“To have and to hold, in sickness and in health.”

“I can’t do this alone.”

Russ Callaghan knew he was going to struggle after his wife’s death. He just never realized how much. As a single dad, he’s tried to balance paying the bills with making time for his son, Ryan. He’s been treading water for a long time and right now, his best friend, Jake, is the only thing keeping him afloat. But when his son needs major surgery, Russ isn’t sure anyone can save him from going under.

“I’d do anything for you. You know that.”

Jake Larson has been in love with Russ since college, but he knows they’ll never be more than friends. Even so, he can’t seem to stop himself from coming to Russ’ rescue. With Russ facing bankruptcy thanks to his terrible insurance, Jake concocts his most desperate plan yet: A sham marriage to get Ryan on his policy.

“You’re the only thing that feels real to me right now.”

It was supposed to be temporary, but when an insurance agent questions the validity of their marriage, Russ and Jake are forced to get a whole lot closer. Jake knows that once their time is up, they’ll go back to being friends regardless of what they’ve shared. But after having Jake as a partner both physically and emotionally, Russ isn’t ready to let go. Can they manage to turn their fake marriage into something real?

For seventy five years my cabin on Mount Peutong has been my sanctuary. We ice dragons aren’t like the fire breathers, we don’t need much to be happy and the solitude in nature was more than enough for me. I didn’t need a mate, hell I didn’t even care to satisfy my ever present dragon-lust… but that all changed when backpacker Levy Greenberg showed up on my doorstep looking for a guide to the mountain. He’s got me enthralled with desire in that way only a hot young omega can…even though he’s half my age. There’s something different about him I can’t quite place.

But Levy’s just passing through. Mount Peutong is just one stop on his journey of self-discovery.

Unless I can change his mind, and make him my mate forever.

Reg leads the pack in the 2016 Presidential election, and his anti-gay speeches are wildly popular, but living in the closet is killing him — literally.

Alissa introduces Reg to Clint, a young political intern who’s out and proud, but she doesn’t know that Clint and Reg are already enemies, while Reg doesn’t know that tough decisions aren’t only in the voting booth.

Rafe Canis has a checkered past, one filled with many regrets. What he wants most these days, is to find someone to settle down with. It’s tough for him to find someone willing to forgive his past. For Rafe that is what hurts the most. The last thing he expected was that someone he had wronged so badly in the past, might end up being the person he cares about the most.

Martin James knows what it’s like to be kicked when you’re down. First-hand experience with that has taught him to quickly lend a helping hand. For all he knows, he might be the one who needs it next.

So when Martin’s relationship falters, his home enters foreclosure and all seems doomed, the only person he can turn to is Rafe. As the two of them rediscover each other, they find that many things have changed since high school.

Is their newfound attraction enough to overcome the past, or will they be doomed to repeat it?

The goal is in sight…but they might need an assist.

Facing off…
Hockey player Ryan is home for the off-season. He’s hated Tad since high-school, but his dog hurts his paw and the guy’s become the only vet in town – as well as smoking hot. One apology and a few drinks later, Ryan and Tad are well on their way to making up for lost time.

In the zone…
It’s a perfect summer romance to take Ryan’s mind off work! Even their dogs get along! Ryan knows he’s falling for the sexy vet…but he also knows he’s about to be traded. How can he commit when he could wind up anywhere?

On thin ice…
Tad’s feelings for Ryan are equally serious, but he’s fed up with his hunky hockey player leaving things up in the air. Can love keep the two of them grounded, or will their relationship vanish in the fall?

When King Aker’on of Bariox sacrifices himself and plummets to Earth for the sake of the crew on his spaceship, he has no idea that he’s about to meet his Beloved as predicted by his Life Prophecy.

And Jonah Emerson has no idea that he is about to meet an alien who will turn his lonely small-town life upside down. When they meet, the mutual attraction is immediate, physical and much stronger than any of them ever thought possible.

But while the powerful Aker’on is a king and ruler of billions of people on his home planet, Jonah is a former US Army Ranger. He takes no bullshit from anyone, least of all domineering kings from the stars.

He’s extremely attracted to the swaggering alien warrior who is now on the run from a cruel enemy, but there’s one thing he doesn’t know: In Aker’on’s species, males can impregnate other males…

Alien Warrior’s Baby is a science-fiction novel about two powerful and headstrong men who find love at the worst possible time and the male pregnancy that it results in.

Ethan Parker has his whole life planned out for him — and it’s a life he doesn’t want.

Steamy, mysterious Orlando Nolan seems to be Ethan’s polar opposite.

When Ethan needs help studying, Orlando can’t resist the chance to spend more time with the blond, blue-eyed, all-American boy from his dorm. Neither one expects the bond that forms between them, or how easy they find it to open up to each other. Then Ethan spends Thanksgiving with Orlando and his family … and their unlikely friendship catches fire.

But family disapproval causes unhealed wounds to surface. Orlando doesn’t know how long he can wait for someone who’s afraid to love him back. But can Ethan sacrifice everything for the one person who makes him feel alive?

Lone wolf Nitro Blackwood doesn’t like people. As far as he’s concerned, the human world doesn’t exist. But for a few short days every year, the heat takes over and the undeniable urge to mate draws him to San Francisco and out of his self-imposed solitude. He’s willing to deal with all the foul odors, congestion and general misery for some bump and grind action.

Computer programmer Peter Callaghan likes his quiet, boring life. But like every year since his seventeenth birthday, a rampaging need to screw every guy with a heartbeat takes over. He can climb out of his shell and be a normal, horny and slightly sarcastic twenty-five-year-old. Peter knows the hulking man with a biker’s name will go down in history as his hottest bang, but Peter gets more than he bargained for. When the man shows up several weeks later, raving about pregnancies and mythological creatures, Peter realizes he’s being held captive by a crazy person.

Except, things start to get weirder. After escaping, Peter is chased down by a rabid wolf, and Nitro pops out of nowhere to rescue him sporting fur, fangs and claws.

But could they possibly have a future together?

Alex needs a baby and he’ll pull any trick to get it. Except, he never thought his fated mate will end up standing in the way…

Alex, an Omega, travels to Port Shadow Island on a sinister mission. His ancient pack has long been in decline and the only way for them to revive their numbers is to kidnap pups from other packs. Now he needs to infiltrate the close-knit, exclusive society of the Silver Fangs, so he takes a position as a babysitter in the pack’s day care unit, though he has never held or even seen a wolf baby in his life.

To Alex, the concept of fated mates is just a long-forgotten legend, so when he meets Zane, he can’t help but get confused about the strong, unfamiliar feelings he is developing towards the virile Alpha male.

Zane, a pack leader from the Silver Fangs, on the other hand, has no doubts that the newcomer is his destined mate. Too bad he’s also the only person Zane can’t trust. After all, it’s an Alpha’s obligation to protect his pack and it is becoming pretty clear to Zane that the outsider Alex is up to something…

The stories in BEEFCAKE are ones that spotlight man on man love in all forms. Ranging from Paranormal and Shifter to BDSM and Contemporary, there is something for every gay male story reader.

In this set:

Cruise Control by Kerry Adrienne (Military Gay Romance)
Dark Indiscretions Prequel by Shakuita Jones (Paranormal Gay)
Spanish Nights by Cecilia Tan (Gay Contemporary)
Beast by Roma Dark (Gay Dark Romance)
Unbridled by Artemis Wolffe (BDSM Gay Romance)
The Baker and the Wolf by Talon N. Claw (Gay Shifter Romance)