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The Clockwork Conspiracy by Emmett Steele

A Queer Fairytale with a twist…

Alessandra has a problem. First of all, he’s not Alessandra. He’s Alek. Second of all, his parents pawned him off to an enchantress once they found out he was transgender, hoping she could “cure” him. Now Alek stays stuck in a tower all day, building marvelous singing automatons for Lady Elise. When a young man named Felix stumbles upon Alek’s menagerie, he’s startled not only by Alek’s beautiful creations but also the brilliant boy that makes them.

Join Alek and Felix as they hatch a plot to escape the tower and defeat the enchantress. Can Alek overcome everyone’s expectations and become the man he was meant to be? Along the way, they discover secrets, surprises, and unexpected love.