Gay Couple Love Home Concept

Hollywood Secrets by Nora McKinley

“I want to tell the world about you and me.”

Coming out will kill your career.

Kip Lawrence is Hollywood’s newest leading man. Playing the superhero Red Mask has made him famous—and complicated his private life. His manager wants Kip to stay in the closet, but the bisexual man can’t control who he’s attracted to.

“I guess I’m not as straight as I thought.”

Hollywood stuntman Nick O’Malley has had his share of breaks and falls, but the worst was his divorce. He’s done dating—until Nick sees him: delectable Kip Lawrence. The sex that follows makes him question his sexuality.

In Hollywood, secrets never stay secret.

But a photograph of them together leaks online, and all hell breaks loose. Suddenly Nick’s entire life is public. It was supposed to be just sex—but now it’s gotten complicated.

Does Hollywood have room for two bi men to be together?

Milk & Honey by Garett Groves

Lance Mercer’s career as a painter has taken a hit: sales aren’t happening and he risks losing his family’s art studio. He considers closing up shop until his muse strikes: being seen on the arm of an influential man could solve his problems.

David Ellis is out of options. The photography magazine he edits has sold, and the new owner wants to give it a family-friendly image. David needs to present himself as a stable family-man. But how can he do that without a boyfriend?

When the two inadvertently pass themselves off as a couple at a double wedding, they quickly discover that sometimes it pays to be a little fake—even if things between them may not be as fake as they seem.

Can they keep the show going, or will the world of difference between them—and their real feelings—expose the truth?

Tool Shed by A.R. Steele

At the Tool Shed, the sexiest men in town take off their clothes for an audience. Lust may reign supreme on the stripper poles, but off-stage and off-duty, these red-blooded stallions are also falling in love.

Praised for its three-dimensional characters and page-turning plotlines, this bestselling series is available as a complete set for the first time. Step inside the Tool Shed – you won’t want to look back…

This 1,200-page box set contains Hard Wood, Full Frontal, VIP Room, Live Fantasies, Exposed, and Final Act.

Bonaventure and Clyde by Devyn Morgan

Handsome cowboy, meet ravishing ballet dancer.

Clyde grew up on a horse ranch working side by side with the rough and tough men that ran the place. When Clyde moved east for grad school, he didn’t expect to find romance with the type of guy more comfortable in tights and ballet slippers than in jeans and workboots.

“Bonnie” is jaded to pretty boys. He becomes Clyde’s dinner companion at a family event. Chaperoning the smoldering stranger through the event is a nicer duty than most – Clyde is genuine, magnetic, refreshing.

Sparks fly, passions ignite. Except Clyde is Boston bound, and Bonnie’s the premier danseur in Manhattan. Twenty-four amazing hours together and endless weeks of a long-distance relationship can’t form a basis for life-changing decisions. Or can they? To make this work, they’d have to be Bonnie and Clyde.

Growing Desires: A Serrano Novel (Book 2) by Bryce Winters

Royce Thompson has been working toward his goal of making a difference his whole life. Now, the only thing standing in the way of his research is money. When the university partners with Serrano Investments to fund Royce’s research, Royce finds himself looking into a very familiar pair of dark eyes, eyes that had been haunting his dreams for the past two years. Not that he has told anybody, especially his best friend, Landon. As far as Royce is concerned, he’s straight. Very straight. Isn’t he?

Isaac Serrano remembers feeling drawn to Royce the second he saw him almost two years ago. But what will happen when he allows himself to act on those desires? Is he willing to risk everything?

Ignite by Reegan Lynch

The last thing in the world Valdis expects to see when he answers a knock at his door is the human he spent a single night with months ago… a human claiming Valdis is the father of his child.

It shouldn’t be possible. Dragons don’t mate with humans and they certainly don’t sire children with them. Yet the proof stands there right before Valdis’s eyes, demanding answers Valdis never thought he’d have to give.

They can’t be mates… But neither of them can deny the pull they feel toward each other. Neither of them can ignore the scalding heat whenever they touch.

Maybe the impossible isn’t so impossible after all.

