Protector by Avery Ford

“I never thought I’d be forced to return to my hometown.”

Celebrity designer Reed Luxe has the fashion industry on its knees. His budding career is starting to attract attention, professional and otherwise. Reed never counted on coming face to face with a man straight out of his nightmares. With a stalker on his tail, Reed does the only thing he can think to do: he hires brooding, muscular heartthrob Logan Price to keep him safe.

“Who’d want to love a damaged man?”

The last thing ex-SEAL Logan Price needs is to babysit a privileged and wealthy celebrity who runs his mouth. But Logan has bills to pay and business at his motorcycle shop is slow. He’s got the scars and emotional barriers from deployment squalor. How hard could two months spent playing nanny be? When his battered heart gets dragged into the fray, it turns out to be harder than Logan ever imagined.

“How can two people so different be so right together?”

Forced into close quarters as the stalker’s threats grow potentially lethal, Reed and Logan will have to face their pasts—and their present. Can Logan trust himself with more than Reed’s safety and win his heart?

Driven by Harper Logan

“You’ll know how important something is when you see how much you’re willing to sacrifice for it.”

Ben Barley is working on borrowed time. With an ultimatum—get a promotion by his 36th birthday or find a new job—and a deadline looming over his head, it’s easy to get wrapped up in his own Ivy League world.

That is, until he meets Oscar.

The last thing Oscar Nash needs is to take on a new charity case at his failing mechanic shop. But when a handsome, well-dressed art history lecturer shows up with a vintage car in need of some TLC, Oscar is too intrigued to say no.

Sure he can fix up the car… on one condition. Ben has to agree to a date.

Despite misunderstandings and clashing worlds, the two men hit it off, connecting over their deep love of art. As their connection grows, Oscar shares his greatest yearning: the car mechanic’s dream to become a sculptor and open his own gallery. But will their chemistry be enough to overcome the differences in their two worlds?

More importantly, can Oscar step up with a mechanical miracle while Ben’s career hangs in the balance?

Omega’s Captive by Noah Harris

It’s the last month of the American Civil War, and an Omega Union soldier is assigned to guard an Alpha Confederate prisoner and take him to the nearest guardhouse. While on the way, the Alpha tells him of some hidden Confederate gold, theirs for the taking. The Alpha seduces the Omega into searching for the gold and slowly wears down his resistance…. By the time they get to the gold they’re partners ;) and the Alpha has gotten his weapons back, and that’s good for both of them because they aren’t the only ones after the treasure! After shooting their way out of a tight situation and grabbing the gold, the Omega finally loses his last resistance and…

Foxed by Hollis Shiloh

Wallace Avery, bookworm extraordinaire, is not out at work in either sense, as a gay man or as a fox shifter. He likes his privacy, and he’s quite content in records management, thank you: filing papers and spending his off hours quietly.

When the opportunity he never wanted is thrust into his lap, he has to decide what to do about it. Police work and a pay raise, and probably stress up to his eyeballs, or trying to stay in his old life and pretending he’s not capable of so much more?

Whatever he chooses, he definitely doesn’t want to fall for someone from his workplace. Especially not *that* cop…

My Goal by HJ Perry

A story of first love. A friends to lovers romance between two closeted soccer players.

He’s cocky, he’s arrogant, he’s entitled to his big ego. He an International footballer and a multi-millionaire. Carlos Garcia’s a huge success on and off the pitch, he’s got it all. Joining a new football club, he wants his teammates to like him, especially the one man who sets his pulse racing.

The quietest guy on the football team, Harry Carter avoids attention. He’s so scared of people finding out he’s gay that he’s made sure there are just clothes in his closet. He has nothing to hide; there’s no history, no past, no secret boyfriend, not even a one night stand. Ever.

Things are changing. Outside of work, Harry’s best friends are a discreet gay couple but how is Harry going to keep all the secrets when the new guy on the football team keeps hanging around. Why exactly does Carlos sit next to Harry at every opportunity?

The Lies We Tell by Beau Bishop

A college boy with a promise…
Emerson Woods has followed his parents wishes all through high school and through three years of college. One more year to go and he would be able to go to any graduate school in the world on their dime, at least that’s what he was promised.

A graduating man with a plan…
Jonathan Trembly is a level-headed man far from his home of Wales. After graduation, there’s only two things he wants –to be home again and to have his man by his side.

A love that won’t be denied…
Emerson’s parents conspire to keep their son in the States and under their thumb, but when the lie they’ve kept going for years is suddenly brought to light, will Emerson finally break free?

