Pillow Talk by Pandora Pine

Devastated by a cheating scandal that ended his marriage Logan Reid is a man on the verge of ending it all. A job offer to host a late night call-in show for the lovelorn called Pillow Talk is a last shot for Logan, who is struggling to find a way to start over.

Bostonian Greyson Montgomery is dealing with a personal scandal of his own. Homeless and jobless after a disastrous relationship, he’s forced to move back in with his parents and rebuild his shattered life. He tunes in to the debut of Pillow Talk and decides to call the dulcet-toned host with his own tale of heartbreak.

Ratings at PRIDE XM soar after Greyson’s call to Logan, triggering the program manager to invite Grey to co-host Pillow Talk for a few weeks. This doesn’t sit well with Logan, who thinks Grey is trying to steal his job.

Are these two brokenhearted men too damaged to trust again, or will they take the opportunity to share some Pillow Talk of their own?

The Clockwork Conspiracy by Emmett Steele

A Queer Fairytale with a twist…

Alessandra has a problem. First of all, he’s not Alessandra. He’s Alek. Second of all, his parents pawned him off to an enchantress once they found out he was transgender, hoping she could “cure” him. Now Alek stays stuck in a tower all day, building marvelous singing automatons for Lady Elise. When a young man named Felix stumbles upon Alek’s menagerie, he’s startled not only by Alek’s beautiful creations but also the brilliant boy that makes them.

Join Alek and Felix as they hatch a plot to escape the tower and defeat the enchantress. Can Alek overcome everyone’s expectations and become the man he was meant to be? Along the way, they discover secrets, surprises, and unexpected love.

Stevie & Mack, Barista Boys by A E Ryecart

Theft, capture, and an offer impossible to refuse—life can change in a heartbeat.

When Stevie Allardyce is caught stealing food from Barista Boys, he doesn’t think life can get any worse. Starving, desperate and homeless, Stevie’s only crime is trying to survive another day.

Mack Porter is outraged when the filthy street kid is offered a job and a place to live at the café. Stevie’s a thief, caught red-handed, but it’s not long before Mack’s resolve to keep his distance crumbles as he falls under Stevie’s gentle spell.

Shared secrets bind them together. Two souls, once lost, find each other and discover life really can be full of hope, promise and love. But the street doesn’t give up its own without a fight and Stevie is faced with a stark and heart wrenching choice: do what’s demanded of him, or risk exposure? The life Stevie craves hangs in the balance, one wrong decision and he loses everything – including Mack.

Thatcher’s Mate by Dawn Wilder

Lorenzo never thought he’d end up here…

Lorenzo never expected to be looking for a new pack.

But when his Alpha’s behavior pushes him out, he finds himself fighting in the tournament to show off his skills to potential new Alphas.

Only problem is, his old Alpha just can’t seem to let things go.

Lorenzo is a complication Thatcher doesn’t need…

Thatcher never thought he’d be in the tournament either. Or that he’d end up sharing a tent with someone as sexy as Lorenzo.

He just wants to focus on competing. But, man. It’s difficult.

This could get real complicated real fast.

The Gift by Tallulah Scott

Blake Sullivan works every waking moment – full shifts at the furniture factory and long hours trying to revive a long-dormant family farm. The last thing he needs is a relationship.

Warren Elliot is trying to make his mark in the world, impress his dad by showing off his business acumen. When his dad’s firm buys a furniture factory in a rural mountain community, finding love in the rustic countryside is far from Warren’s mind.

Opposites often attract and that was never truer of Blake and Warren, who fall head-over-heels for one another.

The real world crashes in. Warren’s father demands he chop up the company, selling it piece-by-piece, profiting the firm but leaving hundreds jobless. Blake can’t stand by while that happens—he finds himself on the verge of an uneasy alliance with men who would resist the new owners with extreme violence.

