Gay Couple Love Home Concept

Constructing the Soul by Annabella Michaels

Akio Forrest loved his life. Constructing a new facility to help LGBTQ teens would be a huge undertaking, but being able to help more kids in need was something he and all his friends were willing to work hard for. Excited to begin the project, Akio was taken by surprise when he came face to face with strong, sexy and self-assured, Morgan Greene, the new contractor for the job.

Morgan Greene had always considered his life a good one. When circumstances in his personal life left him desperate for a change, he decided to leave his home and move to Chicago, never one to shy away from an adventure. What he wasn’t expecting was meeting someone like Akio Forrest.

Akio and Morgan soon realized that what was happening between them was much more than just a simple attraction. When outside forces bring past hurts and doubts to the forefront, the two men are left to wonder if the foundation they’d laid was strong enough, or if everything they’d worked so hard to build would come crashing down around them?

A Little Lesson by Pandora Pine

Facing a custody battle that threatens to rip his son from his life, Bronson McKinnon is hyper-vigilant, not wanting to give his ex-wife any ammunition to use against him in court.

Kindergarten teacher Nash Spencer is fresh off a bad break-up. Meeting a handsome single father on the first day of school is the last thing his battered heart needs, but he’s drawn to Bronson.

With the help of Bronson’s son, Tucker, the men start spending time together. Despite Bronson’s fears of his sexuality costing him custody, he can’t help developing feelings for his son’s teacher. When Tucker shows up to school with bruises, Nash is pulled into the court case, and the custody battle turns into an all-out war.

Are Bronson’s and Nash’s feelings for each other strong enough to win the day or will their love become a casualty in Bronson’s fight to save his son?

Flicker by Avery Sky

What happens when you can’t hide from who you really are anymore?

Isaac: When I met James, I did not expect to get turned on. I’ve never been with a man, but after meeting James, I’m not sure how I could ever be without him.

The only problem? He’s going back overseas in a couple of days.

James: I married Rachel to protect her. When she died, I had to face some tough decisions about my career in the Army and Rachel’s daughter Madeline. In the eyes of the law, I’m Maddie’s father, but I never planned on being her Dad. I always thought that someday Rachel would fall in love for real, but that day will never come.

Now there’s another complication. Isaac shows up in our lives, and he makes me rethink my plan to cut and run.

Could we really be the perfectly imperfect family?

The Omega’s Secret Pregnancy by Anna Wineheart

Five years ago, Felix fled his hometown, leaving behind lies, a proposal, and a fifteen-year relationship with his alpha. Now, fresh out of money, he’s back, guilt-laden, struggling to shore up his savings so he can flee again.

Ever since Felix rejected him, Kade’s been programming, helping his family out of bankruptcy. Felix had said Kade wasn’t rich enough, wasn’t good enough to marry. Kade still isn’t. All he has now: the silver ring he proposed with.

When they meet again, Felix goes into heat. After a scorching night together, Felix discovers he’s pregnant. He’d slept with the bondmate he helped bankrupt. Kade can’t possibly want this child; Felix has hurt him, has kept so many secrets from him.

But as his belly grows, and as he’s drawn to his alpha all over again, Felix can’t deny the bond between them. He can’t hide their baby forever, either.

City Boy by A. E. Wasp

When a blown tire leads directly to mind-blowing sex with a white knight named Dakota, pro-hockey player Bryce Lowery discovers he is most definitely gay.

Being with Dakota opens up a whole new world. Bryce can’t imagine life without him. But if he wants to keep Dakota, he’s either going to have to come out publicly or retire. Dakota refuses to be kept secret.

With millions on the line, Bryce has a choice: follow the money or follow his heart? Either way, he loses.

Bryce Lowery feels like the answer to all of Dakota’s prayers. But is Dakota willing to leave the only life he’s ever known only to be thrust into the spotlight as the boyfriend of the first out gay hockey player?

He’ll lose Bryce if doesn’t because Bryce will leave eventually. No one would turn down millions of dollars for a nobody with nothing.

The Experiment by Grant C. Holland

When all of his best friends pair off with partners that might be permanent, self-described small-town geek Aaron Austin is determined to find his own man. He embarks on The Great Online Dating Experiment of 2017.

At first he’s underwhelmed, but cityfox3, a handsome man more interesting than the rest of the listings combined, catches his attention. Aaron discovers cityfox3 is his neighbor Christy’s brother Jamie.

After an awkward meeting, Aaron and Jamie discover they are crazy for each other, and have hopes for starting a brand new life together.

