Junior Jolt by Elaine Ashford

Can two friends find a way to be something more?

Stepping up…
Hockey captain Parker Gagner is straight. Isn’t he? He’s always thought so, but there’s something so compelling about Eli Martin’s pleading eyes that it makes him step into an argument between Eli and Eli’s asshole ex-boyfriend without thinking. Pretending to be Eli’s new man is only supposed to be a protective gesture, until spending time together becomes more important than pissing off Eli’s ex.

Holding back…
Eli isn’t sure what to do about his growing attraction to Parker. They’re doing a lot of fake dating, and he can’t help wanting more. Making a move is out of the question, though, unless he wants to risk destroying their friendship.

Crossing lines…
An unexpected late-night encounter leaves both men conflicted and avoiding each other. Can they find a way to talk about their feelings before it’s too late, or have they ruined their chance to really be together?

Flight Partners by Artemis Fay

Can a romance that began a mile high make a smooth landing?

When a charming stranger soothes Andy MacKinnon’s fear of flight, it doesn’t take much before the two are snuggling at 40,000 feet.

Too bad that sexy guy turns out to be Andy’s new coworker, Kenneth Ohno.

Oh no, indeed.

As two expats in Japan teaching at the same school, not only will they work together, they’ll share a small apartment. It’s get along or quit.

After the explosive chemistry of their first meeting, Andy wastes no time in laying down the rules. A relationship is off the table. They aren’t even going to be friends—coworkers is enough to manage for two twenty-somethings who can’t seem to keep their hands off each other.

But it isn’t long before their living arrangements hit turbulence. Kenneth isn’t the first roommate Andy’s fallen for, and the last relationship ended in a nosedive. Can Andy and Kenneth make a smooth landing?

Or will work and play get mixed up one time too many?

Running Back to Him by Dillon Hunter

Max will sacrifice anything for his future.

For years, the only constant Max Jacobs has had in his life has been football. It’s the one place he feels good about himself. Now, playing college ball with a chance at more, he has no intentions of revealing the secret he’s kept for so long and putting his future at risk… until he’s confronted with an unexpected temptation from his past.

Logan wants nothing more than to escape his past.

Moving away to college was supposed to be Logan Wilson’s ticket to freedom. Finally out from under his older brother’s shadow, away from his controlling parents, and free from the toxic boyfriend who kept him twisted in knots for so long, he’s managed to shed everyone who held him back. He just never expected freedom to be so damn lonely.

Sometimes, love is all about timing.

If Logan can overcome a lifetime of insecurities and accept the love he deserves, it might just give Max the strength he needs to choose the kind of love he didn’t think he’d ever find.

More Than Friends by Peyton Andrews

After suffering through years of torment in the small town Gabe Mitchell used to call home, he’s free, and his possibilities are endless—until Gabe’s forced to take a teaching position in the place he swore he’d never see again.

To make matters worse, Gabe’s straight best friend and longtime crush, Clark Summers, hasn’t made contact since Gabe skipped town to attend college on the opposite coast, and Gabe’s sure it’s because he crossed the line on their last night together four years ago.

But when Clark recruits Gabe to help him study for his GED and their old friendship threatens to ignite into something more, Gabe’s left grasping at straws as he tries to figure out what really happened between them on the night he left for good.

Can Gabe entrust his heart to a man who cut him out of his life so easily, or will Clark destroy him like he destroyed Clark all those years ago?

Picture Perfect by Hayden Hunt

“I’m ready to get started on a new life.”

I’ve never had the opportunity to live a life that makes me truly happy. But now I’m starting over. I’m going back to school for a career in photography. I’ve divorced my wife and I’m ready to date someone I’m truly in love with. And, I’ve gotta say, this guy in my photography class, Patrick, is looking real cute…

“I’m not sure I can believe in love.”

My parents are going through a horrible divorce. This is why I choose not to commit to anyone. I guess I’m a little afraid of commitment but, honestly, I haven’t met any guy who seemed worth committing to. Until I meet Rich, an older guy in my photography class. He’s handsome, he has his shit together, and I’ve got the biggest crush on him. But when push comes to shove, I don’t know if I can get over my fear.

Preacher’s Summit by Lucy Abbott

Joshua ‘Preacher’ Rhodes lives his life one moment at a time. Passion and desire are as important to him as the safety of his pack alpha, and in his uncomplicated life of sex and alcohol, he’s found an easy balance for his life. Complacency is taking its toll, and Preacher wonders if there’s more out there for him.

Asher ‘Ash’ Erics operates with efficiency and effectiveness. Logic and rationale are his watchwords. Loyalty runs deep as he supports the efforts of his boss and his organization of Mages he’s one day to lead. But something is lacking in his buttoned up world of order, something Ash has no time for. He has everything he needs.

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

A dangerous outside force comes against the supernatural factions. Preacher and Ash must put aside their differences to recover a kidnapped supernatural and root out the traitor in their midst. In a world of half-truths and omitted information, can they overcome different agendas and find that place in the middle ground for love to flourish?

Dragon’s Heir by Wolf Specter

Heartbroken and alone, Lucas set out to enjoy what was left of his vacation in the Scottish Highlands. He was ready to leave his gold digging ex-boyfriend behind to move forward. He never could have anticipated what he would find. What started as a leisurely hike up a desolate mountain would change his life forever.

One man, one secret. The strangers smooth talk and stunning good looks pulled Lucas in, drawing him to the brink of his sanity. As the cold night set it, the stranger came to his rescue in more ways than one.

Can they fight together for a greater future or will fate will once again and rip them apart? Only time will tell them their fate. Their love might be strong but even it can’t stop death, or can it?

Home Run Holiday by Declan Rhodes

“Baseball was my life…and then I grew up.”

Like thousands of kids, Nathan Buchanan played baseball into high school, but the gap between his skills and the average minor leaguer was just too much to overcome. Catering events for the local major league team was as close to a real baseball player as he thought he was ever going to get.

“Who would have thought, in the belly of the rival team’s beast…I would meet him.”

Drew Garza agreed to take part in a special event for needy children taking place in the home city of his team’s arch rivals. He thought his agent was crazy until he met Nathan.

“The obstacles are just too much.”

Sparks fly when Nathan meets Drew, but they both think the obstacles are too much for more than a weekend fling. That’s when Theo Bachman, with his partner, major league catcher Eric, and best friends Linc and Hudson, step in with a scheme, a cabin in the woods, and some holiday magic to break down the barriers for a most deserving couple.

Time on Their Side by Dion Demetri

In the small town outside of Philadelphia where they had grown up, being different wasn’t exactly celebrated. And being gay? Frowned upon was an epic understatement.
Still, faced with the very real possibility of his own death, Winston couldn’t leave without telling the man he loved how he felt. It..didn’t go well.

Ten years later, Winston – or Chip, as he was now known – had returned from serving his country and Brenden was an up-and-coming rock star. They are both ready to learn from their past mistakes but when one super-fan turns stalker, it falls to Chip to keep his friend safe long enough to find out if time is on their side.