Boystown by Marshall Thornton

Finalist for the Lambda Award in Gay Mystery, Boystown: Three Nick Nowak Mysteries takes place in Chicago during the early 1980s. Haunted by his abrupt departure from the Chicago Police Department and the end of his relationship with librarian Daniel Laverty, Nick Nowak is a beat cop-turned-dogged private investigator. In this first book of the best-selling series, Nick works through three cases: a seemingly simple missing persons search, an arson investigation, and a suicide that turns out to be anything but. While working the cases, Nick moves through a series of casual relationships until he meets homicide detective Bert Harker and begins a tentative relationship.

Laced Hearts by Hawke Oakley

Leon, a beta shifter without a mate, has had enough of his pack. He wants an adventure, and the city looms deliciously in the distance. But his alpha has banned all travel outside the pack borders, and when Leon confronts him, he makes it clear with a punch that leaves Leon hurt and betrayed.

Kip, an omega with a mysterious past and no roots in his current pack, helps Leon escape to the city. But when they reach it, things get more complicated than either of them bargained for.

Can Leon help mend Kip’s wounds, and can Kip help Leon find a deeper meaning in his life?

The Raven’s Song by Ruby Nox

Recently widowed Liam is chased from his home by his abusive mother-in-law. Alone with his baby, he ends up at a motel in the peaceful village of Mill Town. His hands are full with his son, but he can’t help noticing the attractive alpha staying in the room next to his. Though he tells himself he’s not ready to love again, he can’t seem to resist the rebellious yet kind shifter who seems to go out of his way to help Liam at every turn.

Toby just wanted to make a point. He didn’t think his family would stoop low enough to kick him out. While he’s not exactly thrilled with his new life in a motel room, it does come with a perk: the lovely little omega next door—even if a baby is a part of the package. While Toby’s never given much thought to parenthood, he finds himself drawn to the father and son more and more each day.

Can Toby and Liam help each other put their lives back together? Or are they both too shattered to ever be whole again?

Leading Man by Jack Woolf

Grayson is a famous actor. He could have any woman he wants—but he doesn’t want any woman. He longs for the man he’s not supposed to have.

When Grayson’s ambitious stepbrother, Isaac, moves in with him for the summer, Grayson tries to be good. He tries to be strong. But it’s so hard when the man you crave is so close by.

There’s so much at risk, so much at stake.

But Grayson and Isaac love each other.

They want more.

Leave It All by April Kelley

Lucas just wanted to be a normal human being, but normal is highly over-rated.

Lucas Speck had been just some guy who worked at an office supply store and house-sat for his snowbird parents. He was nobody special. Or that’s what he thought before the headaches start and weird things start to happen to him. When people start chasing him his whole life gets turned upside down.

Bennett Somerset is a dragon shifter, who likes his quiet life in his quiet town. He isn’t looking for complications. He already has a family that defines the words, weird and crazy, to perfection. Good thing they live in a small town where nothing ever happens. That is until he smells the most delicious thing in the world and realizes it’s his mate. His little witch of a mate just made things way more complicated.

The Journey of Jimini Renn by April Kelley

In a world without surface water, Jimini Renn wants nothing more than to live inside the protective walls of Adam City for the rest of his life, but his little brother has other ideas.

As far as Jimini is concerned, Adam City has everything he needs. It has a well that provides much-needed water, food, and safety from the dangers of the outside world. When his bookworm of a brother leaves to chase waterfalls, Jimini must follow even though he knows it will probably mean his death. When the first person he meets on the outside pulls a gun on him, he’s proven right. No one who calls himself a slaver and has a gun has Jimini’s safety in mind, even if he is sexy. The journey Jimini expects isn’t the one he gets.

Wounded by TT Kove

“Life’s never going to be the same again.”

Josh’s life has been nothing but a struggle. The last three years, however, have been better. He’s in a committed relationship, he’s got several new friends, and his family. Everything’s good—but it’s all shattered when his stepfather’s released from prison. Everyone says Josh’s being paranoid, and maybe he is, but what if his stepfather is out to get him?

Damian leads a content life, with his career and his relationship. Medical school keeps him busy and he’s unaware that the one person that can make Josh spiral backwards into destructive behaviour is rearing his ugly head again. That is, until it has near fatal consequences.

Bonfire by Irene Preston and Liv Rancourt

Silent night, holy hell.

Thaddeus and Sarasija are spending the holidays on the bayou, and while the vampire’s idea of Christmas cheer doesn’t quite match his assistant’s, they’re working on a compromise. Before they can get the tree trimmed, they’re interrupted by the appearance of the feu follet. The ghostly lights appear in the swamp at random and lead even the locals astray.

When the townsfolk link the phenomenon to the return of their most reclusive neighbor, suspicion falls on Thaddeus. These lights aren’t bringing glad tidings, and if Thad and Sara can’t find their source, the feu follet might herald a holiday tragedy for the whole town.

Pet Shop Charlie by Grant C. Holland

“It’s over…forever…and you will never see me again!”

Fleeing New York, the east coast, and anything that reminds him of the ashes of his marriage to Andrew, millionaire Jeremiah runs out of gas on a rural road in southern Minnesota. While contemplating his fate, he’s greeted by someone else down on his luck, an abandoned samoyed who greets him with a wet tongue and cold nose.

“I took over the pet shop from my dad, and ever since everyone just calls me Pet Shop Charlie.”

Charlie is headed back to town after dropping off a Siamese cat to his owners as part of his volunteer work for the emergency clinic. After pulling over to ask if Jeremiah needs help, Charlie gives them both temporary shelter.

“In the end, the city mouse and the country mouse really didn’t get along.”

The chemistry between Charlie and Jeremiah is unmistakable, but will their personal differences and a jealous ex be enough to keep them apart?

The Chosen by Annette Gisby

Prince Severin knows that marrying the princess of a neighboring land and producing an heir is the last hope to achieve peace for his war-ravaged kingdom. Yet he refuses. Angered by his defiance, the king orders Severin out into the world, hoping that seeing the suffering of their people will change his mind. What no one knows is that the prince is not stubborn, but longs only for the touch of another man. On the brink of despair, his life changes forever when his journey brings him to a slave market and he catches a glimpse of Havyn.

Born into bondage, Havyn has spent his life being sold from master to master and longing to know love. From the moment he first sees Prince Severin, he is certain his wish has come true. But Havyn is no ordinary slave. He has been born with a magic powerful enough to save, or destroy. When the prince’s trusted companion recognizes his latent talents, he is offered the opportunity of a lifetime as a wizard’s apprentice.

Stronger With You by Sierra Riley

“Don’t you ever get tired of pushing everyone away?”

Eddie Damron needs a break from the stress of nursing school and everyday life. When an opportunity arises to work for a kayak tour company in the Pacific Northwest, he jumps in with both feet. He’s startled when one of his new coworkers rebuffs his efforts at friendship. What’s Mike’s problem?

Mike Hewitt ran away to Corona Island eight years ago, fleeing his wreck of a marriage. The distance he keeps between himself and everyone else is necessary. What does he have to do to get the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed new blond kid to leave him alone? Doesn’t he know Mike’s straight?

Eddie can’t stop thinking about Mike. Mike grudgingly admits that Eddie can be good company. But when they’re forced to work side by side on the open ocean, will it destroy the budding attraction Eddie feels? Will Mike push him away for good? Or will their whole be greater than the sum of their parts?