“Milo was losing the fight to keep Dusty out of his head.”

No matter what Milo Anderson tries, he can’t seem to rekindle his burnt-out relationship. His boyfriend Vincent is cold, and Milo suspects he’s unfaithful, too. Acting on his suspicions at last, Milo hires the best detective in town to give him closure.

Back in his hometown after running into trouble in New York City, private investigator Dusty Evans is glad that Portland, Maine, is smaller and down-to-earth. He enjoys the domestic cases of small towns and cities but has become cynical toward relationships because of his work. He wants something meaningful, but when it stares him in the face and asks for his help, can he put aside his fears?

Milo hires Dusty to catch Vincent cheating so he can break free from his control. Milo can’t remember the last time someone made him feel so safe… so good… so hot. He has to control himself until the evidence is in front of him. Dusty knows that letting Milo in during the case would be a very bad idea, but all bets are off once it’s all over. With Vincent’s vengeful streak, is it really over?

Living with a gear heart made from magic and machinery, Auden knows his lifespan will be shortened. Now a second-class citizen, he’s part of the household of Dr. Gregory—the man who stitched him back to life years ago during the war. And now Dr. Gregory is being threatened.

A friendly (sometimes too friendly) police officer named Owen is assigned to help protect the aging doctor. Auden could resent the policeman who’s come to help with security. Instead, he finds himself drawn to the attractive, flirtatious Owen, who somehow doesn’t let Auden’s cold nature scare him away. And that holds a different kind of danger for Auden’s heart.

Clayton Taylor is smart and skilled, and born into privilege. His expertise with navigation lands him a job on The Irish Lady, a ship which promises a world of new experiences. Half in love with Peter, The Lady’s roguish captain, Clayton signs on for adventure and a chance to test his skill against the sea. Once aboard he meets Jorge, a pillar of quiet (and sexy!) strength.

Clayton’s life among the sailors and thieves is happy, wild, and free. He learns to sail, to fit in with the crew, and to cheat at cards. There isn’t a course he can’t chart, or a job he can’t design.

But Clayton can’t navigate love, nor can he plan for the whims of his heart. Bold and direct and often stubborn, Clayton’s uncharted heart will plot its own course, bound for a union with two men who need him as much as he does them.

Together Clayton, Peter, and Jorge will discover the heart has no need of map and compass.

What does it mean to be a captain?

Finding each other at the Olympics…

Sloane doesn’t expect to have a lasting relationship with another athlete he’s only going to see once every four years, but he’d kind of like to with this one.

Brought together again by team ties…

Having Tarben join his team sounded great, but now everyone expects him to be a mentor, when what he wants is something more.

Will the weight of expectations be too much?

Can Tarben’s love make his Captain see him as more than a teammate?

Desert Wolf OMEGA is the complete collection of a 4 part serial! This series contains steamy love scenes, a HEA, a strong and unique omega, a dashing alpha, mpreg (male pregnancy), and thrilling adventure in exotic locales! Plus a bonus epilogue chapter exclusive to this box set! Don’t miss out on this fantastic deal!

The desert waste is a harsh and desolate place where only the strongest can live.

Zan is an omega breeder, an invaluable asset to his pack if they are to continue surviving in this unforgiving land. He’s been protected and sheltered his entire life, kept hidden from the dangers that lurk among the dunes. Zan’s heart longs for freedom.

Ripfang is one of those dangers. He’s the alpha leader of the Red Moons, the most notorious wild pack of bandits known for terrorizing and raiding anyone who lets their guard down. Just his name can send shivers through the strongest alpha – and that’s the way he wants it. Sometimes to survive, it’s better to hide behind a mask than let people know the truth.

With the stars sparkling in the desert night sky the alpha and omega are guided together by fate, and their future is forever altered by the power that connects them.

ERIK SEVERYN worked hard to build his comfortable life, and he’s got the prestigious job and swanky NYC apartment to prove it. So why does he still feel like something’s missing?

But Erik runs into a surprise at his high school’s ten year reunion: his old rival, Hunter Cole. Too damn handsome for his own good, Cole left a grim trail of broken hearts in his wake — girls’ hearts, mind you, ’cause Cole never went for boys. Just one more reason to be disappointed in the rock-hard stud.

Amid the testosterone and alcohol-fueled tension, the two boys sneak off together to reminisce about all the times they spent at each other’s throats … until the night abruptly ends with an ill-fated kiss.

Erik knows that Cole’s mere presence in his life threatens everything he’s worked for. Still, Erik can’t help but his hopes up — could Cole actually be curious? Or is Erik falling for a straight boy that thinks with his crotch and can’t keep his head out of trouble?

“A stranger with eyes as dark as night.”

Customer service rep and timid Henry Parsons would rather spend his nights playing board games at home than spend a night on the town. He loves to lose himself in fantasy worlds, but a fateful bite from a wolf one night forces him to reevaluate his romantic fantasies. He’s changing, and so is the world around him. Can anything keep him safe as he’s hunted down by the beast within?

Lone alpha Paxton Pierce is set on keeping his pack safe against all odds. He stumbles on Henry by chance, just in time to save him from himself – but will his promise to train Henry be enough? From his first glimpse of Henry’s adorable face, he knows nothing will be the same. His connection with Henry is stronger than anything he’s ever felt before.

As Henry struggles to overcome his shy nature and control his newfound ferocity, sexy and mysterious Paxton agrees to train Henry and help him shift at will. They grow closer and sparks fly during training, but as their whole way of life is threatened, will animal attraction and loyalty be enough to keep them together?

Damian has never been with another man…
Damian has money, fame, and friends. A professional football player, his life is easier now than it was during his poverty-stricken youth, but it can’t give him the one thing he craves: the love of a good man.

Tommy isn’t going to settle down…
Tommy has been hurt, and he isn’t going to let it happen again, especially not now that he has a child to raise. He’ll fool around with some hunky football player for a one night stand, but that’s all it’s going to be.

Sometimes life can be perfect…
Damian and Tommy find themselves with a chance at a perfect life, if Tommy can overcome his fear of commitment. Can Damian help his damaged lover overcome his past, or will it sabotage any future happiness they might find?

When Will meets Jake, the sparks fly and the attraction is instant. There’s just one small problem. Jake’s mother and Will’s father have just gotten married.

Will has never believed in true love before, but when he sees Jake for the first time at their parents’ wedding, something deep inside him tells him that this is the one. A reason, maybe, to stop living only for pleasure, for sex to be more than just physical release.

Half the time, Jake seems to feel the same way. The other half, Jake seems to hate Will, pushing him away, angry and dismissive one moment and possessive the other.

Things are intense, and that’s before their well-meaning parents sent them on a cruise together, hoping that the two will become friends.

Inevitably, they fall into bed together, and what they have seems to be more real, more emotional, than just plain sex. But how is it possible for them to be together, given how very forbidden their relationship would be?

The hit reality show, Singing Sensation, promises to make its winners big stars – but all Conor Gillis wants is to get out of his small town. It’s not the sort of place where a quiet, eighteen-year-old who loves the Beatles and playing guitar can expect to fit in.

Conor’s also pretty sure he’s the only gay person in town.

Well, except for one other person…

Derek Folsom is the kind of bad influence parents warn you about. He’s tough, rough, and always looking for a fight. He’s the last person anyone would suspect of being gay, in fact he’s likely to punch anyone who does suspect it. So why is he suddenly so interested in Conor?

Conor’s pinning all his hopes on auditioning for a TV show. It’s his only chance to realize his dreams, and escape all of these confusing feelings. But will he be able to find his voice… and his true self?