Loving gay couple in outsite

Memento Amare by G.D. Cox

Agent Phelan Cole of the Global Anti Terrorist Force, one of the most respected and feared men in the classified military counter-terrorism and intelligence agency, is secretly and happily married to fellow agent Clyde Barnett. With their romantic relationship and marriage concealed from other agents, Cole and Clyde will face the greatest threat yet to their love for each other: A mission in the Eastern European country of Croenia leads to Clyde losing all his memories of Cole … and reverting back to the gay man with severe internalized homophobia that he was before he met Cole, an openly bisexual man accepting of his own sexual orientation.

While the agency’s intimidating Research & Development department races against time to reverse engineer the device that caused Clyde’s amnesia, Cole is also racing against time to save his marriage and bring back his beloved best friend, lover and husband. Will Cole succeed in saving his husband? Or will he lose everything, even his own life?

Bearing My Boss’s Baby by Pernilla Oswick

One bad decision…

Claude never meant to admit he had a crush on his boss, let alone sleep with him at an office party! Everything seems to be going back to normal, right up until the pregnancy test shows positive. Kevin seems to want to forget anything ever happened, but that’s impossible with a baby on the way.

Followed by another…

Moving into Kevin’s penthouse seemed better than trying to bring up a baby in his tiny apartment, but Claude’s going crazy being this close to the man of his dreams. Kevin seems like he’s going to be the best dad ever, which is only making Claude’s hopeless love worse.

And then a third…

The two of them seem to be getting closer and closer, but Claude doesn’t know what it means? Can he stand having his heart rebroken every day? Or will he push their status quo to the breaking point?

Your Superstar by Raleigh Ruebins

“I always thought I was straight. But now I’m not so sure….”

Chandler is a superstar. He made it big in a boy band and has been famous ever since. But after a divorce, he’s single and lonely, and now he has to work with hotshot producer Ash.

Chandler was ready to hate Ash… but he can’t.

Ash wants nothing more than to produce a hit song. His career is everything, and that’s enough. Of course, he has a crush on Chandler—but Chandler is straight.


But Chandler can’t stop thinking about touching Ash, kissing him, falling into bed with him. When they come together it’s hotter than fire, but they would have to risk their careers to ever go public about their relationship.

Can Chandler and Ash ever be together with the constant swarm of paparazzi and media? And will they admit they’re each other’s brightest star?

Worst Men by Rachel Kane

They’re the best men at the wedding–but they’re WORST enemies!

Sergio, a wealthy artist, comes to a luxurious Sao Marcos resort for his best friends’ wedding, and to carve a beautiful ice sculpture for them as a gift. But he didn’t expect that his roommate would be Marcus, who he HATES. How can he be trapped for a week in a hotel room with him?

Marcus wants to escape trouble back home, and he’s ready to kick back, and drink things with little umbrellas, NOT spend time with a stuck-up judgmental “artiste” like Sergio!

When Sergio needs help with his sculpture, only one person can help him…Marcus, who is more sensitive than he realized. Marcus is shocked to see how intense–and hot–Sergio is when he carves the ice.

Can they get over their mutual hate long enough to get together? Or will they let their old battles tear them apart?

Pregnant For The Alpha by Judith Shale

Someday, Mikey will find his alpha. The independent young jaguar shifter hopes that day is far in the future… even if his need for a mate becomes unbearable every time he goes into heat.

When Mikey returns to his hometown, the last thing he expects is to find that fated connection. Especially with the pride alpha, the devastatingly handsome Lukas Waverly.

While Mikey would prefer to take things slow, Lukas has powerful reasons to put a baby in him as soon as possible.

Is Mikey ready to get pregnant for the tiger alpha?

Someone Worth Saving by Ruthie Luhnow

Reed: I’ve spent my whole life causing trouble for my parents, but this time I went too far. After the scandal I caused nearly ruined my mom’s political career, they decided to do something drastic—and that’s how I ended up in on a ranch in Ely, Wyoming, a zillion miles from civilization. The good news? The ranch hand, Brady, is super hot. The bad news? I think he hates me.

Brady: Life on the ranch is quiet and simple, and that’s the way I like it. But then Reed comes along—bratty and completely out of control—and suddenly I can’t get a moment’s peace. Good thing he’s only here for a year.

When Reed’s not being a diva, he’s insightful and clever and shockingly sweet—and, yes, I suppose I think he’s gorgeous. Something about Reed’s vulnerability, though, is making me open up. Reed’s someone worth saving… and maybe I am, too.

Calling the Shots by Myra Scott

Ben Olson…
All I want is to concentrate on my photography. I can’t risk love and all the complicated feelings that go with it. Living with my father’s ire has made me cold. But then I meet him…Connor Tate, and he threatens to melt the icy wall surrounding me. Every time I push him away, he comes roaring back.

Connor Tate…
When someone buys the old Victorian mansion in Boston, I jump at the chance to restore it. What I wasn’t expecting was to restore the owners heart, too. The gorgeous artist hides behind his talent, but I’m going to draw him out of his icy shell to make him feel the heat that burns inside me for him. Ben Olson is a mystery, but I’ll help him solve that puzzle.

I have to. Because I want him, and I will have him.

Becoming a Boyfriend (Making a Family 2) by Rosa Swann

When your pretend-husband turns out to be your real fated mate…

When I asked Aiden to be my date, I expected a fun weekend, a weekend filled with jokes and maybe some booze. I didn’t expect that I’d mate him, or the fallout of that reckless decision.
So, trying to do things right for once, I’m going to become Aiden’s boyfriend while we figure things out.

A fun weekend with sexy Alpha Clay turned into so much more. But I can’t just welcome him into my life, not with the situation with my sister and Seb still going on.
Trying to be boyfriends first seems like a good idea, especially since I’m totally not ready for the implications of what happened last weekend…

The Carhart Brothers Complete Series by Parker Elliot

Three sexy, sweet gay romance novels featuring your favorite Southern gentlemen – The Carhart Brothers. Dive into the lives of Riley, Chase and Benji as they each find their special someone and the ups and downs that happen along the way.

Medium Rare by Lia Cooper

A good cop, a good son, a loyal partner–none of this was enough to save Lachlan Graham’s nerves when his entire world fell apart three years ago.

A former Seattle Police Officer, Lachlan has spent the time since he left the force trying to piece his life together after being abandoned by his partner: Detective Vector Clanahan. But with a dead neighbor downstairs, his carefully constructed solitude is soon to be invaded on all fronts.

Meanwhile, Vector Clanahan’s about to return to his old stomping grounds as the West Coast serial killer he’s been tracking leads him right to his ex-partner’s front door.

The Alpha Wolf’s Baby Kittens by Akita StarFire

Lupine loved cats.

Chasing them up trees, that was.

Craig, however, was not a typical, ordinary cat. His sire, Kahn WrathClaw, was the richest man in the city. And he had already decided the fate of his omega son. He was to be wed in an arranged marriage to an alpha Craig hated.

But fate had other plans.

Could a cat and wolf get along? Would Craig’s father approve of his son marrying beneath his station?

Perhaps Taz, the crime-lord, wanted Craig for himself. Or his father’s money.

Or both.

How could Craig protect himself and his babies from harm from the evil crime-lord?

Especially when he thought both his sire and mate were dead.