Aftermath by E. Davies

“Against the odds, I like you.”

Santa Barbara fire chief Jace Williams hit rock bottom: suspended from work, unable to escape the dreams, and distant from family. He just got divorced from his cheating husband, but it takes six months to be single in California law. How did his perfect, organized life turn into this disaster?

As messy and spontaneous as Jace is tidy, Charles Bryan instantly dislikes Jace. He teaches and practices hang-gliding between visiting his aging father who can’t remember he dumped his abusive ex years ago. It’s easy to hide a lot with a smile, and he follows a whim into fun-to-tease Jace’s arms.

Despite their clashing personalities, planning a wedding together overcomes Charlie’s dislike of strings and Jace’s reluctance to commit. Neither of them expected to find the one at the best, yet worst, possible time. Is this what real love feels like?

Lucky Starflowers by Olivette Devaux

Theodore inherited Starflowers. Running a flower shop happens with family support. Focus on work means no more exotic guys! If Theo did allow for a boyfriend, he’d be someone boring, everyday, with a cubicle job and driving a Kia.

Sam Grey is a professional gambler who got caught counting cards one too many times. Consequences can be severe. Recovering from another beating, he ends up living out of his Porsche. His temporary Pittsburgh job during the Valentine’s Day craze makes him yearn not only for the perky florist, but for a slower, friendlier way of life. Sam’s exotic skills might be helpful – if only to show Theodore he’s not “just passing through.”

The Omega’s Alpha by Ann-Katrin Byrde

Barren, repudiated—a lot of omegas would have just given up—but not Holland. Tired of living down to other shifters’ opinions, he reaches for his own happiness and seduces the new Alpha of Mercy Hills, only to discover that his emotions run more than skin deep and now he’s so far in love he can’t see the moon for the trees.

Quin came home with the ghosts of war clinging to him. He moves through his day like a sleepwalker, but Holland’s shining light gives him the courage to walk the path of healing and love. The only problem is that Holland has his own wounds, and he refuses to mate until disaster in another pack reminds them both how fragile life can be.

However, disaster breeds change, and soon their lives are like nothing they had ever dreamed.

And almost unnoticed, the truth of the True Omega begins to emerge.

Where I Found You by Parker Elliot

Riley Carhart enlisted in the Marines as soon as he was able to. He thought it would give his complicated life meaning – and for the eight years he served, it did. Returning to his hometown of Claxton, Georgia he searches for something that will fill the void that’s always been there. The last thing he expects when he takes a job as a gardener for a wealthy recluse is to find what he’s unknowingly been searching for all along.

Hollis Nelson believes he was dealt a bad hand in life. It didn’t matter how much wealth and beauty surrounded him – he would have traded it all just to be “normal”. When he hires Riley for a gardening position on his large property, he doesn’t expect more than a professional relationship. But when Riley encourages a friendship with Hollis, he can’t help getting close to the blue-eyed muscled Marine.

More Than Luck by Casey Cameron

Drey Harper isn’t looking for love; he had more than enough heartbreak after a betrayal cost him everything five years ago. Between countless anonymous hookups and his career with the hit card game Legendary Pairs, Drey’s life seems pretty full…until the day he meets 24-year old superstar player Lucas Cho, who plays for big money and gets what he wants, at the gaming table or in bed.

As Lucas’s glamorous playboy lifestyle spins out of control, Drey is sent to clean up the mess. With a major tournament coming up and Lucas’s career in jeopardy, it’s up to Drey to keep his head in the game, even as the two men are drawn inexorably together.

Drey knows a relationship between them could never work–Lucas is too young, too reckless, too broken–but Lucas makes him want what he shouldn’t have in this steamy high-stakes May/December romance.

Manny Makes Three by Sean Ashcroft

Single father Mark can’t find time to both take care of his son, Dylan, and work his stressful marketing job by himself. Facing the prospect of having to leave Dylan with his aunt again, he realises that he needs a nanny.

Thankfully, Mannies Inc. have just the right guy for the job. Josh is qualified, good with kids, and more or less a human ray of sunshine. When he and Dylan hit it off, Mark knows he’s the perfect person.

