If I don’t know what I want, can I still ask for it?

Roommates with secrets…

Mike can’t stop thinking about his roommate’s secret rendezvouses with other guys.

Still hiding from each other…

But acting on this knowledge is only bringing up emotions that Mike would rather leave buried.

Can these two athletes finally open up?

Will Nils be able to hear what Mike can’t say aloud before the two of them are pushed apart?

When rivalry and hate mixes with smoldering attraction, can their hearts survive?

Winning a reality TV show was a dream come true for Gavin Cross, and not only because it launched him into superstardom. No, the real prize is that he and his band are going to get to go on tour with his favorite band of all time, Crossroads, and maybe even get to spend some time with Mark Tisdale, the lead singer who inspires Gavin like no one else.

But dreams that come true aren’t always what they seem. Gavin finds himself stunned by just how hostile the handsome Mark is toward him. In fact, the only use Mark seems to have for Gavin is sexual, and though Gavin is confused, he finds himself unable to resist.

When feelings start to develop, though, Gavin has to face some difficult questions. Why does Mark hate him so much? If things get serious, will Gavin be able to overcome a conservative background in order to be with Mark? Can love really happen between people who started off so badly?

Rockstar Rivals is a stand alone gay erotic romance, with very explicit and fully realized sex scenes.

Derek is a loner and a wolf shifter. He’s just trying to get home after a hard job on a fishing boat, and certainly doesn’t expect to find a pregnant wolf shifter in trouble. But when he does, he’s all about helping her. Even if that means he’s got to fight a crazy wolf in the process.

Then life takes some unexpected turns . . . and Derek finds himself with a mate. One he just might not know how to live with.

A long-lost father. A world of nightmares. And sorcery. Let’s not forget the sorcery…

Tooth & Claw, Book 4.

Randall Carter lost his father when he was ten. Not to accident or to crime, but to nothingness. Randall’s brother Kieran swears dad left mum for another woman, but the truth is he disappeared and not even the police could find him.

Ellis O’Neill has everything he never wanted: power; responsibility; guilt. A seat on the Council, a fledgling under his wing, and the crawling fear that in fighting monsters he may well have already become one.

As vampires across London disappear one by one, Ellis’ power becomes a sought-after commodity. But when the visions he receives are too much like his nightmares, facing the darkness might fall to Randall alone…

Benjamin Shock has known for a long time now that he needed to set out and build a better life for himself. It was all planned, until something unexpected happened. When his abusive factory-worker father remarried, Ben all of a sudden realized that he had to expand his plans to include another.

Chris “Topher” Mason looked up to his stepbrother. Whenever their parents fought, it was Ben who came to help the younger brother relax and forget about it. But when Ben leaves without an explanation or note one day, Chris is stuck in the middle of everything, with no way out. He can’t get his stepbrother off his mind. So when he wakes up in a cabin one day and the first face he sees is his stepbrother’s, Chris can barely believe it.

Benjamin has been preparing for this day for six months, so that he can make the perfect life for him and Chris. Will he be able to convince his stepbrother that what they’re feeling is okay? Or will he find out that Chris has been hiding something from him all along as well?

Something was missing: he drove home every weeknight to a quiet, empty house.

Jonathon West is a mailman afraid of dogs: he’s an office mailroom supervisor, but a childhood attack left him nervous of man’s best friend. The office charity committee nominates him to drop off a donation at the animal shelter, an act that takes all his courage. For his pains, openly-gay Jonathon is rewarded by meeting Dylan Pond, the most gorgeous man he’s ever laid eyes on. The connection is instant, and Jonathon finds himself drawn back to the animal shelter volunteer’s eyes and arms.

Since promising himself he wouldn’t date bratty young men, Jonathon’s been lonely for too long. As Dylan and Jonathon fall for each other, the shelter gets an urgent call. Chemistry isn’t enough without commitment. It’s time for Jonathon to decide if he can put aside his fears and loneliness to embrace all he’s offered.

This steamy two-pack combines the gymnasium heat of “Feeling the Burn” with the hard, passionate poundings of “Pumping Iron.” Two of Zach Morgan’s hottest, steamiest romances at a bargain price!

Dutiful warlock Felix must carry out a murderous curse on the Rockwell family, despite his bond with the wild eldest son Levi. Levi tracks down Felix’s charming demon ex-lover, Hadyn, to see if he can free the family from the curse, and free Felix from his horrible duty. Hadyn jumps at the chance to win back his beloved Felix, but he plans to claim his soul as well as his heart. A macabre romantic yaoi thriller not to be missed!