The only problem is Aaron still loves his small town and the company of his best friends while Jamie is committed to the high energy, high stress, and exciting culture of the city. Which subject will bend, or will the experiment fail and both go their separate ways?

Snapshot by Reegan Ellis

A few photos are all it takes for Owen Hart’s world to change in an instant. Outed after what was already a rough breakup, the actor is glad to flee to a small Washington town to film his next movie. When he runs into a cute local, well, what’s the harm in a rebound? He can walk away when filming ends and never have to think about James again…Except thinking about him is all Owen can do.

Burned in the past by the ugly side of fame, James Fahey wants nothing to do with the movie filming disrupting the little town he lives in. But staying away from the charming lead actor is harder than he expects, and he can’t help but give in.

It isn’t just a fling, and suddenly the future of their relationship hinges on one little snapshot…

Obey by Piper Scott

Billionaire Crawford Daniels has bedded submissives before, but he’s never given one his collar. That privilege is reserved for the man who’s strong-willed enough to tell him no, but whose pretty lips always say yes. Crawford wants more than a pet—he wants a partner. Someone to pamper and spoil.

Or punish.

Owen Ellis has fought to rise above his omega status and find success. He’s educated, successful, and independent, but deep inside, he knows something is missing. A mistake during his teenage years has led to a lifetime of loneliness, and Owen refuses to surrender his heart again.

He’ll never let another alpha in.

But some rules are meant to be broken. When Owen meets Crawford and sparks fly, Owen has to decide if happiness is worth the risk. The choice is always his. He can walk away and embrace loneliness—

—or he can wear Crawford’s collar and obey.

All for Show by Rachel Kane

Nat needs a fake boyfriend, quick! He’s going to be on a renovation show to fix his awful kitchen, but there’s a catch: The show features couples, and he’s single!

Owen thinks being Nat’s fake boyfriend will get his nosy ex off his back. It’ll look like he’s getting on with his life, the perfect revenge!

It should have been easy…except Nat can’t stop thinking about Owen. He wishes he were brave enough to approach him for real. Meanwhile, Owen is scared of getting hurt again, and doesn’t understand Nat’s hesitation.

But when Owen accidentally walks in on Nat showering, there’s no more hesitating!

They’re falling for each other, but on camera they have to act like they’ve been together forever! Between Owen’s meddling ex trying to pull them apart, and their own insecurities, can they stay together, or will their fake relationship have a real break up on national TV?

To Have and to Hold by Riley Knight

To stay in the only country he’s ever known, he’ll have to open his heart …

Shy, smart, and quiet Ran has always flown below the radar. His goals in life are simple. All he wants is to educate young minds, but just when he’s on the brink of getting his dream job, he finds out that his parents somehow forgot the important step of getting him American citizenship when he was adopted as a baby.

Enter Justin, his best friend, an intense, but chronically underemployed, young man who might just be willing to help Ran out. The solution seems obvious enough.

The surest path to citizenship is marriage, and they’re already best friends, right? It seems to make perfect sense. Ran gets to stay in the country, and Justin gets to keep his best friend.

Everything is working out great until they start to fall in love …

Bloom by Ruthie Luhnow

It took shy dreamer Rory Fisher the entire school year to work up the courage to kiss Milo and only a minute to embarrass himself. But nearly ten years later, when Rory runs into Milo—mysterious and devastatingly sexy—sitting alone at a bar, Rory is determined to not run away this time. As one night together turns into more, Rory finds himself falling hard and fast for the wounded man he sees behind Milo’s brooding artist facade.

Still reeling from a bad breakup, Milo Ventura vows he won’t let himself fall in love again. But there’s something about Rory that has Milo breaking all his own rules. And when Milo finds himself pretending to be Rory’s boyfriend at a wedding he knows he’s in big trouble. Rory wants to be with Milo, but what will happen when Rory discovers just how broken Milo really is?

Wild Star by Raleigh Ruebins

Adam is brand new to Fox Hollow, a small town in the Pacific Northwest. He traveled the globe with his boy band, but now he just wants to settle down and find a home.

He never expected to have a hot next door neighbor named Grey. At first, Grey is standoffish–and it doesn’t seem like he wants anything to do with Adam. But soon Adam offers to help Grey with his stressful schedule and crazy dog, and the two men can’t stop thinking about each other…

Grey just wants to get out of Fox Hollow. Adam feels like he’s finally found home. The passion is hot between the two of them, but can their wild hearts find home?