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“I’m walking away from that dream.”

“We can’t guarantee your life if you keep playing.”

At twenty-three, an undiagnosed heart condition sends pro hockey player Cameron Riley back to his hometown newly single and looking for work. Cam can’t hide his past – especially when his heart racing is a big risk, and boy, does his new boss’s nephew make his heart race. Noah’s exactly the kind of guy Cam needs after his hellish ex.

“I want to do something new.”

Art curator Noah Clark is glad his beekeeping uncle hired this hunk. Cameron is a sweet, smart bad boy. Noah works hard, like organizing a hockey-themed art exhibition, and he wants to let himself love hard. Noah’s busy life would be perfect with Cameron, but what’s his new lover hiding?

“Tell me why you’ve been watching me.”

Pitting Cam’s budding relationship with sweet Noah against millions of bucks, Cam is offered a lot of money to abandon his new priorities: life, love, and family. The game of their lives is on the line. And after all’s said and done, is it too late for Noah to forgive Cam for his partial truths?

Chad’s an Alpha wolf who isn’t doing well in Calculus class. When he’s paired up with Omega Connor to be his tutor, the sparks fly and the sexual tension is intense. The two seem like they’re meant to be together and be fated mates. But will Chad’s Alpha lust and aggression be an obstacle? And will they stay together to raise their very own wolf pup?

Find out in this 15,000 word novella. Inside, you’ll find hot m/m sex scenes between a strong Alpha and his delicate Omega. This romance is sweet but steamy!

“Stay away from me and my pack.”

“Everything changed once I got away from you.”
Lone werewolf Shawn McLeod is drifting from pack to pack trying to find somewhere he belongs. A terrifying experience with his first pack left him scarred, unable to trust others. His fear and resentment makes it hard to control the wolf within, which keeps getting him in trouble. When he’s reunited with his old best friend and crush, Canyon, sparks fly.

“I need someone that can keep up.”
Werebear Canyon Torres is finally ready to get over the memories of his cheating ex. When he stumbles across Shawn, the flame they once shared is reignited. Canyon’s feelings for Shawn intensify, but can he get over his fear of betrayal to let Shawn in? And can he face the fact that it’s time to leave his cousin Bruno’s Dark Den clan?

“There was hunger in his eyes.”
Shawn and Canyon must face their fears head-on to open their hearts to each other. As the two learn to love and trust a second time, they must protect each other from exes, old enemies, and the ever-growing threat of mankind on their doorstep.

Riding his dirt-bike alone through the desert backcountry is the only way that recent college grad Kit can feel alive after working day in and day out at his soulless desk job. During one reckless ride, Kit’s bike is damaged and he finds himself stuck out in the middle of nowhere.

Enter the wild and carefree Ethan Nash. Ethan also comes to the desert to escape from it all – only he’s a huge country music star, and he’s tired of the celebrity life. He’s more than willing to help a fellow rider out, and after Ethan fixes Kit’s bike the two bros begin to find themselves unusually drawn to one another.

Out on their own in the desert with roaring engines between their legs and a hardcore craving for adrenaline coursing through their veins, it’s not long before the two bros want to take each other for a hard and dirty ride!

Months into their journey, Kyrt and Zan discover a tribe of non-shifters who may hold the key to getting them to their new home – but with the baby on the way, they’ve become unsure whether they should complete the journey.

The two meet Kaga, the mystic shaman of the village who was born an omega, and Zan vows to help him remember how to shift so that he can have a child with his alpha true love. It’s innocent enough…until they learn what they must do at the mating ceremony!

What depths will a demon sink to in order to possess his Catholic priest completely?

Father Sean O’Leary has been struggling with a secret his whole life. A secret that could ruin his entire career, not to mention put his immortal soul in grave danger. He has a male lover who comes to him in his dreams, and not only that, but that lover is an agent of evil, a demon named Adriel.

No one has never made Sean feel like Adriel does, sinful, forbidden, perfect acts of pure lust that could ruin him forever. Every time Adriel touches him, Sean feels like he loses more of himself to the demon, and that’s not a good thing because Adriel doesn’t seem entirely happy to simply remain in his dreams.

Can love truly conquer all, even between a priest and a demon?

Follow the priest on his quest for freedom, to his ultimate submission, and to a surprising story of redemption when none seems possible.

This is the complete version of Pet Priest, and is an explicit gay bdsm romance with a HEA.

Prince Edgar enjoys his life. Sure, he stays cloistered behind the Palace walls maybe a bit too much, and his old-fashioned mode of dress and quiet demeanor aren’t winning him any Hottest Bachelor titles… But he’s content to go on as he always has, hiding the real him and always, always doing his duty to the Kingdom.

And then he meets Cyrus.

Cyrus Lee lives on the wrong side of town, works a crap job, and doesn’t make a habit of saving strangers in the middle of the night. Except for the one time he does. But he learns quickly that falling in love with a prince doesn’t automatically equal a happy ever after.

Chance wants more than a great life in the NFL…
Chance is the rising superstar quarterback for the Chicago Bears. He’s talented, rich, gorgeous, and has an amazing kid. The only thing missing in his life is the one thing that could cause him to lose it all; a man to share it all with. He keeps telling himself to focus on the game, the money, and the lifestyle until he retires, and then he’ll come out and find a man.

Manny needs the crazy job that fell into his lap…
His last children’s book still hasn’t found a publisher, and he can’t find the right words for the one he’s writing, but the bills keep showing up in the mail. Just when he starts to contemplate a life in a cubicle, a sexy, famous quarterback asks him to be the nanny for his son. The salary will solve all his problems. The kid is a dream to watch. But the biggest shock is when they start falling for each other.

Passion leads to problems…
When an old friend from Manny’s past threatens to tell their secret to the press unless Chance gives him money, will it be the final straw that tears them apart, or will they work together to give themselves a chance for the win.