What brings a pregnant male werewolf to a human Bed and Breakfast in the middle of nowhere? Winter isn’t saying. All he knows is that he has to keep one step ahead of his pursuers to protect himself and his unborn child.

Exiled Alpha werewolf Levi has one shot at redemption: capturing the lost Omega and bringing him safely back to his rightful Pack. He has his plan down to a science, and everything’s going perfectly. All except one thing: falling for Winter.

Despite their initial distrust, the two wolves soon learn that the fated forces of attraction are too strong to resist, and what they seek might be closer than they thought. But will their newfound bond be enough to save them both?

Nick Massey is an inventor and mechanic, a Domer struggling to break out of his poverty-stricken existence and escape his tragic past. He’s brilliant. He’s talented. He just lost his job. With nothing keeping him in the city, he leaves his meager life behind and strikes out for the wild unknowns of the Fringe. He’s hoping to find happiness and purpose. Instead, he finds Zander.

Zander Pennington is a Fringer, born and bred, a lifelong resident of the town of Firebend. He’s tough and resourceful and absolutely intolerant of unknowns. As a partner in the region’s most lucrative mineral mining operation, he doesn’t have time to deal with anything but business. Business is what he knows. Business is his comfort zone. Nick is not business.

A painful longing…

Jordan knows his crush on Rick is hopeless. His fellow football player and lifelong friend is straight. Now that they’re heading off to college in separate states, maybe Jordan can finally find a man who’ll return his feelings. He doesn’t know Rick’s secret: every time he’s with a girl, all he can think about is Jordan.

A shattering encounter…

Two weeks before they start their freshman year, the pair spend the weekend in a mountain cabin with a king-sized bed. Years of simmering desire hit flashpoint, and Jordan can’t help falling in love with his best friend.

But Rick struggles to accept the truth. He’s afraid of his parents’ disappointment, and as time passes, he only retreats deeper into the closet.

A wrenching choice…

Jordan can’t stop loving Rick, but he won’t live a lie. His ultimatum—come out, or we’re through—traps Rick between his all-American golden-boy image and the man who could be his everything. Will he risk it all to win Jordan’s love?

Bear shifter Brett Green has hidden away in the forest for years, keeping to himself and avoiding long-term interaction. When an injured raven he nurses back to health turns out to be shifter Kerry Fine, he finds himself with one mischievous half-naked house guest.

This grumbly bear shifter soon falls for Kerry’s seductive lips, and shows him his true dominant side. But before they can be happy for long, a rogue shifter crashes through their new relationship.

Finding his fated mate will force Brett to come face-to-face with the dangerous bear inside him—but with Kerry’s love, he’ll finally put the past to rest and start over.

Ethan’s been in love with Gabriel, the boy next door, for most of his life. He’s not just the town’s tall, dark, and cutest man… he’s also a werewolf.

Pity werewolves and humans never date… ever.

Without a cute man like Gabriel, there’s not much keeping him in his small Southern town. It’s time to put his foolish dreams behind. He’s going to leave his town – and Gabriel – behind forever.

ER doctor Wyatt Jacobs moves to San Francisco to escape the pain of his mother’s death. He doesn’t think he’ll ever feel at home in California, twenty-five hundred miles from his beloved Georgia, but he hasn’t met his handsome but cocky neighbor yet.

Contractor Caleb Gregson is all about one-night stands and keeping his perfect record of satisfied lovers intact. He isn’t prepared for Wyatt, whose resistance to his charms makes him rethink everything he thought he knew about his life.

Caleb starts wooing his reluctant neighbor in hopes of getting Wyatt to sleep with him and restore his perfect record. As time goes on, however, he wants Wyatt to Just Say Yes to an entirely different question.

When innocent, young Lerajie, the son of the Prince of the Nephilim, first meets a stranger in his father’s forest, he immediately feels the power of the virile man’s charisma. The stranger is no other than the angel Ariael, the Lion of God — and greatest enemy of Lerajie’s father.

Lerajie cannot resist the man’s cruel seduction, especially when Ariael’s touch teaches him for the first time that he craves to submit to the powerful man. Ariael’s strength and masterful domination shows him ecstasy he has never known before. But Ariael claims more than just the young demon’s virginity. Ariael claims his soul – and soon, Lerajie finds that not only has he surrendered to his father’s greatest enemy, he now also bears his child and heir.

The Nephilim Slave MPREG series chronicles the passionate journey of Lerajie and Ariael. Can passion and desire overcome the eternal enmity between angels and demons? And can a child teach the arrogant, seductive angel what it means to find love?

A scrawny Princeton freshman gets sent to prison where he becomes the property of a powerful yet compassionate inmate.