“You can set the rules this time. You don’t even need to know his last name.”

Gabe Campbell doesn’t do one night stands, but after his boyfriend walks out on him, his best friend insists that it will be the perfect cure for his heartache. Gabe isn’t so sure, but when he meets a hot businessman who’s only in town for a week, it seems like the perfect opportunity to cut loose for once… as long as he can remember not to fall for a guy he’ll never see again.

“I will never, ever trust someone like that again.”

Getting his heart broken once was more than enough for Nick Jeffries, and he’s spent the eight years since avoiding love in favor of easy, no-strings fun with men who don’t put his heart at risk. When his job offers him the chance to move from L.A. to Seattle, though, he finds more than he bargained for when a one night stand has him longing for things he’d long since stopped believing in.

“Trust me enough to give me a chance…”

Is one week long enough for two men to let go of their past and take a chance on forever?

Sometimes your best match is the person you’d least expect

Brendan Cole’s quiet nature makes it hard to connect with people, but when he meets Lucas Amsden, everything changes. From the moment Lucas sweeps up to offer Brendan a plate of freshly baked cookies, his sunny disposition and generous nature give Brendan a new outlook on life. So when his new friend is pushed onto the street by a bullying ex-boyfriend, Brendan is more than happy to offer Lucas a place to crash.

Lucas soon finds himself relying on Brendan’s steady practicality, even as he enjoys prodding Brendan to relax and have fun. The only problem? Living with such a gorgeous yet untouchable guy just might drive him crazy. He understands why Brendan can’t offer a traditional romantic relationship, but he also can’t imagine spending the rest of their lives as just-friends.

They may not be the typical couple, but Brendan cares too much to let Lucas drift out of his life. He’s determined to make things work. Can the puzzle pieces of these two very different lives be made to fit together? With a little ingenuity, and a lot of luck, maybe they can create their own happily-ever-after.

“I don’t want to hurt you, so do what I say.”

Alpha wolf shifter Zeke Claybourne has fallen from grace. Once the heir to his family pack, he now runs errands for the pack members who can actually sire children. Infertile and bitter, he forces himself to be a good soldier for his family even though he longs for something more. Something worth fighting for.

A fertile omega, Mathias Ekblom grew up carefree on his family’s vineyard, only to find himself bound and blindfolded and stuffed into the trunk of a car. He’s being gifted to a rival pack against his will. Is he part of a peace treaty? A gift to halt aggressions? He has no idea.

Zeke has one rule when he runs errands for his family: don’t ask questions. He’s sent deep into the northern woods to collect a routine delivery. But when fate forces him to open the trunk of his car, revealing the bound and ever so tempting body of Mathias within, he can’t help but wonder…

Mathias and Zeke soon realize that something greater than themselves has brought them together. One scorching touch is all it takes before they realize they’re fated mates.

But what good is a mate when Zeke can’t father a child of his own? … Or can he?

In the closet…
Career-focused Jason Tant has given up on love to play football at the highest level: his team is in the Premiership, and Jason also plays for the English national team. He doesn’t want to be the poster boy for LGBT people in sport—and his advisors have told him that coming out will ruin his career. It’s not an issue until Scott captures Jason’s heart and turns his world around.

Out and proud…
With a carefree, live-for-today attitude, Scott Cole was never in the closet. Funny, clever, and a terrific dancer, the science student has many talents but the man he loves requires something else—discretion. They seem an unlikely couple but neither can resist the chemistry that draws them together.

Under scrutiny…
Prying paparazzi are everywhere, determined to out gay footballers. Scott questions whether he and Jason need to keep their love a secret when professional British sportsmen in other fields are coming out. Will Jason have to choose between love and his career? Or will the tabloids destroy them both?

Dante Mills has one more year to prove he can hack it in the NFL. If he can’t score attention from the scouts, he’ll never be able to give his mom the life she deserves. The last thing he needs is more competition, but that’s exactly what he gets when blond-haired, blue-eyed behemoth Mitchell Erickson walks into the locker room.

