This boxed set features all three books of the popular Love and Gridiron series in one easy format, for an incredibly long and satisfying read!

You’ll get three hot, sexy stories of football players and the men they love.

Plus, you’ll get the exclusive bonus short story not available anywhere else, featuring all of your favorite leading men from the Love and Gridiron stories on a romantic getaway weekend.

Cameron Prior knows himself pretty well – he’s quiet, unassuming… and straight. Just an ordinary guy. Chase Griffith is none of those things. At first Chase uses his good looks and arrogant smirk to show Cameron up at a work conference. Then he sets his sights on Cameron himself. Now Cameron is looking to prove something to himself and to Chase – but it may be that Cameron doesn’t know himself as well he thought.

With a hotel room, an expensive bottle of Scotch, and two great-looking men, anything could happen.

Family demands loyalty. Love demands everything.

Love at first sight…
Nick Romeo’s first glimpse of Julian Capelle sends him tumbling into unquenchable passion. He doesn’t think he’s good enough for Julian…but the other man’s blue eyes and angelic smile are too gorgeous to resist.

A courtship in the limelight…
Julian is just as captivated by Nick’s dark good looks and smoldering gaze. When the young lovers are cast as the leads in an all-male production of Romeo and Juliet, it amplifies the electric desire between them.

With trouble waiting in the wings…
Julian’s older brother, Ty, is part of a long-standing feud that turns him against Nick. When his parents side with Ty, Julian is torn between his family and the man he loves. Can he and Nick find a way to be together, or will the problems of the past destroy their future?

I’m Aaron. I’ve got a crush the size of the Europe on Joe, who lives across the street, and when he’s around, I transform into a prize idiot.

The rest of the time I’m a trainee plumber, following my father and brothers into the construction industry.On Sundays, I transform into the cool striker in the amateur football league. In all, a confident, well-adjusted guy. For a 20-year-old virgin who lives with his parents and falls apart over the boy not-quite next door.

Joe’s cute, sexy and fun. I know he’s fun because we used to play together as kids in the massive posh house that he lives in with his parents, they are doctors. Now he’s at university, studying literature; we don’t see each other anymore.

How do I ask a guy for a date when I can’t string a coherent sentence when he’s around, and I don’t know if he’s gay? And what’s more, no one knows I’m gay.

Gavin Macleod and Colin Mcrae have joined forces with Tanner, a shifter that had to defend his own way of life by faking his own death. He was the first to decide that what was right for the pack was not right for him. They have all decided that they were not going to run any longer.

Nathan’s been crushing on one of his regular Bulk Mart customers for a while now. In squirrel form, he sits on Vince’s bird feeders, munching on seeds and enjoying the eye candy. Until the day Vince notices him raiding the feeder…

Oliver Sasaki has a comfortable life. Having escaped an oppressive childhood in London, he’s now on the sunny coast of Southern California, working on his graduate degree, and taking care of his younger brother, Leo. He has it all worked out: no dating, no commitments, just fun.

All of that changes one night when he meets Gabriel, the adorable barista who turns his entire world upside down. Finally learning what it means to be in love, Oliver is certain nothing can destroy what he has, certain this is all forever. But when his past comes back to haunt him, Oliver’s life begins to fall apart.

Will love be enough to save Oliver from himself? Or is there no such thing as forever?

Billionaire Oren Moore doesn’t know how to relinquish control. The last thing he wants to do is be away from his office, but his sister has forced him to take a vacation. A trip to the Sahara seems like the perfect way to get her off his back, especially if it includes a very handsome pilot!

Kirk Kubar flies spoiled tourists around for a living, but it’s a price he’s willing to pay to stay in the skies. Quiet, calm and endlessly professional, Kirk isn’t looking for love. Especially from his blonde, annoying, workaholic passenger!

When a plane crash leaves the two men stranded alone, they have to work together quickly to survive. Will they learn to trust each other as they race across the sand towards rescue? And can that trust turn into something more serious…or will it evaporate under the brutal desert sun?