Gay Couple Love Home Concept

Aunt Belle’s Time Travel & Collectibles by Marshall Thornton

Where would you go if you could travel to any part of your past? That’s the question Terrance faces on his 45th birthday—and right away, he knows. He wants to go back to 1992 and not meet Mr. Wrong. But what begins as a journey to change the past becomes a trip to find the future. From the writer of Femme comes a story of best friends, time travel and falling in love.

My Beloved’s Wedding by Rosa Swann

With Maddy’s help, and a little sooner than I expected, I proposed to Sterling. And now, suddenly, I’m dropped into a totally different world. A world of venues, tuxes and flowers. So many things I never considered, but I’ll do anything for Sterling.

Having a wedding once was magical, but this one is a little bittersweet. So many reasons to do this and not all happy. But I don’t care. I’m going to make this the best wedding ever. I’m going to make this memorable for all the good reasons. Because with everything that happened, we really do need some happiness.

Turning the Page by Sam Elswit

Alan Linton is about to become a walking cliché. He’s entering the classic White American Male midlife crisis: he’s fifty, he’s graying, and his wife is divorcing him. Oh, and he’s gay. Closeted for almost his entire life, his sexuality has been Alan Linton’s best-kept secret. When Alan’s wife throws him out, and he goes into emotional free-fall over his mid-life crisis, how much longer can he keep his lifelong secret? Without a place to stay, Alan’s humiliation is compounded when he is forced to crash on his daughter’s couch. While staying with his daughter, Alan meets Thomas, an angelic-looking young man with a devilish personality, who is also a talented pianist working at a local night club. And Alan’s daughter is in love with him. When their mutual love for music bring Alan and Thomas closer together, the middle-aged divorcee may just yet come out of the closet.

Man Candy by Amanda Young

College student, Aaron Samuels is in love with his boss. After four long years of working under his boss in every conceivable position except the ones heating up his dreams, Aaron is ready to give up and move on to greener pastures.

A promising job offer right after graduation seems like fate’s way of kicking him in the ass. He turns in his notice at work with a heavy heart, though he knows he made the right decision. After all, he couldn’t spend the rest of his life mooning over an unavailable man.

A torrid, late night tryst with a man Aaron believes to be Logan’s twin propels him into an emotional tailspin of guilt and confusion. Tough choices loom on the horizon, but he may find that things aren’t always as they seem.

Mission Primal by Parker Skye

Ben’s not gay and Adam’s human. When their path’s cross during Ben’s first mission away from his wolf pack, their fates become irreversibly connected for better or worse. Adam Harris is a surly young loner set to graduate high school in just a few short months. He has big plans for his future, none of which include falling in love. He’s got too much baggage to trust anyone with his heart. All he wants is to leave his current life behind and never look back. Ben Sterling is a perfect little werewolf soldier, sent blindly on his first mission by his alpha. After meeting his target, however, he develops torn loyalties and struggles to choose the right path. Should he honor his alpha by completing his mission or protect Adam against the forces fighting to tear him apart? A near death experience may make the choice for them.

A Fugitive in Grass Valley by I.M. Flippy

Lev is happy enough in Grass Valley, living with his best friend and her husband, working as a barista, and teaching art classes part-time. It’s been four years since a bout with cancer led to an ugly break-up that shook his confidence, but he’s getting by now if feeling a little stuck. Enter Ernie, the gorgeous stranger who arrives in town with a shadowy past and a boatload of issues.

A former Marine turned mercenary, Ernie has a trail of tragedies behind him that he’s barely begun to deal with, and that’s not to mention the little matter of some corporate espionage in the name of blowing the top off a major international scandal going all the way up to the Pentagon. The last thing Ernie wants to do is involve a sweet guy like Lev in his disaster of a life.

If only staying away were that easy.

Fated Mates by James Wolfe

As a werewolf, Alexander’s entire life has been about finding his mate. It’s been his number one goal, his only dream, and the older he gets the more frustrated he gets with being alone. Alexander has met every other werewolf in his tribe so, theoretically, he should have found his mate already.
And so on the night he picks up on the scent of his fated mate, he’s filled with the passion of love and destiny. But he’s completely unprepared to find out his fated mate isn’t a wolf at all, but a human. How is that possible? Is a human even capable of carrying his child? No wolf has ever mated with a human before.
But right now, none of that matters to Alexander. The only thing that matters is Daniel and how he can love and protect him for the rest of his life.

Lord Lynster Discovers by Adella Harris

When butler Daniel Rivers finds his employer, the Earl of Lynster, has shot himself rather than be arrested for treason, his first thought is to protect James, the new Lord Lynster, a man he’s secretly been in love with for years, even if it means letting suspicion fall on himself. James, the new Lord Lynster, knows the Crown suspects him of being a part of his father’s plot. At least he has his old friend Daniel to help.