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Scott Harlop’s got it made. He’s gotten out of professional fighting and settled into a life running a cozy bar for men who dig men out in the Southern suburbs. Everything’s running the way he wants…

Or would be, if it wasn’t for a magnetic man on a motorcycle. He and his buddies have started fights. Trashed his bar. Worse than that… that man, Sal, knows something about Scott… something he hasn’t been able to admit to himself. Something dark. Something primal.

Will Scott be able to reach out and find the dark secret that he and Sal share? Or will blind rage keep them from finding each other?

Disowned by his family, cut off from his pack, Raymond Fusco lives for the next conquest. And he’s definitely making one tonight. There’s no way he’s going to close off the weekend without pumping his cum into a hot, willing asshole. Any of the anonymous guys messaging him will do. The young alpha’s standards aren’t exactly high – there’s no point when he’s only going to see them once. The new guy who just emailed him stands out, though. Not only does Diago have a gorgeous face and cock, his way with words is also intriguing. Why would he refer to Grindr as an “agency”?

A week after breaking up with his first and only boyfriend, Diago Ayling has finally heard back from the Fated Date Agency. The lovelorn omega just got his heart stomped on, and now he’s ready to find the real thing: his fated mate. Even though Raymond told him to come straight to his place, Diago is picturing flowers and candlelight for their first date.

Diago is about to get a lot more than he bargained for. Then again – so is Raymond…

Mankind doesn’t know that dragon shifters like Dane Bennett exist, even though their history has been manipulated by the arrogant beasts for thousands of years. Unlike the rest of his species, Dane has dedicated his life to caring for humans, looking out for them, fighting for them, protecting them — and never, ever letting them know what he really is.

Wesley Byrne just broke up with his boyfriend, and he certainly isn’t looking for another. His twin brother, Ty, thinks a night out with some of the soldiers he serves with will be just what Wes needs to stop moping over a man who doesn’t deserve it.

After four hundred years, the dragon inside Dane recognizes Wes as his destiny, but Dane doesn’t trust his dragon. He’s convinced that humans can’t survive a dragon’s heat, and if he gives in it will force him to break the vow he made the day he discovered his true nature — to never take a human life.

But neither Dane nor Wes can resist the powerful pull of a fated mate, and each of them will get more than they bargained for when they finally come together.

Dustin Hanson is a nerdy college freshman who works in the campus library. He’s never told anyone he’s gay, but he secretly fantasizes about the guy who sleeps on top of him, in the upper bunk, that is! That’s right, Dustin has the hots for Jeff, his drop dead gorgeous roommate.

Jeff Ridgewood is a popular college junior. He’s the cool gay guy on campus that even the straight frat boys go to for advice about their love lives! But that doesn’t mean the macho jock can see what’s right before his eyes when it comes to his own romantic feelings.

An unexpected night off leads to surprises. The two young men discover that when a guy falls for his roommate, Shakespeare was right: “The course of true love never did run smooth.”