Hate/Love by Avery Ford

Hot shot reconstructive surgeon Dylan Mitchell has everything going for him – a prestigious career, fantastically good looks, and recently paid off student loans. Everything should be perfect – but there’s a yawning emptiness in him.

Brad Cooper can’t believe his luck when his new business lands one of the biggest gigs in town – providing security for the local hospital system. He doesn’t have time for a boyfriend – and he sure as hell doesn’t have time for Dylan Mitchell, the older kid who’d made his life hell growing up.

When suspicious things start to happen around McDuff Memorial, they’ll have to learn to work together if they want to keep the hospital – and all the patients in it – safe and sound. There’s a thin line between love and hate. Will they discover how much they mean to one another before it’s too late?

Careless Whisper by Felix Brooks & Andrea Dalling

Mason needs a break from adulting. Between his job, his art, and his overprotective family, he can barely find time for his new boyfriend Rhy. Working at his mom’s real estate firm when he really wants a career in graphic arts, he can’t escape his mother’s constant running commentary on his life. But when her interference jeopardizes his relationship with Rhy, Mason reaches the breaking point.

Rhy loves Mason, but it’s hard for him to trust after the way his parents rejected him. Practical and self-reliant, he’s not used to adjusting his lifestyle to someone else’s needs. When he learns that Mason hasn’t been completely open with him, he wonders whether Mason is as committed to the relationship as Rhy is. Are they too far apart to overcome their differences? Or is Mason the key to building a new family to fill the empty space in Rhy’s life?

Complete Game by Declan Rhodes

“I’m not used to a lot of kindness from strangers.”

Twenty-five-year-old Blake Powell’s world is baseball. His life goal is a major league contract. Then a moment of distraction, a wrong step, and a bone-shattering injury put an early end to his baseball career.

“You might say I’m a fairly decent guy.”

Ian Chapman is a happy man. He has his own house, a decent job, good friends, and he’s the manager of a team in the city’s gay softball league. Unfortunately, he’s missing a key player on the team and the man at his side to make his personal game complete.

When Blake moves in next door, Ian sees in him a solution to the team’s woes, and soon it becomes obvious something more personal might grow, too. Then Blake’s first love, the game of baseball, comes calling again, and he is compelled to answer.

Star Turn by Parker Avrile

Eric is the picture of success complete with trophy dog. Stepping into the director’s chair of a big budget feature film is all he needs to conquer Hollywood. Getting involved with an actor? That’s a recipe for disaster.

Especially this actor.

Tyler is the secret son of one of Hollywood’s most powerful producers. He’ll do whatever it takes to prove to Father he deserves a leading role.

He can’t let himself be distracted by anything– or anyone.

Not even Eric.

Don’t Walk Away by Ollie Sparks

The boldest thing that Hawthorne Walker has done is kiss the star quarterback, his best friend Jacob, his senior year of high school.

A kiss that ended in tragedy.

Fifteen years later, he works at a homeless teen outreach center. It’s quiet and uneventful until the man who stars in all his fantasies returns to their small town.

Jacob Shaw is a man adrift. His life can’t get any shittier, until his son runs away. During the search for his son, Jacob is led back to the one place he never wanted to see again. Worse, the one man who can help him is none other than the man who broke his heart in high school.

Jacob never got over the way Hawthorne made him feel but he’ll have to learn how to work with the man who still makes his heart thump if he’s going to find his son.

My Mate’s Mark (Second Chance Mates 2) by Rosa Swann

Sterling going into heat was not part of the plan, me marking and mating him even less so.
The whole day I’ve been able to resist him, until we both can’t fight our needs for each other and the pressure of Sterling’s heat anymore.
I’m supposed to make his life easier, not harder.

Being stuck in bed most of the day doesn’t help the thoughts running through my head. Especially not after seeing a mating mark on Wilder’s shoulder.
This man is here to help me, but all I want is to find out about his past, even though he’s trying to help me face mine.
But the clock is ticking… Wilder’s only here for one week…

Just One Kiss by M.H. Silver

“Teacher, you don’t know how much you meant to me.”

Eight years ago, seventeen-year-old Robby St. James was on a path of self-destruction. Only the guidance of his teacher kept him alive—until one devastating kiss ruined everything. Now Robby is working as a rising star in broadcast journalism. It’s only at night that he thinks about the man who got away.

Dean Hartnett has two rules: loose lips sink ships, and the past belongs behind you. Eight years ago he was viciously outed when a student’s crush went too far. Now he’s become an award-winning reporter—and he won’t let anyone or anything get in his way.

One fateful day, Robby is assigned to Dean’s news division. Robby wants nothing more than a second chance—and Dean just wants to keep the past buried. With so much heat between them, coming together is inevitable.

Demon Heat by Noah Harris

For new arrival Richard Miller, it is both heaven and hell. He has a loving boyfriend, a budding career as a nude model, and a comfortable place in the city’s vibrant gay community. But he knows it is all being threatened by sinister forces that he has not been able to defeat. The cult that tried to seduce him into the occult world is still after him, and Richard’s visions of the seductive demons that want to possess his body become stronger by the day. They threaten to destroy his relationship, his health, and his sanity.

Will Richard give in and become a slave to his temptations, or can he resist the powers of darkness threatening not only himself but his entire community?

Polar’s Story by Rosie Burns

Polar has never felt so lost and adrift. The two people he cared for most in the world are dead. Nothing can ease his guilt at their deaths. His lonely pilgrimage takes him to India.

On the beautiful island of Grand Siren, Jose wants to see more of the world. When Polar’s friends offer to pay his fare to India Jose jumps at the opportunity. He always had a secret crush on Polar, so he has his own reasons for wanting to go.

Polar returns to Grand Siren. When he and Jose get together, Polar’s crippling guilt may still prevent them finding their happy-ever-after. But worse still, Mickey is back on the scene, and when he and his dangerous sidekick threaten to rip off a mutual friend, Polar and Jose are compelled to take action, even though this may risk their own lives and the life of their unborn child.

Chasing Ryan by Wolf Specter

When Pascale readies himself to head out of town, and the beautiful Ryan crosses his path, he can’t help but stick around. He knows Ryan is his mate, and the lovers will soon discover his omega is pregnant with his child.

Can Ryan free himself from an over-protective father’s binds and yield to the passion of the powerful wolf he quickly learns is his mate? Is he ready for the change his accidental pregnancy will create for a pack that’s uneasy about a city wolf’s return?