Mitchell Erickson has one year to prove he belongs on a football field. He’s spent his whole life struggling to find acceptance in his family, and now his father’s finally giving him the chance to follow his passion… for one season. If he doesn’t bring the Tigers to victory, he’ll be upholding the Erickson legacy in a suit and tie. But how can he possibly succeed when Dante stands between him and a starting position?

As if the tension between them wasn’t high enough, Mitch is insanely attracted to the very straight linebacker. As the season ramps up and both men fight for their place on the team, a heated locker room encounter leaves Dante questioning everything he thought he knew about himself.

Can two men destined to be rivals ever be anything more?

“I’m not that same kid anymore, Adrian. I’m a grown ass man that knows what he wants.”
Tristan Cole made a mistake. He thought he could have his happily-ever-after with his best friend and soon to be partner in the FBI. He underestimated how much of an effect shame could have on a person. Years later, Tristan finds himself in trouble again when a car accident causes the drug kingpin he was after to slip through his fingers.

“I can give myself to you in ways I only dreamed about.”
Adrian Hawk has been running his whole life. Being raised under the shadow of a highly religious father meant his feelings for other men had to be buried deep in his soul. The shame of his passion caused him to push Tristan away, the one man who could make him truly complete.

“I’ve got you covered.”
Tristan and Adrian find themselves thrown together to stop the King Cartel before they pull off a terrorist attack on US soil. Time is of the essence, so when old feelings start to resurface, both of them must face their past before it becomes a distraction. Can they manage to get over their old scars in time or will their feelings cost them both more than they could have ever imagined?

Two war veterans from different worlds must overcome their pain to find love…

Ellis isn’t your average member of the Green Leaf wolf pack—he’s human. Taken in by the wolves when he was just a baby, he’s integrated himself, enjoying a quiet life ever since he got back from his tour in the Middle East. Now, burdened by outer and inner pain, he’s accepted that he’s got a lonely path ahead of him.

“But that’s what a partner is supposed to do—help heal your pain.”

Fian knows that his friend Zax found love—but there’s no way lightning can strike twice for two stranded aliens. But when he makes a connection with the endearingly human Ellis, he sees that there just might be some hope. Despite the inner struggles both men face in handling their emotions, Ellis gets pregnant, and they find that they have to bridge the gap and work together.

Kelly Donoghue has always believed that helping young men emerge from the closet into the brave gay world of the L.A. club scene was part of a community service that only he could provide. Yet it was starting to seem that with each new casual encounter and night of steamy, no-strings-attached sex, Kelly was simply adding one more brick to the granite fortress around his own heart. Even for a man like him, not having someone lasting to share his own life with was finally taking its toll.

Luke Anderson has been behind the bar at the Granite club for at least as long as Kelly has been a regular, and despite watching him leave with a new man practically every week, he’s been harboring a crush that he has never acted on. Aside from complimenting him on his cocktail making skills, Kelly barely seemed to notice that Luke was alive.

But now Luke is facing a cross country move, giving him the opportunity to leave everything behind and start fresh in New York. Yet can he really do something that drastic without ever giving things a shot, despite the risk to his own heart?

Love at thirty-two thousand feet

Ever since he was a kid, Blake Tyler dreamed of flying. Now he’s an adult, his career as a commercial airline pilot consumes most of his life. The fact that he’s in a different part of the world on any given week means he’s never had any time for a real relationship. Or at least that’s what he tells himself. And up until he met Christian Lang, he’d always told himself he was straight, too.

“It’s not going to be like last time.”

Flight attendant Christian Lang never wanted to see his ex again. But when the very man shows up in first class with a plan to work his way back into Christian’s life, he has no choice but to put on a smile and treat him like all the other passengers. Christian can’t get hurt again. His job requires him to have tough skin, but Christian can only hide the emotional scars of their past for so long.

“Will you be my Superman?”

What should have been a routine flight to Puerto Rico ends up being a journey of self-discovery, one that has Blake questioning his sexuality and Christian learning what truly makes him happy. But Christian’s ex is a powerful and jealous man who doesn’t plan to give up on winning him back any time soon. For their love to take flight, Christian and Blake will need to make difficult sacrifices together. Will they spread their wings and fly, or will the mounting pressure force them into a downward spiral?