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“I’m glad I picked you.”

“My family could accept me being gay, but not trans.”

James is in trouble. His family turned their back on him after he transitioned, and he was forced to start his new life without them. Buried in debt, his last chance is to start a business with hunky carpenter Ryan. He can’t afford a distraction, but what if Ryan is the only one to see past it all and love him inside and out?

“Strictly-business is hard around you.”

Ryan Hart doesn’t rattle easy. From lazy contractors to being the last single friend, nothing bothers him until he meets James. Ryan’s new business partner pushes him to follow his dreams, even though he faces problems Ryan’s never considered. Ryan doesn’t back down from a challenge or from threats to his business and their future together. As business partners, of course. Nothing more.

“I can’t believe they don’t see you as the man I love.”

They both know mixing business with pleasure is a bad idea, but the pull between them is too hard to resist. Can Ryan have it all with the clever, caring, bossy guy who’s won his heart?

Jack hates the new gardener. Matt was hired by the wizard to repair Jack’s hacking efforts. He’s also blond and perfect, with good looks that make Jack feel uglier than dirt—and fill him with a strange longing.

Jack has never fit in anywhere, belonged anywhere. Hired straight from the orphanage, used to fighting for survival, he’s always longed for family and love.

Now gentle, magical Matt seems willing to be his friend—or more than a friend?

The arrival of caravan travelers turns Jack’s life upside down. They might just be his true family—a family that actually wants him.

Could this be his first real chance at belonging? And if so, where does Matt fit in his new life?

Layton Law is confused. No matter how much money and power the governor’s son has, he still is conflicted about much in his life. Desperate to change everything, he forges a scheme that he doesn’t think through.

Kyle McCreery has been Layton’s friend since summer camp, despite his wayward ways. Brushes with the law doesn’t phase him, but this time he may have broken off more than he can chew.

When both the police and Layton’s desire catches up to them, will he be able to do the right thing even though it may mean incarceration? Will Layton finally admit that his feelings for Kyle are real and not his imagination? Watch Layton come to realize that he was always straight, until Kyle.

Caleb wasn’t coming out, per se. That would imply that he had previously been closeted. In reality, it had just never occurred to him that he might be attracted to men. Until that is, a pair of emerald eyes and a chiseled jawline at the gym caught his attention.

After the man that he had thought he would spend the rest of his life with had suddenly walked out on him with no explanation, Kane had all but given up on love and immersed himself in his work. Not everyone gets a happily ever after.

Then came the day when Caleb was caught staring, and their worlds shifted. Could Caleb really be his one and only?

It took Aiden an entire semester to ask Brandon out to the Winter Formal and a split second for a drunk driver to pull them apart. Now, three years after arriving in Limbo, he’s one of the top reapers—case workers for the dead—helping the recently deceased come to terms with their death before moving on to whatever awaits them in the afterlife.

Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t have a choice. Caught in a dead end job and a waiting room that never ends, Aiden’s had enough.

Until Brandon steps back into his life.

Becoming Brandon’s reaper is the second chance Aiden’s been waiting for, but as things heat up between them, being stuck in Limbo isn’t the problem.

Can he confess his love for Brandon before it’s too late, or will his friend move on without him?

Danny Garcia is proud of his small town life, thank you very much. After a devastating heartbreak, he fought to put his life back together again. All Danny wants now is a second chance at the happiness he never thought he’d get. But what if that second chance comes in the arms of the man who left him all those years ago?

Colton Catherwood never thought he’d come back to Cherry Creek, Iowa. The town is full of painful memories – his mother’s death, his father’s hateful beliefs, and, of course, Danny. Colt doesn’t blame Danny for being angry about the past. But when his father’s sudden illness brings Colt home, his feelings for Danny come rushing back.

As Colt and Danny are thrown together, it seems that fate has a sense of humor. The town of Cherry Creek, Iowa used to have a different name – it was founded by a huckster scam artist who called it Second Chance. Will a lack of trust tear these two lovebirds apart again, or will Colt and Danny finally get the second chance they deserve?

When sophomore Bobby Wolfe causes a fire in his college dormitory, he begins an extraordinary off-campus adventure that soon becomes the stuff of on-campus legend.

Forced to find housing off-campus, Bobby discovers a room-and-board opportunity ripped from the pages of the gothic novels he loves: Oversee the repairs of Lovett mansion, the ominous, forgotten property on the far-edge of town.

Upon his arrival, Bobby meets the property’s reclusive owner, Adam Lovett. A shut-in who hides in the dark corners of the house, Mr. Lovett piques Bobby’s curiosity with his odd speech and age-old vernacular. What are the secrets that cling oppressively to him?

With each renovation project’s completion, Lovett Mansion begins to take on new life, quite literally. Strange items begin materializing on the property, and the vast estate’s rebirth begins revealing long concealed mysteries and inconsistencies. With the help of his new boyfriend, Bryan Van Owen, and his best friend, the much beloved drag queen Ursula Moolay, Bobby begins to uncover the vast secrets that the Lovett Mansion holds and looks fabulous doing it. But someone is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the secrets buried.

integrity: noun. the quality of being morally and ethically upright.

When grad student Jackson Greene starts his job as a college teaching assistant, the last person he expects to work for is the man who broke his heart six years ago. Jackson has moved on since then. Of course he has. But when he looks into the older man’s eyes, all the familiar pain and desire rush back in.

integrity: noun. the state of being whole and undiminished.

Visiting professor Matthew Smith has never forgotten the shame of how he ended their previous affair, nor has he recovered from the guilt of daring to love a student. Jackson is still as vibrant and beautiful as he was when Matt first fell in love with him. Now they’re peers. Colleagues. And they work together just as well as they always used to – better, even. Could there be more?

They both know that mere friendship isn’t enough to heal their wounds, but a love affair is just as illicit now as it was then. The threat of scandal means that both of their careers are on the line – but is a second chance at happiness worth the risk of exposure?