The Wizard’s Desire by Anna Wineheart

Kei has had enough of wizards and magic interfering with his life. A terrible accident in his childhood left his parents’ memories ruined: they no longer remember him. In the years since, Kei has lived a normal life as a firefighter, keeping his relationships distant so he can’t be hurt again.

But magic destroys and injures. On the run from his mistakes, Orion will do anything to escape his past–even isolate himself in a magical snow globe. Things are fine until he unwittingly opens a path to the outside world. Orion can’t risk anyone entering… but he can’t risk using his magic again, either.

Orion isn’t prepared for the firefighter who falls into his snow globe. Kei is a balm to Orion’s loneliness, and despite Kei’s distrust of wizards, he begins to see the real person behind Orion’s flirting–a brave man who protects those he loves. Unable to help himself, Kei falls in love… until he discovers that Orion’s secrets may have everything to do with his own difficult past.

Love Keeps Giving by Casey Cameron

Broke and overstressed, Orlando is doing everything he can to get his life back on track–and score a date with shy-but-sexy Geoff before the new year. But when the biggest mistake of his life reappears on his doorstep with the daughter he never knew he had, Orlando has no choice but to drop his plans of romance and learn to be a dad literally overnight.

But Geoff isn’t giving up on that date he was promised, baby or no baby. He seems too good to be true–he’s smart, sexy, funny, and has his whole life figured out. All that can’t come without a catch.

Even as their lives intertwine, Orlando is convinced Geoff is way out of his league, and Geoff has his own reservations. Falling too hard, too fast is a recipe for disaster, but neither man can help getting a little carried away. If they want to turn their ragtag group into a family, both of them will have to face their insecurities in this sweet and steamy holiday romance.

Northern Skies by TT Kove

Varg dropped his entire life in Oslo. He moved to Svalbard so he could be with the man he fell in love with on his three-week holiday. Things between them were great—for a while.

Now, however, things could be going a lot better. Jonathan and he are constantly fighting, Varg’s small social circle is always busy, and he’s lonely. He misses Oslo and the life he had there.

Jonathan knows he’s losing Varg, and he’s at his wit’s end. But if he doesn’t do something—big and soon—he fears Varg will leave him to go back to the life he enjoyed.

The holidays are nearly upon them and the pair venture back to Oslo to celebrate with Varg’s family. Varg is faced with everything Svalbard can’t give him. Jonathan feels they’re more distant than ever.

Then Jonathan figures out what he can do. It’s too big and he’s too late, but he hopes it’ll be enough.

Save the Date by Reegan Ellis

It was just supposed to be one little date…

Chicago firefighter Noah Summers lives his life in the closet; it’s just easier that way, after he’s done it for so long. Surrounded by the boy’s club that is the fire department, it’s simply second nature for Noah to go along with the lie… even when that means agreeing to be auctioned off for charity.

The prize for whichever lucky lady wins is a date, and Noah is fine with that. It’s a chance to have a nice dinner, meet someone new, and maybe get the guys off his back about why he never seems to date.

Except it’s not a woman who wins, it’s a man–a cute, sweet, wonderful man who is everything Noah never dared let himself want.

But what’s Christmas for, if not a little magic?

Snow Angels by Riley Knight

Sometimes, what you really need can be found where you least expect it … Even in your own house.

Billy and James both work more than they do anything else. Billy is a firefighter, James a paramedic, and both of them have dangerous, stressful jobs that leave little time for anything else.

Then Polly, an adorable little black and white kitten that they rescue, comes into their lives and changes everything. James has always thought he was straight, but soon, he has reason to question that, and everything else.

Will a blast from James’s past ruin everything that they’ve started to build, or can the magic of the holiday season give them the best gift of all?

Judging Valentine by Steve Milton

“Can someone see past my tattoos and my past?”

Valentine clawed his way to the top of the Russian criminal underworld by being smart, ruthless, and free of entanglements. Handsome models, lithe gymnasts, and cowering wannabe gangsters were among his sexual conquests, but he never let things get beyond that.

After a not-guilty verdict in his federal criminal trial, Valentine wants a new life, but the world won’t accept him as anything more than a cartoonish mafia villain.

“I can’t stop thinking about Valentine.”

Peter is a forty-year-old virgin, a federal judge who considers himself gay “only in theory,” because his sexual experience is limited to the sex toys he keeps in his private chambers. He knows not to get involved with the men in his courtroom. But Valentine — Valentine is like nobody else.

