Thrown by Hope Sawyer

“When you become sheriff, you’ll be the most eligible bachelor in this hick county.”

Newly-divorced deputy sheriff Gideon Blackwell and Ingus, his nearly-retired K9 partner, just bought a farmhouse. Like Gideon, the new house needs TLC. He’s still afraid to become the same kind of sheriff as his father behind closed doors. Then, one man shakes him to his foundation.

Corey Sane’s life hasn’t been easy. His aunt and uncle took him in, and he does odd jobs between pottery sales to repay that debt. His self-esteem can’t take dating one more closeted man… even the hot deputy sheriff who now lives next door. But the law is there when everything goes wrong, and Corey’s protector wears a badge, a gun, and a look that could melt the clothing off his bruised body.

Can they risk it all to heal their hearts and let each other in at last?

Paper Hearts by A. E. Wasp

After getting caught making out with a boy, Benito Quintana stormed off in a righteous rage and joined the Marines. Eight years later, he’s out of the Marines and almost a year sober. He has a new job, in a new town with new friends. He’s totally got this. Michael Washington had life all planned out. But seeing his best friend Benny with his tongue down some guy’s throat changed everything he thought he knew about himself. Mikey’s had a rough few years. The mother of his child died, forcing him to drop out of law school and leaving him to raise their daughter alone. But things are good now, and Mikey is ready to explore some long-suppressed desires. What better place than the Pride Masquerade Party for an anonymous hookup? It isn’t until the masks come off that Mikey realizes he’s screwed in more ways than one.

All Mine by Parker Avrile

The student Justin couldn’t save is now a man.

As a new teacher, Justin couldn’t rescue Corey from his at-risk background. But Justin can save this dog. He signed a contract promising her a forever home– a promise he’s keeping.

When Corey’s Golden vanishes, he hunts high and low to find her. Of all people who could have adopted Spirit, why did it have to be the star of Corey’s hottest man-on-man fantasies? And why won’t Coach give her back? She’s all Corey’s got.

At least Coach agrees to let Corey make supervised visits. He can win Justin’s trust and watch for the chance to steal her back. Trouble is, the more time he spends with Coach, the less Corey feels like grabbing Spirit and making a run for it. Even though small-town gossip about a teacher involved with a former student threatens to crush their blossoming romance…

Be True by Stella Starling

“When we’re in public, you’re mine.”

Outspoken, outgoing, and outrageously out, Trevor Rogers isn’t one to say no when opportunity comes knocking. And jetting off to New York City to play the part of reclusive billionaire Logan Carter’s boyfriend for a Valentine’s Day publicity campaign? That’s not just a yes, but oh hell yes.

When Logan Carter’s business partner, the founder of the popular dating app bLoved, starts receiving death threats and has to stay out of the public eye, Logan is thrust into the limelight. The only problem? Logan doesn’t do public. He also learned the hard way never to mix business with pleasure… no matter how tempting someone like Trevor might make it.

Trevor doesn’t want to be tied down, and Logan isn’t interested in opening up… but if falling in love is all just an act, why does saying “I love you” start to feel so real?

Committed by Jason Collins

Hoping to make some extra money, high school teacher Corey Elliot takes a summer job teaching a GED prep course at Indiana State Prison. He knows he will meet the notorious Dustin Sutton, a man who’s almost completed serving a ten-year sentence for a crime he didn’t commit.

To save his mother’s beloved home, Dustin courageously agreed to take the fall for his ex-boyfriend’s drugs in exchange for a large quantity of cash. Behind bars from the tender age of eighteen, Dustin hopes to transition back into a regular life but quickly realizes it may not be that simple with the label of ex-con weighing him down.

Together, Corey and Dustin work to find a way to not only repair Dustin’s reputation but strengthen the fire that’s beginning to burn between them. But when Dustin’s ex appears with an offer for Dustin to make some serious cash, temptations arise.

