Choice on Fire by Zach Jenkins

Firefighter Brick Swan has watched his buddies at the station find their Mr. Rights… so why can’t he? Maybe a short, sexy fling will shake him out of his dating funk, and who better to do it with than his hotter-than-sin military pen pal, Maxwell?

When Maxwell Hope isn’t kicking down doors in Afghanistan, photography gives him a chance to see a calmer side of the world than his eight years in the Army have shown him. Maxwell’s family history has convinced him that serious relationships end up hurting everyone involved. But no-strings sex? Yes, please.

With a homophobic arsonist on the loose and casual sex turning into something deeper, Brick and Maxwell are forced to take a hard look at what they really want from each other. Sticking together may not just be what their hearts burn for… it may also be the only way to stay alive.

A Marriage Resolution by Avery Ford

Ethan’s never been the type of man to handle loneliness well. Sure, he can fit the stereotype of someone big and tough, muscles straining the fabric of his security uniform – but underneath, he has a heart as open and as loving as anyone’s. And he wants to share that love with another man. Which is why he comes up with one single New Year’s Resolution: to get married before the new year is through.

Owen knows that life doesn’t always have a happy ending. He’s been there and done that, and he’s not looking to open his heart to anyone else. His bed? Sure.

Owen’s secrets are a heavy enough burden for him to bear. He can’t risk getting any closer to Ethan than a simple fling – and he certainly can’t risk his heart enough to marry him.

The Last Out by Declan Rhodes

Kyle Chambers is nearing the end of a moderately distinguished baseball pitching career. He is hoping for two or three more years when a locker room altercation with a homophobic rookie results in an injured shoulder. Intensive physical therapy gets him back to the big leagues, but his performance suffers. “Sometimes out is the only way up.” Duncan Poole has been solving problems through statistical calculations since childhood. After a stellar college career in mathematics, he enters the infant field of sabermetrics helping baseball teams by analyzing performance statistics. Duncan agrees to help Kyle and the pair discover there is more than baseball between the closeted pitcher and the rising statistician. Romance blossoms, but Duncan rebels against the idea of years in the closet. A deal is struck. He will guide Kyle’s comeback season and pursue the romantic relationship if the pitcher promises to come out before the season ends.

Up and Coming by Andrea Dalling

An unexpected love could cost him his dreams.

Emmett doesn’t have time to date. A college quarterback hoping to turn pro, he can’t afford distractions. Blindsided by an attraction to his friend Jake, he fights it—rumors he’s bisexual could wreck his draft prospects. But he can’t stop thinking about the cute blond with the warm heart and gentle smile.

Biochem major Jake has had a straight-boy crush on Emmett since freshman year. Emmett’s cool logic is the perfect complement to Jake’s sensitive nature. He’s sure nothing can come of his longing—until a scorching kiss turns desire into hope. Although the sexy athlete denies there’s a chance for them, his lustful looks and stolen touches tell a different story. Passion ignites, but Emmett insists on hiding the relationship.

When their secret threatens to come out, will Emmett give up Jake to protect his career? Or will he risk everything for love?

The Goalie’s Secret by Riley Knight

When young, talented, and completely gay Cody lands his dream job as backup goalie on his favorite hockey team, he realizes immediately that he’s in quite a bit of trouble. He’s always found the starting goalie Dante to be incredibly attractive, and in person, he’s even more devastatingly handsome. Immediately, Cody finds himself wanting things that he thinks he can’t have. Dante, too, is drawn to the beautiful young man, but Cody has been taught from a young age that he can’t be who he is, not if he wants to succeed in hockey. And Dante, too, is too cautious to be open about his own attraction to other men. Still, they’re drawn together irresistibly, and while the hockey world starts to speculate about if they’re competing for the starting goalie position, they’re actually just busy trying to hide what they are both coming to feel for each other …

You Can Leave Your Boots On by Irene Preston

In the heart of Texas… Austinite Travis Boyd recycles, shops local, and is partner in a successful green-building company. After his last disastrous relationship, he’ll never again date a man who’s not out. A little discretion while working for ultra-conservative clients in west Texas is hardly the same as being in the closet. Anyway, the only person he’s interested in being indiscreet with is the client’s macho son. Not happening, Trav. Bo Vargas is a cowboy-boot-wearing, meat-eating, truck-driving ode to masculinity. He’s not gay. The men he picks up on business trips are just anonymous diversions. Travis isn’t anonymous. And there’s something about him that makes Bo want to expand his relationship options. Maybe. When a popular dating app sends Bo and Travis on the same blind date, the night explodes in passion. One night isn’t a problem. But what will each man be willing to risk the morning after?

Pup Pastry by Devyn Morgan

Focused on the success of his bustling veterinary clinic, Jack has given up on trying to find the man of his dreams. Little did he know a black lab puppy with an affinity for chewing up socks would bring him exactly what he needed. Russell Russell is a trained baker with an adorable black lab puppy named Crusoe. Unexpectedly he wakes up to a sick pup that needs tending to. What starts as a day of stress and worry quickly turns into a chance meeting that just might change his life. He’s had a string of bad relationships and he’s sworn off men, but there’s something about Jack the veterinarian that has him changing his mind. Neither man has ever felt a connection this strong, but could a simple misunderstanding ruin their chance at love forever?

Engaged to Win by Aubrey Cullens

Are Rainbow Wedding Bells In The Air For Washington’s Widowed Congressman?

That’s the headline that runs after a chance meeting is photographed between U.S. Congressman Dillon Cross and Matt Mitchell, an openly gay screenwriter. Dillon is confident the rumors will die down… he’s just not sure whether he wants them to.

Fifteen years ago, Dill walked away from Matt and straight into the closet. He married a woman and achieved everything he set out to in his political career, but he never forgot the man he’d once loved. When his campaign manager tells him the news story is actually helping his campaign for re-election, Dill jumps on the chance to finally come out, convincing Matt to fake their engagement and hoping it will give him a second chance to win back Matt’s heart.