Gay romance

Florist. Psychic. Addict.
Laurence Riley coasts by on good looks and natural charm, but underneath lies a dark chasm that neither heroin nor lovers can fill. Luckily, Laurence has powers most can only dream of. If only he could control them.

Aristocrat. Psychic. Survivor.
Quentin d’Arcy is the product of centuries of wealth, privilege, and breeding, and is on the run from all three. A chance encounter with an arresting young florist with a winning smile could make him stop but Quentin’s wild telekinesis and his fear of sex make dating a dangerous game.

When opposites attract, they collide.
Desperate to fix his rotting life, Laurence prays for aid and accidentally summons a fertility god – Jack – who is willing to help out for a price. It’s one Laurence just can’t pay: he must keep Jack fed with regular offerings of sex, and the florist has fallen for the one man in San Diego who doesn’t want any.

If they’re to survive Jack’s wrath, Laurence and Quentin must master their blossoming feelings and gifts, but even then the cost of Laurence’s mistake could well overwhelm them both. How exactly are mere mortals supposed to defeat a god?

A friendly dog, a bowl of soup, a Valentine, a new home—almost anything can be the key to love, as Rick, Kieran, Dylan and others discover in this collection of sweet gay romances. While on vacation at the beach, Rick is attracted to a handsome gift store owner whose dog is determined to bring them together. College student Dylan receives Valentine gifts from a mysterious admirer. Jeremy is reunited with his childhood friend Charlie, Evan and Doug try out premarital counseling before they say “I do,” Kieran is captivated by an unlikely rescue, and Micah and Zach take a road trip… and stumble across their forever home. Six different couples, six different situations—but the end result is the same. Sometimes love pops up unexpectedly, and sometimes it’s been right there beside you all along.

Shane Carter couldn’t wait to see his daughter after returning home from Afghanistan. Even though the scars he collected overseas ran deep, her light always brought him through the darkness. But when his ex-wife denies him the chance, those scars bleed into every part of his life and Shane is forced to admit he needs help.

Aaron Hayes thought he’d found the perfect career as a dog trainer. Until he realized speaking to crowds was part of the job description. He’s never felt safe in a crowd, but one-on-one? That’s a different story. And when a handsome and troubled veteran needs his help training a service dog, Aaron doesn’t hesitate.

Shane tries his best to keep Aaron at a distance, even though his attraction to the man is undeniable. Convinced a quick fling will get it out of his system, he seduces Aaron. But he soon realizes he’s the one falling under Aaron’s spell. As Aaron starts to become his light in the darkness, Shane fears their future together. If he can’t even win back his own daughter, how is he ever going to fend off his demons long enough to find solace with Aaron?

Best friends turned college roommates…will long kept secrets and budding feelings tear them apart, or bring them together in the best way possible?

Tony and Bobby have grown up together as best friends. Both superstar football players, Bobby heads to college looking for new opportunities, while Tony wants only to become a professional football player. But football isn’t so friendly to guys who like guys, and Tony is stuck in the closet, fighting confusing feelings, trying to keep a secret that could destroy his future as a pro athlete.

Meanwhile, Bobby hasn’t been interested in dating or any sort of intimacy at all – until he and Tony are reunited after a summer away, and his best friend’s beautiful, muscular body starts to bring up urges he didn’t even know he had, or could have.

Living in such close quarters, secrets of all sorts are impossible to keep. When Tony’s secret comes out, it becomes their secret together, and they both have to ask if 2016 is the year guys like them can find acceptance and just let themselves love each other. And if they do get into trouble, Tony and Bobby are best friends – they’re in it together.

Animal shelter manager Tyson Haines is committed to the pets under his care—his boundless compassion and patience make him damn good at his job. But when the county decides to drastically cut the shelter’s funding, the lives of his beloved animals hang in the balance. Tyson is ready to do whatever it takes to save his shelter and the animals he loves.

Software engineer Jack Keppel took the plunge and adopted a foster child. Seven-year-old Mia is a sweet girl, but she’s old enough to know she can’t just trust anyone, and Jack struggles to connect with her. He takes her to adopt her own puppy, determined to give her the love he never received from his own parents. But at the shelter, Jack meets handsome Tyson, unearthing feelings he thought he’d buried—feelings of being attracted to men.

Jack finds himself returning to the shelter just to see Tyson. When he learns about the budget cuts, he finds that he’s invested in both the shelter and the passionate man who runs it. But can Jack overcome the legacy of his parents’ homophobia? And can Tyson find a way to save the lives of the shelter pets?

No matter where you go, you can never escape yourself.

