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“Did you think of me while you were gone?”

Ex-detective and lynx shifter Leon Jackson is struggling with PTSD and a fondness for the bottle. He wanted be a hero but the streets jaded him until he partnered with a sexy and mysterious man named Shadow. Then, one day, Shadow was ripped from Leon’s hands. Since then, nothing’s been the same… until now.

Shadow is an ancient energy vampire with an old score to settle. Although he once worked alongside of Leon, he kept secrets to protect him from a greater evil. Shadow kept his feelings for his best friend and partner under wraps until his secrets finally caught up to him. He was forced to do the unthinkable – abandon Leon.

Leon’s world is shaken when his dead ex-partner walks back into his life. Shadow won’t answer his questions or let him in until more details of his centuries-old mission come to light and their fire is rekindled. Sparks fly as they come together to take down a new threat. How deep does the old bond between Leon and Shadow run? Can undying loyalty save them both from the cruel hands of the greatest threat they’ve ever faced?

Kellen and Rhett grew up together. The two young men could not be more different.

Kellen is a rising star in the National Football League. Sensitive Rhett doesn’t like sports. He’d rather read and cook all day. When Kellen’s wild antics threaten to tarnish the family name, Rhett is forced to move into Kellen’s bachelor pad. His only job? Keep Kellen’s name out of the tabloids.

The stepbrothers have not spoken in years. Now they’re living together. Kellen keeps acting like a macho jerk, but Rhett clings to the memory of a fleeting moment the young men shared long ago.

Kellen remembers more than he lets on. But his true feelings are buried so deeply, only Rhett can show him how to love again.

Fate has a sense of humor.

Aiden is a deer shifter who works as a ranger in Yellowstone Park. Carver is the werewolf who saved him when they were kids—too bad he did it with his teeth. Now Aiden is branded with what shifters call the mate’s mark: a glowing bite that legends claim ties him forever to an annoying werewolf.

Well, fate better watch out, because Aiden has other plans… until Carver plants a kiss on him so sinfully scorching that he can’t see straight for days. Predator and prey will have to work their differences out, because destiny has plans for them… and so does love.

It all started with those three words. “I dare you.”

Ryan knows that his best friend Jordan can’t resist those three simple words. Whatever he’s dared to do, Jordan just has to do it. When Ryan dares Jordan to play a game of Truth or Dare, Jordan has to accept. After all, he’s never turned down a dare before.

Only Ryan might just get more than he bargained for, because he has some secrets when it comes to his best friend that might just come out. When things get intense and feelings start to come out, will Ryan be able to let go of his fear of losing Jordan? Or will he stay cautious and try to preserve a friendship that’s changing, no matter what he does?

Matthew Bruner is a bear shifter destined for greatness. Or so, that’s what he’s always been told. As the next in line to become alpha of his clan, Matthew’s days of singlehood are drawing to a close. Long since committed to a prearranged mating, Matthew finds himself feeling trapped and, worse, afraid. In a desperate attempt to prolong his freedom, Matthew flees his family’s ancestral home and heads to the nearest city. It’s there that he meets Ezra Tier, a tiger shifter with a bad streak the size of a mountain.

Ezra Tier has spent the better part of his life not giving a damn. He goes where he wants, does what he likes, and answers to no one. Leading a life as a globetrotting rogue has its perks, and for Ezra one of those perks has been the ability to pick up and move on whenever things get too complicated and messy. So when he encounters a simple mountain bear shifter with broad shoulders and a shy personality, it’s all Ezra can do to maintain his unattached persona.

When a familiar and dangerous presence shows up in search of Matthew to bring him home, Ezra must change his ways in order to keep his newfound love by his side. Failing that, Matthew will be forced to go through with his prearranged mating and Ezra will lose him forever. Can these two shifters from different worlds come together in time to save their budding relationship? Or will the experience leave their hearts stripped and bare?

“I can’t let you face this alone.”

Despite summer barbecues and his brothers’ renovations, blacksmith Jackson Riley misses one thing: a relationship. Sweet, sexy Chase helps him with his dating profile and catches Jackson’s eye instead. When they trade skills and time, the embers are stirred into a flame of passion. Jackson wants a family tattoo – something Chase’s skilled hands can deliver. But Jackson worries when Chase asks him to forge a sword. What could he need protection from?

Tattoo artist Chase MacLeod can’t stop running from his past. When he thinks he’s escaped, a letter arrives that throws everything off balance. The fencing lessons he’s taking bolster his confidence, and his new flame Jackson steps in and defends him. Then, Jackson makes an offer to open his home and heart to him. Chase must find the courage to face his past.

Chase wants to stick around and redefine the meaning of family, but the enemy fights dirty. Will Jackson’s protection be enough to help Chase stand up for himself? Or will Chase’s scars forever close his heart? Despite their best efforts, Chase’s worst enemy might just be himself.