being alternately overlooked or ridiculed but hasn’t given up on the idea that with just one chance he could turn it all around. Rescued by the one person who neither overlooks nor ridicules him, he longs to be seen as more than just a man in need.

Ian isn’t pining for the family he’s never known but when they descend, unwanted and uninvited, Bull must prove that he’s the man who will protect Ian’s long neglected heart by sharing the demons that torment his wounded soul.