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“I was eyeing your wood. Your driftwood, I mean.”

Local fish store worker Jayden Lambert is passionate about keeping fish. Nothing pleases him more than seeing healthy fish in beautiful and appropriate setups. Well, almost nothing pleases him more… until a sexy stranger named Chance walks into his life.

Jayden’s heart is stolen when Chance comes to him for help with a fish in a vase, rescued from being a wedding centerpiece. Chance is handsome and compassionate – a winning combination in Jayden’s book.

Sparks fly as learning to care for this fish brings them closer, and Jayden believes that Chance is the one he’s been waiting for his entire life. Chance’s career threatens to get in the way of their dates, though, and Jayden’s worried that Chance’s patience for his hobby will only last so long.

Can the two overcome the obstacles to bring their relationship to the next level? Or will Jayden once again find himself alone?

“It sounds cruel, but it’s survival: I can’t become attached.”

Freelance editor Oliver Lakewood moves to New York City to chase his dreams and a chance encounter flips his world upside-down. Anthony, his sexy but distant older stepbrother, is back in his life and nothing will ever be the same. He is furious at Anthony for having abandoned his family – and him – fifteen years ago, but can’t resist his powerful pull as sparks fly.

Anthony Hollows, an energy vampire, never thought he’d see his younger stepbrother again. Anthony doesn’t age, but Oliver’s grown into a gorgeous man. Smart, curious, and loyal, Oliver is everything Anthony wants in a mate, but he shouldn’t claim Oliver… should he? When their paths cross, he’s forced to confront his past and embrace the future.

Anthony’s comfortable life is thrown into paranormal chaos when Oliver discovers the truth about werewolves, vampires, werebears, and more. The two must come together to stand firm against their family and face new threats. On the streets of New York City, the shifters are restless, and Anthony and Oliver will need to trust each other completely to survive.

Alex is just an average guy trying to get laid. When he finally gets into the exclusive gay club Iris, he glimpses the mysterious Aidan, leader of a pack of dog shifters. After a kinky puppy play hook up where he’s taken rough and unprotected, Alex learns that he’s now the Omega of Aidan’s pack.

Being Omega is a dream for a submissive guy like Alex. But trouble brews when Aidan’s pack gets into a battle for territory, and when Alex learns that Aidan wants to impregnate him. Can he step up and accept his new life?

Find out in this standalone novella with a HEA. There’s plenty of kinky BDSM puppy play sex inside, plus a hot menage scene, so enter if you dare!

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