Juno’s always taken the safe route. That is, until he meets Lyth, a charismatic, golden-eyed, hard-bodied man who has also taken a big interest in him. Pushed out of his comfort zone by the gorgeous stranger, Juno’s forced to admit some hard truths about himself.

When those truths become the main focus of not one, but two worlds, Juno reels, at the mercy of those who want only to use both him and the creature he denies in his belly, and those who would do anything to protect him — and their hope for the future.

Can changing so much make Juno find out who he really is?

Lyth has always gone his own way. Denying his connection to his roots has given him a voracious drive to succeed beyond most people’s wildest dreams. Who would guess the love of a young man would threaten to pull him back to his destiny? Can he deny his dragon forever?

Playboy Oliver Aston never hid who he is from anyone, but he still has skeletons in his closet that haunt him. Betrothed at birth to the local town sweetheart, cowboy Holt Jamison spent his life believing that revealing his true self would disappoint his family, but after finding his heart’s other half, that justification is getting harder and harder to stand by. After a heated lovers quarrel in the desert, Oliver is sent back to the States. When Holt leaves the military and moves far from his Alabama home to Oliver’s hometown, is it a second chance the two hearts deserve? Or will a woman from the past come knocking to stake a claim on one of them?

The road to love is bumpy, but it’s worth it.

Ryan Diaz thought his life was on track. A boring track, but a track none-the-less. He expected to keep his mind-numbing job, find a girl to marry, and then settle down in a decent sized house with decently smart kids.

But, as we all know, life never follows the plans.

After a night out, Ryan finds himself face to face with a man that promises to change his life forever. And this man? He happens to be an alien who sports an incredible six pack and a massive… ship.

Their initial meeting not only shocks Ryan, but also awakens a part of him he never knew he had. Now, he has to come to terms with his explosive new feelings for the alien and submit to the plans fate has in store for them.

Will Ryan be able to handle this new life and the challenges it brings? Or will he find that being a boring paper pusher was what he was meant to do after all?

Christian pastor Darius meets another shy man who performs in front of an audience every week: Dan, an up-and-coming heavy metal star.

Dan lets the n-word fly, Darius sulks, and the initial meeting is a disaster — but Darius and Dan’s attraction is inescapably real.

Welcome to Paris, “The City of Lights”—where the only requirement to visit is being “Undead.”

Struggling with a past tragedy and growing unrest with my sister, I accepted an invitation to visit my very close friends in Paris.

My early morning flight had just arrived in Paris. As I made my way through the busy concourse, timed seemed to stop. All my mind could register were the three friends standing in front of me. Janine and her two Brother’s, Luc and Jaycee.

Meanwhile, back in the States my sister Elena had taken great joy in antagonizing me. Elena’s jealousy would come to be the driving force that would lead to the culmination of a showdown that will resolve a past injustice and ultimately lead to the destruction of our relationship, and a much darker, sinister means to an end.

Would the love that Luc and I came to share, along with Janine and Jaycee be enough to overcome the deceit, treachery and betrayal we would encounter? Would the secret my friends have destroy me or renew me?

Little did I know, they would literally hold my soul in their hands.

From street kid to top model…
Kyle’s music blog gets a boost from rumors about his affair with a closeted rock star, but his followers have no idea of the reality of his life on the streets of Vegas. Men? He only lets them get close enough to pick their pockets.

Until Bryce– a wildcatter who struck it rich in North Dakota. He only wants one last wild weekend without the bodyguards hovering. But now Bryce can’t get Kyle out of his head…

He hadn’t thought that Blake could get any closer. He was wrong. Blake’s body seemed to melt against his, relaxing so that every curve, every line, every inch, was pressed together. He could feel it through the layers of clothing. When Blake kissed him this time, it was strangely slow. He captured Dylan’s lips and held them with a firm tenderness that made Dylan’s head spin. It had been so long since he had kissed anyone. It had been so long since he had been this close to anyone. He had forgotten what it felt like.

Captured by the enemy, he’ll come to love his captor. His heart will pay the price.

Caden lives in a separate world with rules that go back centuries. An omega werewolf, he has few choices but to live under the command of an alpha lord or face human brutality in the outside world. A rebel by heart, he wants nothing more than to be free.

When a neighboring alpha werewolf named Fletcher kills his alpha, he inherits Caden in the process. This new alpha is different—and attractive. Given the task to seduce Fletcher, Caden lets himself get too close.

He never intends to fall for him. He never expects to be freed. But he can’t leave Fletcher behind when he’s carrying his child. His heart, now captured, won’t let him.

Together, they’ll have to find a way to live freely with their newfound love.