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Nate Parker has spent the last few years imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. His wrongful conviction cost him his job, his fiancée, his reputation, and his hope for the future. His name has been cleared, but after everything he’s lost, he doesn’t know how to find his way back to the life that was taken from him.

Parker Campbell is raising his 9-year-old niece, Emma, on his own. Working for a homophobic boss in a gay-unfriendly town, he treads carefully, knowing that his job security has to be his priority when he’s all Emma has.

Parker has never considered starting a relationship with another employee… until he hires Nate. It should have been easy to avoid getting involved, since Nate keeps insisting that he’s not gay.

But Parker is used to life not being easy, and Nate may find that what he needs isn’t at all what he thought he was looking for.

(Restitution is a standalone m/m contemporary gay romance of approximately 60,000 words containing profanity, mature adult content, two men who deserve love, and a happily ever after ending.)

Fated mates still have to say they’re sorry…

Jordy is pregnant with his bear shifter mate’s cub. He’s gone from being an orphan to building a family…but his mate has a past with that family that he ran from. Will meeting teach him more about bear shifter culture, or will it break their brand-new relationship?

Erik abandoned his alpha command in the bear shifter clan, but he’ll return to visit the paranormal obstetrician that his mate needs. But Erik hasn’t kept in touch with them and has no idea what state he’ll find his family in.

Even fated mates find pregnancy to be a relationship challenge, and there’s more than enough trouble threatening the bear shifters.

**Two bear shifters challenge what family means to them in this steamy novella, the second in a three-part M/M bear shifter serial. Includes mpreg and a cliffhanger!**

What happens when fate calls your name? Especially, if that fate includes a strikingly handsome stranger, who just happens to be a…vampire.

Patrick never thought he’d meet his soul mate when he’d agreed to go out to a club with his friend. It was a tired scene, and no one seemed worth his attention. That is, until he tried to leave, but found himself unable to move once he saw the gorgeous stranger approach him. He wasn’t even gay. What was happening to him?

Justin hated the club scene too. Yet, that night, he felt compelled to go there, and once he saw Patrick, he couldn’t leave his side. Perhaps it was going to be a one-night stand. But the night of passion turned into so much more, and Justin was faced with the reality of his unusual heritage…

As the two young lovers discover the fruits of their union, will their burgeoning feeling help them withstand all the unexpected obstacles? Are they prepared for the future, now that the two of them will soon become three?

“A little jealousy never killed anyone…”

Daniel Zenk is a typical college guy. Good-looking. Driven to succeed. A little too cocky. He differs from most of the other frat boy types on campus in one important way – Dan has the hots for his male English professor!

Professor Jason Montell’s sexuality smolders just beneath the surface of his hipster glasses and conservative blazer. The university instructor wants to instill a love of literature in his students while finding love in his personal life. The two worlds collide at the beginning of the fall semester and set a dangerous chain of events in motion.

While implementing his plan to seduce the sexy older man, Dan crosses the line between interest and obsession. How far will the young man go to get Jason to give in to temptation?

Like the characters in Medea they are studying in class, the professor and his student are about to discover that “Stronger than lover’s love is lover’s hate. Incurable, in each, the wounds they make.”

F/F Corner: Two new F/F love stories from LoveLight Press!

For “LLP takeover” newsletters, we’re highlighting a few great F/F stories to bring another color to your rainbow shelf.

Regina Lyons is an artist. She’s also a witch, but that’s not important. Witchcraft is what she was born into; art is what consumes her focus, her life, and her heart. She has no time for dating, but she’ll spare just a little to help her friends with an infestation of magic pests.

Cora Pagett flies in from her London home to the US, where an old friend of hers has asked for her help with a fae problem. She expects a speedy resolution and her usual travel entertainment: some fun in the museums, restaurants, and maybe girls of the area.

When they meet, sparks fly in all the best ways. Neither expects the sparks to catch fire—and then billow into a flame that threatens to consume both of their lives.

An ancient Mayan Queen, a crooked mining company, and a whole lot of adventure…

Dr. Rose Stevens is shy, anxious, and a believer in following the rules. So when a beautiful woman on her excavation crew catches her eye, she tries to ignore her blossoming feelings and focus on archaeology. Rose is Gabriella’s boss, after all. An attraction like that could ruin her career and Gabriella’s future.

Gabriella Torres is a wisecracking former solider who loves to fluster Rose. She wants nothing more than to see the redheaded professor relax and let her hair down. However, Rose blocks her advances at every turn and Gabriella is beginning to lose hope of seducing the lovely field director.

Things are at a stalemate when the excavation uncovers a long-lost Mayan tomb. Gold hunters are soon circling the site like vultures, and they are armed to kill. As things get dangerous, and there is more than treasure on the line, will Rose and Gabriella be able to hold on to each other? Or will their chance at happiness melt away in the Guatemalan heat?