Mark’s never been attracted to men, but Josh is so warm and kind, not to mention amazing with Dylan. He’s drawn to the other man in a way he’s never experienced before, but he’s been alone for so long that he doesn’t care.

Josh knows better than to believe a man like Mark–stable, reliable, and with a ready-made family–would want him like that, but it’s so easy to dream…

The Wedding Season by Declan Rhodes

For Eric Steiner, one of the best catchers in baseball, it’s a season of preparation for marriage. He proposed to Theo Bachman, his boyfriend of two years during spring training, and, after 162 games, the wedding will take place in the fall.

Eric’s best friend and teammate Lincoln Kirby is equally adept at pitching. At the end of the previous season he proclaimed that next year the team would make it all the way to the postseason. Reaching the playoffs will require grit, determination, and concentration.

Meanwhile, the wedding preparations are a little distracting. Theo’s plans for the biggest gay wedding ever bring in family, friends, past teammates, and fans from all over.

Will Theo pull off the wedding of his dreams or will it come crashing down in Linc’s demands for Eric’s concentration? Or…just perhaps… can everyone emerge as winners at the end of The Wedding Season.

Something New by Harper Logan

A marriage of convenience is one thing. But married to a straight guy? That’s a whole different story…

Brooklyn Blackwell’s got a dissertation to finish and tenure to secure: the last thing he’s looking for is romance. But with his advisor’s charity on the brink of losing funding, Brooklyn’s got one shot at saving it.

The bet seems easy enough: marry Austin Hastings – a straight guy – and stay married for a year, then snag a hundred thousand dollars. It doesn’t count as romance if the guy’s not into him, right?

There’s only one problem – the more Austin gets to know Brooklyn, the more attractive Brooklyn gets. Normally, Austin would be all for a little harmless exploration. But is it still harmless when the guy you’re exploring is your husband?

Guarding His Heart by Riley Knight

Christian, a young man who was stunned when his band, Eternity, went from a YouTube sensation to being nationally recognized overnight, doesn’t understand why he needs a bodyguard at all. Sure, there have been a few creepy fan letters and someone did try to break into his house, but surely he doesn’t need a dedicated, full time, bodyguard?

Especially not one who makes Christian question everything he thinks he knows about his own sexuality.

Mark, meanwhile, quickly gets fed up with the beautiful young rockstar who doesn’t seem to take anything seriously. What makes it worse is how much Mark wants the other him, and how impossible that is.

When they fall into bed together, they both agree it’s going to be nothing but a casual fling. But what happens when lust turns to love? Can their budding relationship bear the weight of Christian’s career, or will they lose everything?

Two Husbands, One Family by Cameron Riley

Luke Tanner is a straight single father, dealing with social anxieties and a multitude of financial issues. He has only two concerns: raising his son and keeping a roof over his head. The last thing he needs is his twin sister fixing him up on another date.

Alex Shaw eschewed the high-powered lifestyle of his father to follow his dream of becoming a firefighter. Saving lives proves to be so much more rewarding for him than chasing corporate contracts. On the surface, he is a manwhore who can dine and ditch the best of them. Deep down he is searching for Mr. Right.

When his father offers him 20 million dollars to get married and settle down, Alex has a hare-brained scheme to end both his and Luke’s problems. Marriage.

Tonight’s Encore by Parker Avrile

Is there a second chance when your first love is a celebrity?

“Reed was a good time, but I needed to focus on my music.”

Zac was once Bobby, before he left his old name and his old flame to claw his way to the top of the charts. A decade later, bounced from his band, he finds himself crawling home.

“Zac says we’re friends with benefits, but I suspect I’m just his fallback plan.”

Reed hasn’t seen Bobby for ten years after making the choice to quit music to study medicine. When cult musician Zac moves into the old Mason cabin, Reed didn’t expect him to be his Bobby from way back when. And the new doctor certainly didn’t plan on so much attention from the tabloid press.
Can former friends find the love they lost, or will the paparazzi tear them apart for good?