Triple Play: Three Bisexual Ménage Romances by Lauren Gallagher

Two’s company, but sometimes three is just right.

A First Lady who’s willing to do anything to keep her husband sane—including bringing his ex-lover into the bedroom.

An interfaith couple desperate to start a family—and their friend who just might have the solution.

A couple helping a friend celebrate her long overdue divorce—and finding themselves with a baby on the way.

They may not have planned it, but these three loving relationships may just have room for one more after all.

Contains Who’s Your Daddy?, Kneel, Mr. President, and The Best Laid Plans. These full-length novels were previously published and are available individually.

Awakened by Cara Malone

Leah McAllister is starting a new job in a bland maze of tan cubicles – she’s had enough attention for one lifetime. What she never expects is to find herself working under Morgan, a mesmerizing woman who turned her world upside down when they met one year before.

A lot can change in a year, though, and Morgan Park is a different person now. She’s reserved and sullen, and trying to get over a broken heart after her troubled girlfriend, Allison, disappeared one day leaving Morgan with nothing more than a vague goodbye note.

Thrust together in the cramped quarters of a cubicle, Morgan and Leah can’t deny – or resist – the forces of attraction driving them together. They even begin to fall in love when Allison blows back into town with a terrible secret that threatens to tear Morgan and Leah apart permanently.

Tuned by Harper Logan

Zander is an aspiring musician and street performer who moves to the town of Rosebridge after a bad break up with his ex. In Rosebridge, he hopes to find a new life he can build for himself. He is soul searching to find a life outside of his ex boyfriend.

Though he doesn’t expect to find new romance, that all changes when he meets Tyler. Tyler is his exact opposite. He’s organized, structured, and has a plan for his life.

But the deeper Zander falls for him, the more it seems their relationship may be a repeat of his last. Will they fall into the same problems Zander did with his ex?