Gay Couple Love Home Concept

Unsettled by Zach Jenkins

He’s a cop who looks like a cowboy and I just have to see his gun.

I’ve refused second dates for years because I’m too much of a mess to hope for any relationship to work out. After one wild, impulsive, and let’s face it, pleasantly filling night with James, I’m ready to throw all of that out the window.

Men are for drinking buddies and dirty jokes… and now, so much more.

Evan is the first man I’ve ever slept with. If I get my way, he’ll be the one I’m with forever. I’m not sure how I’ll tell the other guys at the police station, but I’ve got bigger problems to worry about.

Someone is killing people on The Strip in August, GA, and they are working way too close to the club where Evan is a DJ. I’ve got to catch whoever is responsible so that I can protect Evan, the man who taught me everything about love.

Sam Dorsey And His Sixteen Candles by Perie Wolford

A tribute to Sixteen Candles movie and the 80es era.

Sam never liked his birthdays because not a single one of them was happy. He is about to turn 16 now and he is dreading the day. The only birthday wish he has is for Jake who is the Mr. Popular of Arcadia High to even acknowledge his existence, or better yet give him a happy-birthday kiss.
But Sam knows that it’s not gonna happen. Or is it?

Just Love by Casey Ashwood

No matter what Milo Anderson tries, he can’t seem to rekindle his burnt-out relationship. His boyfriend Vincent is cold, and Milo suspects he’s unfaithful, too. Acting on his suspicions at last, he hires the best detective in town, Dusty Evans, to give him closure so that he can move on with his life.

But Milo doesn’t expect the private eye to catch his eye. He can’t remember the last time someone made him feel so safe… and hot. He has to control himself until the evidence is in front of him.

Dusty knows that letting Milo in during the case is a bad idea, but all bets are off once it’s all over. With Vincent’s vengeful streak, is it really over? And will Milo and Dusty be able to put aside their insecurities to find love in each other’s arms?

In the Ruins by Hailey Turner

Captain Jamie Callahan knows the MDF frowns on fraternization, but for once in his life, he’s breaking all the rules to keep Staff Sergeant Kyle Brannigan on his team and in his bed. Putting his family’s name on the line for an undercover mission is nothing compared to the role the MDF wants him to play—a billionaire, with a lover on his arm, looking to make shady business deals.

Kyle knows the only way to be with Jamie is to hide their relationship from their superiors. Pretending to be a couple for their latest mission thrusts Kyle into a world of wealth and a social status he’s not sure he belongs in, but he will fight to stay with Jamie.

Surrounded by the enemy, Jamie and Kyle need to trust each other now more than ever. Their covers—and the life they’re trying to build together—depend on it.

Friends With Benefits by H J Perry

Friends to lovers when experimentation leads to revelations and first love.

Twenty-year-old Jamie isn’t out to his macho brother and father; he’s scared of their reaction. Outside the home, he doesn’t try to hide anything. He’s heard often enough that he walks like a girl, he’s come to confidently embrace it.
Wearing his sexuality on his sleeve doesn’t harm Jamie’s chances with the men, but he’s completely out-camped by the new guy in the supermarket where they both work.

Dylan likes guys, a lot. He wants a certain type. Muscular and masculine, like himself, but a top who’s going to take control in the bedroom.

Dylan’s nurturing instincts are activated around his sweet, best friend, Jamie. When their friendship includes additional benefits, Dylan discovers more than he expected. Jamie looks surprisingly hot without clothes.

Dylan begins to question whether they could become boyfriends, but it could be too late.

Arctic Heat: The Complete Collection by TT Kove

All three Arctic Heat novels together in one collection.

Varg doesn’t particularly want to go to Svalbard, but it seems if he’s ever going to meet his best friend again, he has to. Except there’s shit-all to do in an arctic wasteland. But he hadn’t expected Jonathan.

Jonathan fucks around with everyone—that’s not a secret. So when Andreas’s small, slender, eyeliner-wearing friend comes for a visit, he’s not opposed to a little tumble in bed, no matter how annoying he thinks Varg is.

Neither wants something more than a fling—but what they want isn’t always what they get. Lines blur and rules fly out the window, except it is only temporary; Varg has a life to get back to and Jonathan’s got a business to run.

But when their hearts have been dragged into it, what then?

The Marriage Proposal by Andrea Dalling & Felix Brooks

CEO Noah made the ultimate workplace mistake: he dated his assistant. When the guy dumped him and quit his job, he left some important paperwork unresolved—Noah’s visa extension.

Enter IT expert Dylan. He’s bone-meltingly handsome and wickedly smart, and marrying him will solve two problems at once: Noah will be able to stay in the country, and he’ll get to play house with the one guy he can’t get out of his system.

Dylan’s life is complicated enough without a marriage of convenience to the CEO. But the guy knows how to fill out a suit, and Dylan’s had more than one fantasy about what’s underneath it. With Dylan’s mom on the brink of losing her house due to medical bills, Noah makes an offer Dylan can’t refuse.

The two clash from the moment Dylan moves into Noah’s mansion. Can these two opposites find their way to lasting love?

Where I’m Going by Parker Elliot

Benji Carhart deserves a vacation. After helping his brother catapult into superstardom as his manager, he finds himself at a crossroads about what he wants and needs in life. An escape to a tropical island resort means finally some time to himself to relax and think. Reign Forester wasn’t supposed to go on vacation alone. But when his boyfriend broke things off just a week before their trip, he decided to take up the offer of the trip. He needs some alone time to think about his failing business and why he can’t quite seem to be lucky in love. When the pair meet at the resort bar one night, sparks fly and what starts off as an island fling turns complicated when a storm hits the island the day they’re supposed to say goodbye for good.

Omega Sacked by Ryan Gray

I can feel his heart beating beneath me, and if these pads weren’t in the way I would claim him right here on the field.

Clark Roth is a god on the football field. His personal life, on the other hand, is a train wreck. Exiled from his pack, and shunned by his team he’s learned to rely on no one but himself. Now he’ll do whatever it takes to claim Alistair as his mate.

I should run the other way, but I want to throw away everything for just a chance to be near him.

Quarterback. Leader. Omega. Alistair Kane never expected fate to literally knock him off his feet, but when Clark sacks him during their school rivalry game he knows he’s found his fated mate. He’s determined to make their unlikely pairing work, even when a surprise pregnancy throws both their worlds into chaos.

Playing to Win by Avery Cockburn

Colin and Andrew’s lives couldn’t be farther apart. But when the poor boy from the Glasgow slums meets Scotland’s most handsome aristocrat, their instant chemistry will cross all boundaries!