A mild-mannered forty-year-old-virgin federal judge isn’t supposed to obsess over a muscular, tattooed Russian gangster in his courtroom.

And a man as famous for avoiding relationships as he is for avoiding the law isn’t supposed to get googly-eyed over a nerd in a black robe.

The Love Song by Kay Simone

How can you trust a second chance with the love of your life?

Casey has never met anyone like Grant: smart, mysterious, and utterly alone.

Grant walks through Casey’s life like a ghost, showing up in the middle of their senior year with no explanation, no interest in knowing anyone.

Casey has everything going for him. It should be easy to ignore the outcast. But try as he might, Casey is drawn to Grant.

How do you go back to being strangers with someone who has seen your soul?

Grant left a broken life in Georgia for a fresh start. The last thing he needs is someone getting in the way and feeling sorry for him. So why can’t he bring himself to stay away from Casey?

Circumstances tear them apart, but when their paths cross again, against all odds, their positions are reversed.

Casey doesn’t believe Grant will recognize—or want—the person he’s become since high school.

Grant doesn’t know if he can give Casey the life he deserved all along… But he’s damned well going to try.

Femme by Marshall Thornton

Queeny cocktail waiter, Lionel, wakes up to find himself in bed with Dog, a straight-acting softball player and the two embark on a rocky road to romance. A journey that requires coming out of the closet, going into the closet, a pair of red high heels, many pairs of red high heels, a failed intervention, a couple of aborted dates, and homemade pom-poms. Mostly, Lionel and Dog learn what it means to be a man.

Burn for Him by Eola Eden

They’ve been through hell together … but nothing prepared them for this.

Hexan has spent years hunting the Highborn, both as revenge for what they’ve done to him and to protect other shifters from their predations. Weakened by his injuries, he pretends to be an alpha as camouflage. When he rescues Larz from a Highborn encampment, there’s an instant bond between them … but neither man believes they can be more than friends.

Larz is a true alpha. The griffon shifter owes Hexan his life, but has kept his feelings for him a secret — any relationship between two alphas would be doomed by the constant struggle for dominance. Still, when Hexan undertakes a dangerous mission, Larz can’t let him go without the promise of more when he returns.

Hexan completes his mission, but at great personal cost. As he grieves, he and Larz grow closer, and the truth about Hexan’s omega status emerges. But just as their happy ending seems possible, new dangers arise, and figures from Hexan’s past emerge to question his loyalty.

The Flawless Mr. Faraday by Grant C. Holland

“Life is easier and more organized on my own.”

Adam Cline lives alone above the downtown Eagles Glen coffee shop The Beguiling Bean. He is a copy editor, and his meticulous dedication means he’s always in demand. Detail and structure are his strengths. Adam’s isolation prevents disruption, but he senses something might soon interrupt his efforts to master his personal world.

Geoffrey Faraday is a man of mystery in Eagles Glen. He appears on the same day at the same time every two weeks. He has a keen interest in the small town’s history and the characters who walk its streets. On one visit, while investigating the colorful past of the basement of the Beguiling Bean, he encounters Adam.

Geoffrey is drawn to Adam by something more magnetic than appearance. He makes an effort to know the solitary young man, and soon a mutual attraction develops. But when the budding relationship disrupts Adam’s tightly constructed universe, he balks, and then Geoffrey reveals unexpected secrets. Will love and the close network of Eagles Glen be enough to keep them together?

The Wedding Date by Sean Ashcroft

As if walking in on his boyfriend cheating on him wasn’t bad enough, Caleb finds himself facing the prospect of attending his sister’s destination wedding alone–unless he accepts his best friend’s offer to pretend to be the boyfriend he deserves.

Ethan might be straight, but he’s charming, sensible, and looks good in a suit. Caleb knows that it’s likely to come back and bite him, but it’s better than having to admit to his family that his love life is a disaster.

Things get complicated when Ethan realises he might not be as straight as he thought he was, and takes the opportunity to experiment with Caleb while they’re away–after all, they’re pretending to be dating anyway.

It soon becomes obvious to both men that they want more from each other than they first thought–but admitting that and risking their friendship over it seems impossible.

Between the wedding drama, fear, and confusion, can Ethan and Caleb find a way to tell each other how they feel? Or will it really all be over once they get home?