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Bad boys are only good for one thing.

What would Granddad think?

Rugged charm can only get playboy cop Sebastian McCoy so far. He wants to settle down and find a meaningful connection—but his family might not be ready to deal with the fallout. Will his intense love and loyalty to the job doom him from committing to his one true love?

There’s too much at stake.

Police dispatcher Cody Hart is a lifeline for police officers—including the sexy and infuriating Sebastian. He loves his high-stress job but often sees the worst of humanity. He needs a loyal man to enjoy the bright side of life with him, but he’s been burned before.

I can’t keep him off my mind.

Whether they like it or not, Sebastian and Cody rely on each other every day on the job to keep themselves and others safe. When they become a team at work and at home, sparks are kindled into a secret workplace affair. Sebastian can’t let his police family down, while Cody can’t let in a guy who will turn his affections into gossip. Can they both overcome their own fears to hold onto each other for good?

What do you do when you’re fake-dating the one guy you really want?

An Humanities major with an empty wallet…

Keith wants a fake boyfriend … just long enough to trick some cash out of a research study. But when the cutie he barely knows volunteers for the job, it’s hard to remember they’re just pretending.

A hot science geek with a secret…

Ben has been crushing on Keith from a distance, so he jumps at the chance to not-really-date him. But when they start spending time together, the feelings he develops for his pseudo-boyfriend are all too genuine.

Fake dates…but a real deadline

Their friends think the whole thing is hilarious–but Keith and Ben aren’t amused by their relationship limbo. Can they figure out what’s going on between them before the study ends, or will they be stuck pretending to be just friends?

“I listened to you, years too late.”

“I don’t have a right to complain.”
Tattoo artist Floyd Turner’s faith in justice was destroyed when he was a rookie cop. He struggled for a couple years with drinks and his own anger. Now, he runs a tattoo shop, but he’s nervous about the upcoming high school reunion. He aches for something more. And then, when he thinks things can’t get any more stressful, his former patrol partner walks in.

“These tattoos better make a difference.”
Ex-cop Greyson Peters is now a fitness instructor struggling to find a healthy outlet. He’s slowly healing, pouring his energy into exercise, but he’s still got unsightly scars. His self-confidence keeps taking hits, and his family wants him to get back into the force.

“I turned my pain outward, you turned it inward.”
With Floyd redefining his family and Greyson seeking closure, the former partners slowly realize they could always be fake dates for the reunion. As their feelings strengthen, can they even hold out until the reunion to admit that they’re both afraid of wanting more? And can they open their eyes and see the support all around them?

Sidelined by a brutal concussion, hockey star Mason Clifford worries that he’ll never fully recover. Alone, frustrated, and desperate, he accepts a helping hand from his team’s Captain.

Ben Banks, Captain of the Las Vegas Aces, has wanted Mason for a long time. But he pushes aside his feelings to help Mason through his recovery, because he’d rather help as just a friend than make a move and lose him forever.

Ben can’t stand to watch Mason suffer. Especially when he’s sitting on a potential cure. What nobody on the Aces knows is that Ben is a wolf shifter, possessed of superhuman health and strength. And if he dared to turn Mason, maybe Mason could be that strong, too…

The closer Ben lets himself get to Mason, the more things spiral out of control. Then he makes a mistake that shatters the life they’ve been building together to pieces.

Speculative fiction meets M/M romance in a post apocalyptic dystopian Matriarchy.

Seven decades after the pandemic that changed the world forever, the population is still teetering on the brink of extinction.

Alton and Paul are among the minority of men who are virile.

When Alton leaves his rural male community, he is shocked to discover he is expected to provide sexual services to wealthy women. He can’t do it. He has someone special on his mind.

Alton feels more than brotherly love for his lifelong friend. After five months apart they will be reunited but does Paul feel the same?

Men and women live in entirely separate asexual communities, but does the Matriarchy work in the interests of all citizens? Most people are infertile, and male babies are rare. Adult males are generally impotent and lethargic, a consequence of altered DNA. A minority of people still crave physical, sexual pleasure. The West Beach fertility unit doubles as a brothel for deviants, women who desire men.

Best friends and college roommates, Dev Bandi and Elliot Gates spent most of their time together in college hanging out, drinking, and being teammates in their NCAA soccer team. But before they parted ways, they spent one experimental night together, becoming more than just friends.

Now, just a few years later, out and proud Dev is a promising young director who is asked to do a feature on his old soccer coach and mentor, a man he greatly admired. The only thing is, taking the job would mean interviewing many of his old teammates – including the now professional player, Elliot Gates. It’s been years since they last spoke, but that doesn’t mean he’d forgotten his former best friend. Or their steamy time together.

Elliot is living in London, playing for the Spurs, when he gets a surprising email from Dev asking him to participate in the documentary. Despite how long it’s been since they’d spoken, he certainly hasn’t forgotten about his handsome college friend, either. Still, Elliot lives with his girlfriend Jemma now, and isn’t sure meeting Dev again would be such a good idea…

But it might be time to find out.

Noah has a problem. He’s is in over his head. Now some very bad men are threatening to do very bad things. With nowhere else to turn, Noah calls on his older stepbrother, Liam. It’s been seven years since Liam and Noah last saw each other. Liam is a powerful businessman who could make all of Noah’s problems go away with the snap of his fingers. But help from Liam comes with strings attached.