Roy Winterfield could never have anticipated moving back home, but after being left by his fiancée and losing his job, options were limited. His heart wounded, Roy struggles to redefine his views on love, believing he’ll never love again. Everything changes when, at a local farmer’s market, a vendor turns out to be someone from Roy’s youth—the only boy he’d ever loved.

Dakota Heart has dealt with hardship his entire life. He’d lost his mother as a child, and after his father passed away, he’d decided to put all of his energy into one project: The Heart Lifespring Gardens, a food forest spanning his entire suburban backyard. He’d always viewed the gardens as his source of healing and love, but he never thought that his bounty would bring him back face to face with his high school sweetheart.

The two former lovers find passions quickly rekindling, but Roy needs healing, and Dakota doesn’t know if he can let himself fall in love with him again. It may be up to Rosie, Dakota’s clever border collie, to quietly keep the two men together. But can one dog, and the warm memories of a past love keep fragile hearts from pulling apart?

“If you can’t remember it, was it ever real at all?”

“How do I fall out of love?”
Cash Bennett enlisted in the Marines the day his boyfriend married someone else, but military life failed to numb the pain. After he got out, he relied on casual sex and the adrenaline rush of pushing his limits to distract himself from the inescapable truth: He’d lost his heart the first time he laid eyes on Robbie Logan, and he’s never going to get it back.

“I want a divorce.”
An accident on Robin Logan’s eighteenth birthday changed his life. He lost his memory but gained a best friend, a woman whose dreams were stolen when their lives collided. At the urging of his homophobic father, Robin married her out of guilt. But now he’s free… and not at all sure he’s got the courage to go after what he’s never admitted to wanting. Or whether he even deserves it.

“I love you. I don’t know how to do anything else.”
Robin doesn’t remember what they once were to each other, Cash can’t forget the way they’d been. Sometimes, though, life gives you a second chance to do it all over again…

“Someone was looking out for us that night you said hello to me.”

Less than two months ago, Daniel was a caterer in his day job who still harbored dreams of success as a singer-songwriter despite a crushing failure many years ago. Now he finds himself with a rising rock star boyfriend and a foot in the door on the band’s concert tour.

“I’ll pinch you if I need to, but it’s really true Daniel. All of it.”

Greg is ready to kick his retail job to the curb and scale the steep ladder of success in the music industry. He’s lead vocalist of a rock band on the path to success, one-half of a duo the label sees as golden, and head over heels for Daniel. The future shines like a bright rising sun.

Daniel and Greg know that living in a tour bus for three weeks with band members, roadies, and a young music executive in the making won’t be easy. Neither will it be easy to navigate interpersonal artistic drama among the bands, but their bond to each other is the strongest they have, and the most frightening to consider breaking.

When social media star Kip Weiss lands a summer lifeguard job at an exclusive resort, there are strings attached. The sweet bonus privileges require a roommate, and after a year in random dorms, Kip wants to pick who shares the tight quarters. He invites his best friend Thad, the only kid at school who didn’t look down on him for being poor.

Thad Rowland needs a break. After an academically stressful year at school, his father arranges a boring internship to fill his summer. His true passion is art, not accounting. When his best friend Kip invites him to apply at the resort he jumps at the chance to get away from it all and wear his lifeguard whistle again. But can he live in such close proximity to his celebrity-gorgeous best friend, and keep his true feelings to himself?

Far away from everything else, the hunky college guys are in an oasis of suntan lotion, their own private apartment, and an entire summer stretching before them. Will their new feelings tear them apart as well as ruin their careers and family ties? Or is the summer heat just the beginning of a scorching hot future?

War is coming. One which doesn’t belong to Jack, a Hunter bred with a gift, a weapon against the Supernatural kind, who is single-minded, and hell-bent on revenge against those who murdered his lover. And it’s a war which doesn’t belong to Kieran, a Werewolf sworn to no pack by choice, living a life of peace and quiet, away from the Supernatural community.

When the pair are suddenly thrown together, forced to take sides against those who would destroy everything they hold dear, they must quickly re-learn what it means to be loyal. What it means to protect those they love. Working together, the pair must eliminate the greatest threat to their community either of them have ever known.

Alex is smart, charming, and attractive. Good at approaching people and getting them to sleep with him, his talents fall down when it comes to maintaining a relationship. His last boyfriend left him with a broken heart and without half the rent. This time, he wants a roommate who’s mature, sensible, and not even a little bit attractive to him.

What he gets is Liam–funny, gorgeous, and surprisingly put-together for a man who doesn’t own a single shirt without a stain on it.

After months of feeling as though he can never move on while he lives in London, America is Liam’s fresh start. His breakup with his girlfriend left him heartbroken, and home only reminds him of everything he’s lost. With a twelve-month contract on offer, the chance to take a break is too good to pass up. All he needs now is a roommate, since his company-organised apartment has fallen through.

He runs across Alex’s Craigslist posting and thinks the other man seems perfect–little does he know that his new roommate is also nursing a broken heart, and coping with it by sleeping his way through the entire population of New York.

His Faithful Sword is the direct sequel to His Catalyst and concludes The Conqueror’s Way duology.

As a plague of monsters hunts down the remnants of mankind, Iskan and his lover, the sorcerer Terebin, must unravel the curse that turned Terebin’s people into the very beasts now ravaging the land.

But monsters may be the least of Iskan’s concerns.. His countrymen are responsible for the dire curse, and neither healing nor trust can come easily. Has Terebin accepted his sword out of love, or simply desperation?

Time is also running out, even with new discoveries that point to a cure.. Terebin’s grip on humanity is slipping, but Iskan won’t be the one to cut his accursed lover down.

A monstrous winter is closing in, and Iskan’s sword may not be enough…

Jez Fielding and James MacKenzie—Big Mac to his mates—are in their second year at uni. After partying too hard last year, they make a pact to rein themselves in. While their housemates are out drinking every weekend, Jez and Mac stay in to save cash and focus on their studies.

When Jez suggests watching some porn together, he isn’t expecting Mac to agree to it. One thing leads to another, and soon their arrangement becomes hands-on rather than hands-off. But falling for your straight friend can only end badly, unless there’s a chance he might feel the same.

A chance meeting…

After inheriting a bar from his estranged father, all Derek wants to do is hand if off to someone else. He only planned to stay in Pennsylvania for a few days, but fate has a funny way of butting its nose in where it doesn’t belong, especially when it turns out to be a man with the bluest eyes he’s ever seen.

Who needs love when they’ve got the job of their dreams?

When Jake’s gorgeous one-night stand turns out to be the owner of the bar he’s trying to secure for a client, he does a double-take. The last thing he needs after getting his heart stomped on by his ex is another relationship, especially at the cost of his job. But the more these two try to keep things professional, the stronger their temptation becomes.

One more night. What harm could it do?

Derek’s only in town until the end of the week. Is one more night together worth the risk? Or will Derek return home with a heavier heart than when he left?