“I wouldn’t be caught dead kissing you.”

“Alex was always something else.”

Bank teller Thomas Riley is the youngest of three brothers, and the only single one. And his ex, hunky Alex, is back in town. But Alex nearly screwed up both of his brothers’ lives, and Thomas isn’t willing to forgive him easily. There’s no way reigniting an old flame can work… right?

“I knew we still had chemistry.”

Moving back to your hometown isn’t easy when “the ex that got away” moves back, too. After getting on Thomas’s bad side, private detective Alex Walker is determined to at least explain himself. He’s not just looking to screw Thomas again. On the ski trails, Thomas falls head over heels for him… too literally. How can he prove he’s trustworthy to the family after spying on both of Thomas’s brothers?

“Is it becoming more?”

Becoming boyfriends is risky when Thomas just wants to get ahead in life and Alex is challenging his morals and his fears. If Alex wants to catch Thomas, this time, Alex will have to keep up and change his ways for good. And can Thomas overcome his own fears to come clean to everyone?

Ryan Carpenter wants a second chance with the one who got away
That one near miss with Jimmy still haunts Ryan despite a successful college and NFL career. Even after all the years, he still would give anything to find a way to make things work between them, but the spotlight of the NFL has forced him to keep his desires secret.

Jimmy Smith wants the one man who could ruin his career
While interviewing for college head coaching positions is the worst time to consider starting a relationship with a man, even one as gorgeous as Ryan. The players he will want to recruit and their parents will certainly head to other schools if his love of Ryan is exposed.

They risk it all for one night of pleasure that changes their lives
Given the chance to reunite while coaching at a summer camp at their alma mater, sparks fly and toes curl. However, the harsh realities of the morning light intrude on their happiness and makes them second guess everything.

Will both men make the difficult decision to stay apart? Or the even more difficult one… staying together?

Demetri knows giving in to Malstrum’s desires will protect his band of miners, but the heterosexual Earthling will struggle with violent courtship rituals on a planet devoid of women.

Demetri messed up in the military and now must serve as a miner on Earth’s ally planet Secren. This is the last place he wants to be. Earth men are considered small and cute to the violent Secren men. Demetri already ran a mine on the ice world Donovan. This gives him enough notoriety for mine overlord Malstrum to take an interest in him.

It seems cut and dry that he’s going to rebuff Malstrum and make it on his own, but Secren is a brutal world. The male population are all slave miners desperate to reach their quotas. As an Earthling Demetri is an easy mark to get robbed or killed.

Giving in to Malstrum is the only way Demetri can survive. The charismatic mine overlord decides to make it easy for him. From the author of The Conquering the Phobe!

Yeah, Seth knows Joe is a little older—but he doesn’t realize the foxy gentleman is thirty years older. Twenty-three vs. fifty-three is kind of a big deal. Is there any chance for things to work out between a laid-back surfer and an older guy with heart problems and an overly chivalrous nature?

Vengeance. Fated mates. War.

Beta wolf Renaldo sneaks into enemy territory to avenge the assault of a pack mate- and prevent a war. Running smack into the enemy Alpha Marsalis was not in the plan. Renaldo acts quickly to conceal his identity, only there is one problem.

Alpha wolf Marsalis catches a spy, and he is not amused. Especially when his wolf insists that the sexy, exotic wolf is his mate. When Renaldo’s identity is revealed, Marsalis has no choice but to Challenge the beta, and hope his mate is strong enough to win a place in the pack.

The path to happiness is full of struggle and obstacles. How we handle those obstacles is what defines us as a person. Keagan’s life was no exception to this…

Keagan had just recently came to terms with his sexuality. He had thought he was ready to take the next step with his current crush, Jason. Little did Keagan know that it all would change the night he met Caleb.

There was something about Caleb that caught Keagan’s attention the second their eyes met. Caleb was different than the other boys in town. He had a different presence to him.

After a near fatal car accident, Keagan and Caleb are brought together in what seemed like a coincident. Caleb would not only save his life, but bring him into a world that seemed like fantasy.

Aliens are coming to Earth for the first time, and they want to make friends and exchange technology. But first of all, they want to find mates among the Earthlings.

Aithan goes to see the Itherian aliens land on Earth in their spectacular spaceship. He has no expectations, but if he somehow gets to intimately know a hot alien female, that’s a nice bonus. And the aliens turn out to be more beautiful than anyone had ever dared hope!

Prince Brax’on is under huge pressure to find a mate and produce heirs to the Itherian throne. But his fellow Itherians bore him, and he feels alone among his own kind. Perhaps he can find a suitable mate on Earth?
When Brax’on and Aithan meet during the first welcome party, they have trouble taking their eyes off each other. Brax’on is used to following his instincts, but Aithan insists that he’s not attracted to men. He runs away to not have to face his emotions, but by the end of the evening, he takes off with the handsome alien prince.

The next morning, they both have a big surprise in store…

When college junior Philip Chisholm refuses to major in business, his father stops supporting him financially. With two years of college to go, Philip has no idea how he’ll manage to make his dreams of becoming a Greek historian come true.

Greek history professor, Christopher Daniels has been crushing on his sexy student for two years. When his star pupil suddenly fails a test, Chris offers to have Phillip over to dinner to discuss the situation, never guessing they’d end up in bed with Phillip calling him Daddy in the heat of the moment.

As Phillip struggles to come to terms with his newfound kink, his overbearing father shows up unexpectedly. Will he take his father’s money or risk everything for the Daddy who loves him?