Wedding Photographer Liam Reynolds tells himself he’s given up on love, but he can’t stop picturing himself exchanging vows with the only man he’s ever loved.

Liam ruined everything when he admitted he was gay to his best friend Caleb. Not only that, but he kissed him and told him he was in love with him. It may have been true, but it still freaked him out, and the two men haven’t spoken or even seen each other since.

And then Caleb comes into Liam’s life again, and the same energy is there, the same tension. The same love. Caleb seems eager to pick things up where they left off, but Liam doesn’t know if he can trust him with his heart again. Especially when a tall, dark, handsome stranger starts poking around.

Who is the mysterious Matthew? Can Liam let himself believe that Caleb might want him now, after everything that’s happened? Will he get his happily ever after with the only man he’s ever loved?

Fated mates Kyrt and Zan are at the end of their journey east, but their struggle to find home isn’t over yet. When their baby is born, Kyrt must face his own deep seated inner desires masquerading as plans for his son’s future.

OMEGA Home is the fourth and final volume in the Desert Wolf series. This series contains a 18+ content, an HEA, a strong omega, a dashing alpha, smoking hot mpreg (male pregnancy) romance, and thrilling adventure in exotic locales.

One desire on his mind …

Straight-boy and stand-out college athlete Kevin Westbrook’s whole life has been driven by one goal: to make it to the professional hockey league. But even though he’s chiseled, he’s still just too lean to play against the muscle-bound athletes that dominate the pros.

And now that Kevin’s stellar career has hit its first rut in the ice, his girlfriend’s not so sure about their future. When she leaves him, his Christmas travel plans get blown up in the split. Kevin knows he should be upset about the break-up … but all he can think about is team captain Cam’s big, rock-hard body. If only he had that, all his problems would be solved!

Is there something more to Kevin’s obsession with muscled and sweat-slicked chests? Will Cam save Kevin’s Christmas and make all his wishes, no matter how forbidden or suppressed, come true?

Thalos, the world’s oldest vampire, mistakenly performs a blood ritual with a boy named Dusty. He finds out he’s the son of the leader of Vampire Poison–a vicious group of vampire hunters. Thalos has to abandon the boy who’s hopelessly under his power. Over a decade passes and Dusty becomes the leader of Vampire Poison. His first mission: capture Thalos at any cost! Once Thalos learns he’s after him he wonders if he should really be running. He knows the beautiful hunter Dusty is marked as his servant–and he has been lonely of late. From the author of The Demon and the Emperor!

For the last couple years, Nick Palmer has raised his little brothers while working in a coffee shop downtown. Just a month before Christmas, his boss makes the worst possible announcement: the café will close if they can’t find a buyer. JC, a decade younger than him at sixteen, and Hunter, only eight, deserve the best Christmas his money can’t buy. Plus, he’s been neglecting his own needs for far too long. When the perfect man walks through the door at the wrong time, a little indulgence turns into much more…

Billionaire Declan Tanner is lonely. Since selling his company, he’s got a bad first world problem: guys get intimidated by him or try to use him. He’s responded by withdrawing and isolating himself, but on his psychologist’s advice picks up a new hobby: learning to code games in a cozy little café. Hanging out every day with Nick, a gorgeous, clever, flirty barista, starts to stir ideas of more… but he has to take it at Nick’s pace for the kids’ sake.

As Christmas approaches, Nick has to decide: should he let Declan in, or focus on JC and Hunter happy? What if there’s a way to do both?

After graduating from Columbia, Jonas leaves his girlfriend to become an indie rocker in Nashville. His first friend in Nashville is Ken, the confident, worldly, quietly gay middle-aged barista who pulls his espresso every morning.

Ken and Jonas share their love of coffee and music, along with an occasional joint. As their relationship becomes intimate, Jonas insists he isn’t gay, but Ken isn’t worried about labels.