International Relations by Riley Knight

While Darren was away from his South Carolina home on a work visa, things changed so much politically that he realized that he could never really feel safe going back there. Which maybe wouldn’t have been a problem, except that he’d learned that there were places were he could be openly interested in a man and not have to be afraid.

The man he’s interested in is his partner on the Vancouver Police force, Danny. Though they have a rocky start, it doesn’t take long for the two of them to fall for each other, but can they get over Darren’s sexuality issues? His fear? And can Danny really love anyone after having his heart broken by his former fiance?

And when it seems like the only way to keep Darren safely in the country is for them to get married, will that ruin everything that’s building between them?

The Practice by Grant C. Holland

Thomas Randall dreamed of taking over the veterinary practice of his mentor Dr. Benton from the day his family’s golden retriever was saved by emergency surgery when Thomas was only eight years old. Now Dr. Benton is retiring and Thomas has just earned his veterinary degree. It’s a perfect time to return home…or is it?

Catlett’s Cove is a small town, and Thomas already knows all of the eligible men from his high school days…or so he thinks. They are trusted friends, not lovers. Then he meets Hadley Rogers in a situation that eerily repeats the events of Thomas’ childhood.

Hadley loves to work with his hands, on houses, cars, and landscapes. And he is supposed to be straight. Until he meets Thomas. Hadley has been attracted to men since age fifteen, but he’s never kissed one…until now.

Beau and the Beast by Kay Simone

Can beauty really tame a beast?

For ten years, former Wall Street executive Wolfram and his staff have been magically imprisoned in his penthouse after pissing off the wrong witch. Only one thing can break the curse.

Unfortunately, they’re not sure what that one thing is.

A young reporter named Beau who accidentally stumbles into their midst might be the answer to the riddle. Beau has his doubts when he’s asked to write the mysterious billionaire’s biography, but he can’t say no to the money. Wolfram hates the idea of a stranger intruding in his life.

What neither man expects is the deep connection that forms between them. As they work together, Wolfram and Beau forge a passionate bond that threatens to boil over into something more.

The only problem? Thanks to the curse, Wolfram is a seven-foot-tall monster with eight weeks left to live unless the spell is broken.

Sliding into Home by Aubrey Cullens

Oscar Rosales Ortega is the first openly gay player in Major League Baseball. The fans call him “Oro” — both for his initials and for his golden touch with a bat — and say he’s destined for the Hall of Fame.
Oscar has learned to enjoy the perks of his celebrity while protecting his heart.
Struggling under the weight of his late mother’s medical expenses, Danny Sawyer opens his home to friends in need. The makeshift family they create gives him everything he could ask for: people to love.
Taking care of others makes him happy. It’s never occurred to him to want something for himself.
In the aftermath of violence, if they can learn to trust — and are brave enough to risk their hearts — these two men who aren’t looking will find the very thing they need… love.

Second Chance by Van Barrett

Ten years ago, Rustin and Clay were more than teammates: they were best friends chasing their big breaks into pro hockey. But their paths split when ‘male bonding’ went too far.

Now a seasoned veteran in the NHL, Rustin would rather not remember the mortifying pass he made at his straight minor league captain. But a career-threatening concussion has left the defenseman crippled with pain – and an unlikely ghost from his past might be his only shot at recovery. Can Rustin ever forgive Clay?

Ex-hockey player turned horse-whisperer, Clay spent a decade soul-searching under the scorching Texas sun. When Clay witnesses Rustin’s head smack the ice, he knows the injury is serious. But if this cowboy is good for one thing these days, it’s helping old race horses find their legs again. Can Clay help Rustin recover, and finally make things right? Or is he ten years too late?

My Leading Man by Harper Logan

There’s no forgetting your first love.

It’s been twelve years since the boy next door disappeared from Steven Neeson’s life, but he’s never been able to forget about him. When he learns that his old neighbor is now a famous movie star, Steven decides to leave his life behind to reunite with his childhood sweetheart.

Kalvin Hinderbrook is Hollywood’s hottest new leading man and most eligible bachelor. He’s spent his entire career avoiding romance in order to keep his orientation hidden, afraid that coming out of the closet would kill his chances to reach the A-List. It’s been easy for him to sacrifice love for acting, but that all changes when he shows up in town.

They once believed they would be together forever. Can old love be strong enough to transcend the challenge of time?

Bound by the Fang by Kellan Larkin

Omega Rian doesn’t want to get married—not to an Alpha, anyway. Everyone knows they have… strange, kinky desires, and Rian’s scared. But the Black River Pack is besieged on all sides by enemies, and the Council wants him to get married… now. When he’s paired with Taryn, his life will be changed forever.

Taryn doesn’t want to get saddled with an Omega when he’s too busy trying out for the Alpha Guard, the pack’s prestigious warriors. It’s been his dream to follow in his father’s footsteps ever since he was small. But it’s not up to him, and he’s paired with Rian.

When Taryn fails his Guard tryouts and Rian learns he’s infertile, it seems like life just gets worse for the brash Alpha and his reluctant Omega. The pair has to learn to work together to get through it all—and will Rian learn about his own desires?

About ‘Dam Time by Devyn Morgan

Lost in Amsterdam, American student Sean Elliott is cursing his dead phone when he stumbles on an unexpected concert. The stage manager is a very familiar face. His ex, Alex Howell, was the one who got away, but now they’re both single and the chemistry burns between them. Before they can even meet for a date, his nerves get the upper hand – and then a mugger strikes, putting Sean in danger and reminding him of his past… a past one man helped him forget.

Alex encourages him not to retreat into his old shell. With Alex’s help, Sean confronts his newfound and old fears only to find himself drawn to Alex like never before… and the feeling is mutual. Can he risk putting his heart on the line again? More importantly, can he risk letting Alex slip away again?