And Your Enemies Closer by Cecelia Stryder

Five years have passed since Cori Archontis traded dirty money for fame and skyrocketed his band, Love & Deceptions, into stardom – five years spent drowning his past in narcotics, dating women to stay publicly closeted, and running from his mistakes. But Cori’s time is up. The Hollywood based crime syndicate who pushed him to the top of the charts is done waiting for him to pay back his debt.

And they’ve sent the most handsome man Cori’s ever seen to collect what Cori owes them – his life.

Nero’s been a member of crime syndicate The Mad Royals for twenty years, and as crime lord Caligula’s right hand man, he’s as unsympathetic as he is ruthless. He’s been sworn off men for longer than he’s been a Royal, and there’s no way he’d ever stoop so low as to go down the path his father followed.

But fate has other plans.

Forced to trust one another while the world unravels at their feet and old scars open fresh, if Cori and Nero want to survive, they’ll have to learn to conquer their differences and find middle ground.

Or maybe somewhere even closer than that.

Billion Dollar Bet by Spencer Spears

Hopeless romantic Kian Bellevue can’t stop falling for the wrong guys. But just when he decides to swear off guys for the summer, he meets drop-dead gorgeous Jack Thorsen, who might just be the man of his dreams.

Billionaire Jack Thorsen is married to his work and likes it that way. Even after he meets sweet and sexy Kian Bellevue, he’s still determined to keep his guard up. People can’t hurt you if you never let them close.

Maple Springs, Minnesota: the home Kian loves; the past Jack ran away from. Jack wants to build a billion dollar resort in Maple Springs’ pristine wilderness and Kian is determined to stop him. Jack bets that he can get Kian on his side – and he’ll withdraw his plans if he fails. All Kian has to do is spend the summer with him.

Kian would be crazy to turn the bet down. Only one problem. Jack – tall, handsome, and emotionally unavailable – is exactly Kian’s type. And Kian keeps breaking down barriers Jack spent years putting up. With their hearts on the line as well as a hotel, will both men risk it all for a chance at love?

Rebel Desires by Will Specter

His mission was to restore law and order, but he stole my heart in the process.

Kyle was looking forward to returning to his hometown to help his father with the family business. While he expected things to be different, he could have never imaged just how much his once quiet town had changed. Crime, theft, and drugs were ruling the streets. While the police turned the other way, only one group was trying to do something about it. The second in command, Dillion, was an old family friend. Little did Kyle know, Dillion was not only there to help save his town, but to help Kyle discover true love once again.

Rough & Tender by Adella Wriley

“You up and disappeared on me four years ago. What happened?”

Jaxx Stone belongs to New York’s finest football team, The Vents, for whom he’s a star quarterback. But when this bad foul-mouthed playboy finds out his deceased father left him half a billion dollars in his will, he does everything necessary to get it. Including marrying a man… who ends up being his longtime flame gone missing, Abel Pascal. Shocked that he sees him in an escort catalog, he requests him and sits back for the wildest ride of his lifetime.

“It’s all in the past, where it should stay, Jaxx.”

Abel Pascal disappeared from his old life four years ago to save his family. And now that he’s returned, he is still trying to keep them afloat. When his sister finds a foreclosure notice, Abel has to take the first hefty job his boss gives him. What he doesn’t know is that the man who ordered him is his old boyfriend, Jaxx Stone.

Now that the nerd and jock are back together, sparks fly and secrets run deep between them. However, Abel is in this purely for business… or so he thinks.

Bodyguard Boyfriend by Elaine Ashford

Protect his body or protect his heart?

Pop star Adrian needs a new bodyguard as soon as possible, and the hottie the agency sends is exactly his type. But just because Adrian flirts like it’s breathing doesn’t mean Rob has to be any less professional on the job. Somehow, it’s happening anyway. This young star might be more charming than Rob knows what to do with, despite his recklessness. When a couple of fan encounters go sour – and heart-pounding – Rob has to admit that he cares more than he thought.

Tumbling into bed together isn’t the problem, it’s figuring out how to date out of the public eye. Falling in love means Rob cares more than ever about keeping Adrian safe. But not all dangers are so easy to spot. This time, it’s not some crazed fans: it’s a family matter. And Adrian wants Rob to keep out of it. Are Rob’s protective instincts going to drive them apart? Or is there a real danger out there, and will Rob be in time to save the one he loves most?

The Protector by Jessie G

There was a time when Master Saul Alvarez filled his days fighting and his nights teaching willing subs the pleasure of his whip. Neither role invites long term relationships, but he’s comfortable with his solitary existence until he is charged with guarding Durango’s prized whore. One look into those terror filled eyes has him vowing to risk it all to save the beautiful man.

Javier Escardo had been praying for death, but never expected the stone-cold killer he got in response. One glimpse into those sinful eyes reveals not only the promise of retribution, but a reason to live. Eight years later, Javier is determined to take what belongs to him. Saul’s heart. But his protector needs saving and he can’t do it alone.