How far will Blake go to protect his community? Can Warren find it in himself to stand up to his father? Will their love survive the tense, potentially violent stand-off or will they be pulled irrevocably apart?

Being Neighborly by April Kelley

Isaac’s life changed forever the day he meets his two sexy neighbors.

From the first day Isaac Gaines came out of the closet, he had been on his own. He thought he did a good job, over the years, getting through the hurt his family had caused him. So what if he never actually dated or formed lasting relationships. One phone call makes him realize some hurts leave lasting scars.

Adam and Tanner Murray have a great relationship, one built on love and trust. Their quiet farmer’s lives get turned upside down when Isaac comes to town. The question isn’t whether they want him in their lives. The question is whether Isaac will let them into his. 

Saved by Coffee by Devyn Morgan

Eight years after Garrett got kicked out by his parents, a detective finds him in his RV home. Garrett’s uncle Travis died, leaving him a resort-town house with a coffee shop. Garrett, a migratory bird, wraps up his massage business and heads to Berkley Springs, WV. From homeless teen to a college-educated, self-made man, he did well for himself. Despite all that, it’s hard to walk proud to where so many old memories lay in ambush.

Jay is grieving old Travis, who helped him get traction in life by giving him a job and a place to stay. Coffee Spring is his home as well as his profession – but the new owner nephew will surely sell out to an unsavory local.
The nephew’s good looks are matched by his strong ethics: he refuses to break established boundaries and date his tentant/employee/massage client.
Their attraction is hotter than the geothermal spring that brings them together, but their options are… complicated. And the whole gossipy town is watching.

A Dragon’s Miracle by Ann-Katrin Byrde

Ryan needs a miracle. Finn will fight to make it happen.

On the outside, Ryan’s life looks perfect—a steady boyfriend, a good job and great friends. But in reality, Ryan is sick. And the only one who can cure him is his boyfriend, who manipulates Ryan into stealing from other dragons. Dragons like Finn, who’s the best and sweetest friend Ryan’s ever had. The kind of guy Ryan would like to date, if he could escape from his current lover.

Finn’s had his eyes on Ryan forever, but no matter how much he wants the kind-hearted omega, he won’t interfere with Ryan’s relationship. He settles for friendship and dreams—until the day Ryan shows up with bruises given to him by his boyfriend. Finn’s furious. Even more so, when Ryan shares his secrets with him.

Finn doesn’t know how he’s going to help Ryan, but one thing’s for sure—he’ll do whatever it takes to hold onto the man he loves. Even if it means becoming the beast that lives inside him.

Falling Together by S.K. Grayson

It was supposed to be a one-night stand with a bad boy in a place where nobody knew his name.

Evan just wants some excitement before he puts his heart on a shelf in a deep, dark closet. He finds that excitement in a gorgeous biker called Cop he meets on the road while he’s reluctantly moving back to his hometown. Once he’s settled in, he discovers what a small world it really is. The sexy stranger whose kiss he can still taste after that one, reckless night is a well-known figure there with a reputation for breaking hearts and breaking rules.

And he’s not about to let Evan pretend it wasn’t the best night of his life.

Tiger Tricks by Edith Scott

I’ve fought a lot of fires but this is one blaze I can’t put out.
Cover model Rhett rose from his past and became a damn good fireman. Still, he doesn’t do commitment or responsibility. But when a crazy fan sends him a dalmatian puppy, he is forced to rethink his lone wolf ways. Not only that, the gorgeous out-of-his-league guy at the shelter captivates his attention. Will their burning chemistry be too hot to handle?
You know what they say about playing with fire.
Oscar is a social media star whose public breakup drove him to idyllic Amberly to get away from it all. Then the fireman hunk on his calendar walked into his life cradling a dalmatian puppy in his arms. Sexy, tattooed Rhett is the player bad boy Oscar needs to stay away from. So when Rhett answered his for-rent ad, of course he said yes. Can he handle a fling without getting burned?