Almost Heaven by Ruthie Luhnow

A road trip with your hero—what could go wrong?

Charlie is beyond thrilled when he’s assigned to take his literary hero on a ten day trip through the mountains of West Virginia to help the author research his next book. A paid vacation with his celebrity crush seems too good to be true—and he quickly finds it is.

Ezra McKinnon has a reputation for being a brilliant writer—and a bit of a diva. Ezra feels the pressure to replicate the success of his first book, and the last thing he needs is a traveling companion who can’t seem to shut up—and who Ezra can’t keep his hands off.

Between car breakdowns and hotel room mix-ups, the disastrous trip forces the two men to work together. But will their fledgling relationship survive the real world, or was this just a brief road trip fling?

Damaged Gods by Rachel Kane

Every lawyer knows you shouldn’t fall for your clients…especially those charged with murder.

Attorney Harlan Marlowe’s life is so empty, he’s sleeping on the couch in his office instead of at home. But when he takes on the damaged but beautiful Evan Steele as a client, he finds himself as interested in Evan as he is in the case—even when he hears Evan’s improbable story about being framed by an evil cult with deep and powerful roots in the city.

All Evan wanted was someone to believe him. He knew he was too broken to deserve love. As Harlan’s obsession with the case turns into desire, Evan dares to hope that something real is growing between them. But the cult will not be happy until Evan is destroyed. Now, Harlan and Evan have to race against time to clear Evan’s name before he’s sentenced to a life behind bars.

Late Night Means Love by Declan Rhodes

“They’ve gotta be crazy to love a chef, but when they wait up for you…so late at night…that means love.”

Despite a stellar culinary education, native New Yorker Milo Clearwater is struggling in his career and in love. It’s a confusing puzzle, and he’s looking for all the pieces. The first piece appears in the patronage of Gerard Underhill, an angel investor and philanthropist in the making. Milo glimpses the second piece in the form of a handsome man named Cole. He is mysterious and difficult to pin down, but Milo refuses to give up easily. The third and final piece is a location in a Midwestern city discovered by Milo’s friends Anthony and Henry, but putting all of the pieces together and convincing that special man to wait up won’t be an easy task for Milo.

Like a Rock by Olivette Devaux & Mason Winters

WHEN EARTH AND WATER MOVES – New architect Cooper Anneveinen tends bar by night and chases small clients by day. He sees what lies hidden underground. The wild images complicate his life – but not even antipsychotic drugs make him “normal.”

Ash Ravenna talks to water, and water obeys his wishes. Using his gift in a pollution clean-up effort, he hires Cooper to help with an industrial property by the river. The handsome young architect turns his crank like nobody else – and his talent is an unexpected asset.

Ash hopes to teach Cooper control over his earth-sense. Cooper puts everything on the line to learn. Except their their sizzling chemistry throws them a curve neither expects – if Cooper fails, more than their love is on the line.

Set Me Free by Casey Way

The closer Robert gets to retirement age, the more resigned to a life of loneliness he becomes. In a bout of miserableness he hires an escort to… come over and eat Chinese takeout? Despite their odd first meeting, Robert soon becomes enamoured by Derek’s wit and good looks. Robert quickly becomes a regular client. But the more this goes on, the clearer it becomes that the man Derek is with is abusing him. Robert is definitely aware the relationship he has with Derek is pretend, but he feels he has a responsibility to intervene, even though it would cross a line. Derek’s interest in Robert isn’t entirely fake. His boyfriend can see this, but ending their relationship could put Derek in danger. He wants to do the right thing and leave, but he’s still financially dependent on him. Can Derek take the leap and trust Robert to catch him?

His Roommate The Jock by Cameron Riley

The bottom…bunk.
James Pearson is a nerdy, introverted, college freshman who works in a boutique store. He lives in a dorm and sleeps on the lower bunk where he reads and plays video games. Only his bestie knows that he’s gay.
All of the action takes place on top of him!

The guy who sleeps on the upper bunk is drop dead gorgeous, brotherly and popular. James can’t ignore the attraction he feels for him.
However, there are two problems. One, he is straight. And two, he has a girlfriend. Still, James can’t help secretly fantasizing about him.

The top…bunk.
Brad Walker is an extrovert and the go-to jock for geeks who have problems. He is excellent at helping other people get what they want but doesn’t know what he wants.

Love You, Moore by Alex Miska

Xander Griffith and Julian Moore bicker like small children. But when Xander discovers Julian is deeply depressed, he implements a plan to help his friend’s brother fight his way through it. The first step? Move the brat into his condo! It’s the perfect solution: he certainly has plenty of room, his boxer is head-over-paws in love with Julian, and someone has to keep their friend’s pug from destroying all of Xander’s left shoes. From the moment Julian moves in, his and Xander’s lives fit seamlessly together and both men soon realize their initial attraction may have been stronger, and deeper, than they thought. Love You, Moore contains a steamy, explicit love scenes that are intended for mature readers only, as well as dogs politely eating cake at the dining room table, an omega werewolf that believes he’s an alpha, and unnerving levels of healthy communication.

Well Suited by Devyn Morgan

Three million dollars will get computer guru CJ LeClair’s business off the ground, but it’ll take more than his usual T-shirt and faded jeans to impress a venture capitalist. He’s written small-business software to bring order out of paper-based chaos, but without money, he won’t get to market. Menswear designer Rory Patterson rescues CJ from his fashion disasters, but needs some rescue himself. His business office is in shambles, exactly the problem CJ’s accounting system can solve. Rory trades attire for organization, which works for him and CJ. What doesn’t work is keeping their hands off each other. They need to avoid a conflict of interest when a big investor requires a demonstration of CJ’s system. If the investor thinks they’re an item, CJ can kiss his funding goodbye. Two men. Two businesses. Three million bucks. And one helluva fine suit. Something has to come off.

Third and Long by Pandora Pine

College senior and star running back Levi Chadwick is in the closet and plans to stay there. When a failing grade in algebra threatens his eligibility to play football, he accepts help from a sexy algebra tutor with sparkling hazel eyes.

Kirk O’Reilly has a great career as a calculus professor. He's content living in his own home and playing hockey for the UMass alumni hockey team. The only thing he’s missing is the man of his dreams. Instantly attracted to Levi, Kirk is more than willing to lend a hand to get Levi’s grades up and keep him on the football field.

When Levi is faced with being outed, will he follow his heart and love Kirk openly or will he turn his back on the only man who’s ever loved him for who he really is?

Grizzly Heat by Hawke Oakley

After a traumatic breakup six months ago that left him betrayed and empty, Victor’s given up on love. Being hurt once was hard enough; there’s no way he’s going to try again.

Especially when his closest secret was the reason he got hurt in the first place.

Now Victor’s hyper-focused on the only thing he has left – his job as a firefighter. But what starts out as a routine call turns Victor’s life upside down when he rescues a mysterious man named Liam caught inside the flames.

It’s up to Liam to restore the flame of love kindling inside Victor – or will the remaining ashes burn out and die forever?

Under the Gun by BLMorticia

After several conversations and dates, Camdyn and Malik are hot for one another and ready to take the next step. When they do, they discover they have a lot more in common than just a need for a committed relationship.