Hidden beneath the public persona, Kyle Jansen is a man who craves to be invisible without being insignificant. He longs to find a Master who will see his need to be taken over without abusing him and a lover who will care about him beyond the sexual games. It isn’t until he encounters the smoldering combination of Saul and Javier that he realizes it was never supposed to be just one partner at all.

Catching the Pitch by Declan Rhodes

“He never knew what he really needed was a man.”

Eric Steiner is one of the top major league baseball prospects in the country. He was drafted #10 out of college and assigned to an A level minor league team as a stepping stone to the big leagues. All of the pieces were falling into place except for personal relationships. Eric’s teammates think his most intimate connections are with his catcher’s mitt.

“Why are you sending me to Madison, Wisconsin? Was it something I did?

Sports photographer Theo Bachman is used to the vagabond life. In fact, when he was growing up, he went to eight different schools before high school graduation. Now, he only sets down roots long enough to complete the latest assignment. It could be Toronto, San Francisco, or New York City, but Wisconsin? Theo thinks he’s been kicked down to second class until he meets the Madison Pintails catcher.

When Eric finds out Theo Bachman has been assigned to him for a sports journalism profile, something about the name rings a distant bell. When the pair finally meet, the connection is electric. Soon they are creating heat in the bedroom and trouble for their careers.

Baked in Love by Hayden Hunt

Miles will soon be marrying his fiance, Chelsea. He’s been with Chelsea since High School and doesn’t know much about relationships outside of her. But he cares for her deeply, she’s been his best friend since they were teenagers. Is he particularly excited about marrying her? Well, not really, but men don’t really get excited about weddings, right? At least, that’s what he tells himself. He may not be thrilled but he doesn’t doubt that this is the right decision for him.

And then he meets Aidan, the baker who is creating their beautiful wedding cake. The more he gets to know Aidan, the less certain he becomes about his decision to marry Chelsea. For the first time in a long time, Miles remembers what passion is supposed to feel like.

Smolder by Reegan Lynch

~I needed to claim him like I needed to breathe.~

I never wanted a mate. I’d been alone for hundreds of years, dominating the markets and building my hoard, content with my life. I was alone, and I was fine.
Until I saw him.
Brilliant, beautiful, shifting into his dragon form for the first time, he was everything I never wanted and everything I couldn’t walk away from.
I didn’t need a mate.
I had one anyway.

~I was a bomb, and I was about to go off.~

I wasn’t human. I couldn’t be, not with the way flames filled my dreams and burned through my veins. I’d had an affinity for fire all my life, but this was different.
I was hot, burning alive. The pressure built and built until suddenly I was changing into something different. My skin split to reveal scales; my hands changed to claws; wings burst from my back and I opened my eyes as a dragon…
To see HIM, and to hunger.

The Mechanic and the Surgeon by Steve Milton

“I’m not gonna date a wrench monkey.”

Ritter Lehman, Miami’s most successful orthopedic surgeon, keeps scaring away potential boyfriends. He can’t help it. He’s just a bit… intense. He has the career. He has the millions. He has the hard body. He knows he deserves the best.

“Mechanics aren’t supposed to be gay.”

Joshua, the willowy young man who fixes Ritter’s Porsche, doesn’t know enough of Ritter’s reputation to be scared away. He’s not so much scared of Ritter as he’s scared of coming to terms with being gay. He already sacrificed college to come home and run his father’s car repair shop, and he’s ready to sacrifice his true self to conform to what he thinks a good son should be — until he meets Ritter, the out-and-proud alpha male.

“Am I another notch on your scalpel?”

Why won’t Ritter admit to his ex that he’s dating Joshua? Can Ritter have a future with a twenty-years-younger guy who’s never been to college? Can Joshua trust that he’s not just Ritter’s next toy?

Razor’s Edge by Lucy Abbott

“How can I run from the only life that I know?”

Joel Davis is stuck. Bound by family obligations and his father’s influence, he’s never imagined a life outside of the prestigious world he was born to inherit.

Until his car breaks down four hours from home and he’s drawn into a world he never knew existed.

“Everything was easy until you showed up.”

Dustin ‘Razor’ Cole knows that his wolf pack and his MC have his back. Family is everything, after all. But when he rescues a rich boy running from his father from the side of the road, Razor’s world is turned upside down.

His wolf knows who Joel is the moment Razor spots him, and Razor knows he has to have Joel no matter the cost–even if it means going against the family he loves.

“Is this your way of putting distance between us?”

Drawn together by fate, Joel and Razor are thrown into each other’s mismatched worlds. How can two people from vastly different walks of life find happiness when one is running from his past, and the other is forced to face his?