Be Mine by Stella Starling

“My job is to protect you, not like you.”

After growing up in the foster care system and a stint in the Army, Jase Walker has finally found a place for himself with Byrne Security. The Byrnes treat him like family, and he’s not going to risk messing that up just because his newest client gets under his skin.

Kelly Davis, founder of the gay dating app bLoved, is a hopeless romantic, but for Kelly, nothing is more hopeless than finding someone to love. His outgoing, hot-tempered personality and high-profile life help him avoid his loneliness, but when a series of threats force him out of the public eye, the only thing he has to distract himself with is the maddeningly stoic bodyguard who drives him crazy.

When Kelly’s impulsive nature puts him at risk, the two men find the one thing they each need the most… love.

Flaunt by E. Davies

“I’m just one more gay guy here.”

The suburbs of L.A. offer Nic Montero a fresh start. He escaped his family, came out as a gay trans man, and excelled in computer programming. Then, he runs into the force of nature that is Kyle. If only Nic felt like enough for him.

“One-night stands are my only option.”

Loud, loving, green-haired Kyle Everett works long hours at the HIV charity Plus and co-parenting his son. He only has cheap flings, but Nic captivates him. If only he weren’t too much for most men to handle.

“I’ll stay with you if you’re brave enough to be you.”

Nic and Kyle are both used to being rejected, with the emotional scars to prove it. Living in close proximity, they can’t deny the attraction. Can two men who feel like they’re not enough and too much find something just right?

Faith by Cait Forester & Brian C. Palmer

Alex Turner has a Life Plan, and it doesn’t include being dumped by his boyfriend or becoming embroiled in a college hazing scandal. He’s already survived the unimaginable, and he’s determined that these recent issues aren’t going to wreck him. But even the strong have their weak moments, and Alex needs something to believe in.

Leo Saint-Claire has always known that his destiny lay in the priesthood. Being gay isn’t important – he’s not running from one life, he’s embracing another. But a chance meeting with Alex – his first and only kiss – shakes him to the core. How can he reconcile the demands of his faith and the demands of his heart?

When the passion between them runs bright and hot, can they leave it at a simple fling? When they develop true feelings, will faith be enough to keep them together… or apart?

Man & Beast by Michael Jensen

What is the line that separates man from beast?

The year is 1797, and 24-year-old John Chapman is lost on the American frontier with winter falling fast. Near death, he stumbles upon a cabin, and the owner, a rugged but sexy frontiersman named Daniel McQuay, agrees to let John stay.

John and Daniel quickly find themselves drawn to each other, the sex between them unlike anything John has ever known. But as weeks turn into snowbound months, Daniel begins to change into someone brutish, and the line between man and beast disappears.

With the arrival of spring, John flees, eventually finding refuge in the company of a group of frontier outcasts, including a brash young settler named Palmer. But in the wilds of this savage land, love is not so easily tamed, and John soon finds himself calling upon the raging animal within him to save the man he loves.

Scars by Avery Ford

Caleb always knew that his work was dangerous. He’d thought that the Johnson City Fire Station 10 was his home – until he got caught in a building with no way out.

Henry wasn’t always shy and meek but after he met Pritchard, before he knew it he was skipping classes, flunking out, and isolated from his friends and family on threat of Pritchard’s fists. Finally finding the courage to leave him was the best thing that Henry’s ever done for himself – and also the hardest.

Caleb and Henry are both trying to put their lives back together, both scarred in different and lingering ways. Neither of them want someone to look beyond the surface. A quick jolt of pleasure is all they need before going their separate ways again… right?

Breaking the Record by Raleigh Ruebins

Ben owns a failing record store in a small town. Everything used to be easy, but at 24, everyone else seems to have grown up but Ben. Each day the same: work, run, eat, and sleep. Until he meets Julian. He looks like he walked straight out of a rock band, with his tattoos, leather jacket, and blue eyes.

Julian thought Welling would be different. There’s only one shop in town to feed his endless record collecting habit, and a friendly, muscular jock owns it. Why can’t Julian seem to stop his habit of crushing on straight guys?

They can’t stay away – Ben struggles to navigate what his attraction to Julian might mean, Julian knows he can’t have Ben.

Julian agrees to help Ben try to save the record store. But business and music are quickly forgotten when the two of them discover things they didn’t think were possible.

Flight of Fantasy by Rory Wilde

Diego is a romance novelist who travels the world and writes stories of men falling in love—but he can’t seem to find the right guy for himself. He’s too hung up on his best friend from college, Thom, who’s not only stuck in a small town with his abusive mother, but uncertain of his sexuality.

The sparks fly when Diego visits Thom, and Thom is awakened to the fact that he might just be into men after all. The two decide to take a vacation to London, and romance is in the air. But as Thom grows more independent and willing to make a life for himself, Diego finds that he has his own demons to fight.

When Diego realizes that he’s on the verge of getting everything he’s ever wanted, he has to make a choice—can he finally commit to the man he’s loved for years?

A Cup of Joe by Cody Ryder

Bruce LeFlorette is the owner of a struggling boutique coffee shop, the business passed down to him by his late parents. With the family legacy on his shoulders he’s had no time for romance, especially when the big corporate cafe opens up just down the block.
Joe Jordan, CEO of the hottest new chain of coffee shops, is back in his hometown following the opening of his store’s newest location. The success of his business has been his life’s dedication—but recently he’s started to find himself wanting more.
When the two men meet, the attraction between such passionate souls is undeniable—but what will happen when they discover they’re one another’s biggest rival?

The Game Changer by Kay Simone

A straight quarterback. A gay physical therapist. Love is out of bounds… Right?
Malcolm Rodgers loses everything in one week.
The quarterback is benched with an injury the same week his fiancée breaks off their engagement. Lost, hurting, and stuck on the sidelines, Malcolm must spend his days in physical therapy with the one person who refuses to let him get back in the game: cocky Vance Coberly.
Vance is out and proud in the macho world of pro football. As the top physical therapist in his field, flirting with football players is strictly out of bounds.
But the rules of play all change when Vance meets Malcolm.
Malcolm can’t deny what he feels for Vance — but Vance won’t be someone’s one-time fling. Can a Hail Mary gesture save the deepest love Malcolm has ever felt?

Save Me by Aria Grayson

After a mistake that cost the life of the man he loved, former Special Forces soldier Aidan Byrne has nothing to live for.

Up against his brother’s abusive boyfriend, with his career and his life in jeopardy, lawyer Liam McKay has everything to lose…

Liam needs protection. Aidan sees a chance to make up for his past wrongs. But when Aidan becomes the brothers’ live-in bodyguard, Aidan finds a passion he thought was buried forever, while Liam discovers that Aidan represents a new kind of danger—one that threatens to tear down the walls he’s built around his heart.

Winter Wedding in Wyoming by Riley Knight

A decade ago, Jason ruined everything with his best friend when he kissed him impulsively. The only logical thing to do at that point was to run away from his homophobic family and neighbors, not to mention his mistake, and build a new life for himself.

Another mistake brings him back to Wyoming, back to Lance, the man that he’d freaked out all of those years ago. Even after all of the time that has passed, he only trusts this one man enough to ask to marry him. And that’s exactly what he needs to do, if he wants any chance at keeping the life that he’s built.

A fake marriage is all he’s looking for. After all, Lance is painfully straight. But when the old feelings of friendship return, and start to turn into something much more romantic and intense, will either of them be able to handle it?