The Secret of Obedience by Liv Rancourt

Opposites attract, but secrets divide…

Ronnie Durand is a country boy who transfers to the University of Washington after two years at Central. He’ll have to give up playing football, though finishing his education at a major university in Seattle—and being out and proud without having to look over his shoulder—makes the sacrifice worthwhile.

But finding friends at a huge school is tough, especially when the hottest guy Ronnie meets makes him doubt his own sanity.

Sang’s been on his own a long time. He’s only a couple steps away from living on the street, and he’s got dreams so big they don’t leave space for a steady boyfriend. Then he meets Ronnie, who just might be strong enough to break through his barriers….as long as Sang lets him in on one big secret.

Barrett & Ivan: Something About Him by A.D. Ellis

Despite the curve balls thrown at him throughout his childhood, Barrett Kenner is now a successful musician. The only thing missing is romance.

Ivan Romanov killed a man to save his sister’s life. Although he has served his time, Ivan’s past left him with baggage far heavier than the meager belongings he carries out of prison.

Barrett clings to the memory of a fervent kiss, a kiss that Ivan tries to pretend meant nothing. When the two men finally accept their feelings for each other, life should be smooth sailing, but the past still lurks in the shadows.

Can Barrett and Ivan protect their love and their lives, or will dangers from long ago be more than they can withstand?

Baby Makes Three by Avery Ford

Craig has it all – a beautiful fiancée, and bank account full of money. So why does he feel so empty?

As the only single man in his friend group, Jack submits to his friends’ matchmaking efforts with good humor. But he can’t tell them that the reason he’s been so lackluster is because he’s got a crush on a straight man.

When Craig finds out that his ex-girlfriend hid their child from him, his perfect life comes tumbling down. Left with a baby to take care of and an offer from a new friend to crash in his spare room while he wraps his head around everything.

Only, the more Craig gets to know Jack, the more he wants something more than friendship from him. In a world that’s spinning out of control, questioning his sexuality could be a lifeline – or an added weight to sink him down.

Always Waiting by Declan Rhodes

“You know, I waited for you.”

Lowell Baker is convinced life is random at best, and good rarely triumphs in the end, but that doesn’t mean life excludes exhilarating moments. They just require a little risk. Dating Sven was worth the risk, but when he failed to call, Lowell chalked it up to the relative unfairness of life.

“I waited for you, too.”

For Sven Paulsen, there is safety in the predictable. He’s the handsome, strong, sturdy guy on everybody’s side. After a string of bad luck, but he’s certain that sticking close to well-worn paths will right the ship.

That’s the plan until Sven literally collides with Lowell at second base. Face-to-face their shared history is recalled, but the path forward is uncertain. Sven is comfortable as friends, but Lowell wants a little more.

Boystown by Marshall Thornton

Finalist for the Lambda Award in Gay Mystery, Boystown: Three Nick Nowak Mysteries takes place in Chicago during the early 1980s. Haunted by his abrupt departure from the Chicago Police Department and the end of his relationship with librarian Daniel Laverty, Nick Nowak is a beat cop-turned-dogged private investigator. In this first book of the best-selling series, Nick works through three cases: a seemingly simple missing persons search, an arson investigation, and a suicide that turns out to be anything but. While working the cases, Nick moves through a series of casual relationships until he meets homicide detective, Bert Harker and begins a tentative relationship.

The Homiemoon by Harper Logan

Blame Calvin’s upcoming thirtieth birthday. Blame all his friends for getting married. Blame being single and deep in the closet. Or just blame the alcohol for how Calvin uses his best man speech to propose a “homiemoon” to the only other bachelor in the group.

Facing the same life milestone, Adam’s also uneasy. Taking a trip with his old college buddy sounds like a good way to clear his head.

Once Calvin’s sober, he sees that taking a trip alone with a man he’s wanted for the past decade is a terrible idea. But they set out on a road trip along the East Coast.

Calvin tries to keep his distance, not wanting to let Adam glimpse the secret he’s keeping. But now Adam’s questioning his assumptions about himself – and his heterosexuality.

When their mutual interest turns physical, will they realize their feelings run deeper than simple lust?