Sweet Deal by Harper Logan

Gruff ex-punk Russ is a sweets-obsessed baker, struggling to get his dream business off the ground. His cupcakes are delicious and everyone loves them—so why is his bakery failing? Arthur is about to lose his mind. With his amazing grades and business degree, he thought he’d be a shoe-in at any company in Rosebridge—but he can’t convince anyone to hire him. With his savings drying up, it looks likely that he’ll have to admit defeat and return home to face his homophobic parents. Arthur is perfect for the bakery: motivated, meticulous, and a great worker. Unfortunately, Arthur is also gorgeous, hilarious, and way too young for Russ to date. Arthur can’t ignore the way Russ’s strong arms and low laugh send electricity up and down his spine. He can’t let anything jeopardize his new job, but Arthur also can’t ignore how perfect the two of them could be together…

Brody & Nick: Something About Him by A.D. Ellis

Army specialist Brody King is a successful and respected soldier. With only a year left in his commitment, he devises a plan to help him save money—a plan that requires him to marry. Nick Ferguson is working toward college graduation and his community services management career. With his lease about to expire, he’s more than willing to take Brody up on his crazy marriage scheme. A solution that seems quick and easy turns into more than either of them ever anticipated. When Brody’s fears and insecurities surface, he makes a decision that may push Nick away forever. Can a fake marriage built upon friendship withstand the obstacles of an uncertain future?

Omega On The Run by Carlita Rosa

Lee is alone and afraid, with kidnappers hot on his trail. He doesn’t have a chance. Not without Shawn’s help… Lee’s life crashed down around him. He’s escaped being illegally sold to another pack’s Alpha. Now he must survive alone while he evades the kidnappers sent after him. With his trust in others shattered, can Lee open up to the only man who can help him? Shawn knows what his ability to turn into a wolf means. He’s a freak. He’s never met anyone like him… until now. Lee’s new to life on the road, and he’s the first other shifter Shawn’s ever met. But he’s spent too many years alone. Can he accept that there’s a place for him with other shifters— and with Lee? The wolves hunting Lee are closing in. They’ll have to work together to escape— and to have a shot at a life together.

Forever Home by Rory Wilde

Redwood County Animal Shelter manager Tyson Haines is absolutely committed to the pets under his care. But when the county decides to drastically cut the shelter’s funding, the lives of his beloved animals hang in the balance. Tyson is ready to do whatever it takes to save the animals he loves. Jack Keppel took the plunge and adopted a child from the foster care system. But seven-year-old Mia is old enough to know she can’t just trust anyone. Remembering his childhood dog, Jack takes her to adopt her own. That’s when Jack meets handsome, easygoing Tyson, unearthing feelings he thought he’d buried. When Jack learns about the budget cuts, he finds that he’s invested in both the shelter and the passionate man who runs it. But can Jack overcome the legacy of his parents’ homophobia? And can Tyson find a way to save the lives of the shelter pets?

Rocky by Hayden Hunt

When Alex, a best selling author, is forced to return to his hometown for the funeral of an old friend he is forced to face all his demons in the process. The biggest one being his drug addictions that drove him away from his hometown in the first place.

Even worse, it drove him away from Will, his childhood best friend. But he was so much more than that. He was the only person he ever fell in love with. And he still misses him to this day. But the shame his homophobic parents forced on him tore them apart and reconciliation seems impossible. So, the question is, can he turn a rocky path into a smooth one for the first time in his life?

Spring Fling by Sean Ashcroft

Days before the start of Spring semester, Spencer Harris meets the man of his dreams. Sexy, funny, and a huge nerd, Jesse is perfect, and the prospect of getting to know him after their amazing night together is the best thing that’s happened in years.

That is, until he turns out to be the new visiting professor.

Now, both men are stuck with the college’s fraternization policy. Neither of them can afford to risk their jobs, so they’ll just have to wonder what might have been.

But Spencer looks really good when he bends over. And Jesse’s habit of sucking on pens is really distracting. And it’s not as if anyone would ever have to know…

Secrets have a way of getting out, though.

Will Spencer and Jesse find a way to be together? Or will the pressure of their academic careers prove to be too much?

Medium Rare by Lia Cooper

A good cop, a good son, a loyal partner–none of this was enough to save Lachlan Graham’s nerves when his entire world fell apart three years ago. A former Seattle Police Officer, Lachlan has spent the time since he left the force trying to piece his life together after being abandoned by his partner: Detective Vector Clanahan. But with a dead neighbor downstairs, his carefully constructed solitude is soon to be invaded on all fronts. Meanwhile, Vector Clanahan’s about to return to his old stomping grounds as the West Coast serial killer he’s been tracking leads him right to his ex-partner’s front door. A sister series to The BLOOD & BONE Series.