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Was he ever mine? Or was I only a teammate?

Old friends and more…

When Scott asks his old friend, James, to sign with his hockey team, it reignites something that’s been simmering for years.

Coming together as circumstances push them apart…

But the team starts to lose and James can’t handle the pressure, blowing up at Scott for bringing him in.

Can they come back from the brink and see what’s been there all along?

Will these two lovers realize in time that they can’t be without each other and that their passion is mutual?

“They hired me because I’m hot?”

Gourmet baker Kevin Walker has the chance of a lifetime: he and his best friend, mixologist Troy, now own a Main Street dessert bar on Ember Isle, an exclusive gay millionaires’ retreat. Kevin’s always assumed he’s straight despite a lack of interest in women. When he bumps into a man who turns him on at first sight… The ride of Kevin’s life has arrived.

“We’re done. I gave him his fucking ring back.”

Billionaire Eli Black found his actor boyfriend Tom with another man. His best friend Dean drags him to Ember Isle to cheer him up. As heartbreak fades, a one-of-a-kind guy catches his eye. He wants Kevin over his knee, in his bed, and in his life… But his ex isn’t willing to let go yet.

“I have a light in my life, and it’s this man.”

Eli and Kevin’s intense mutual attraction pulls them together. They face petty politics, a treacherous ex’s hidden agenda, sneaking around their friends, and a growing threat. Secrets don’t last long on Ember Isle. Will their love be doused by sabotage and a ticking clock on the future of the island?

Has a fateful November meeting over raspberries led Rusty to Mr. Right? He and Cole have so much in common, except for that religious background thing.

And Cole loves holidays. Rusty decks out Christmas trees, while Cole lights up menorahs. It can’t be that hard to plan and execute the perfect Chanukah. What could possibly go wrong?

Two men, two sets of traditions, one chance for Rusty to get it right.

Exactly what do you do with a dreidel?

Lit Up is a standalone M/M romance with an HEA.

Daniel Cohen and his sociopathic boss Nick are closeted gay used car salesmen in 1990s West Virginia. Nick rules with a casually sadistic hand, humiliating everyone in sight. Daniel is a star salesman, spending his Saturdays at the car lot instead of keeping the Shabbat holy, but at least he mostly avoids Nick’s wrath.

Nick’s degrading office ritual called “eating the snake” becomes too much for Daniel to take, and he devises a highly erotic plan to overthrow Nick’s tyranny.

As much as Daniel hates Nick’s abusive outbursts, he knows that he and Nick are two of a kind, gay men trying to live with a little bit of dignity in a cruel world. Once their hate is exhausted, they can only find love.

This is a stand-alone book in the dystopian series. It is not necessary to read book 1 first.

Seven decades after the pandemic that changed us forever, the population is still teetering on the brink of extinction. Most people are infertile, and male babies are rare. Adult males are generally impotent and lethargic, a consequence of their altered DNA. Men and women live in entirely separate asexual communities. Does the Matriarchal society work in the interests of all citizens?

A minority of people still crave physical, sexual pleasure. The West Beach fertility unit doubles as a brothel for deviants, women who desire men. Alton and Paul are among the minority of men who are virile. When Alton leaves his rural male community, he is shocked to discover he is expected to provide sexual services to wealthy women. He can’t do it. He has someone special on his mind. Alton feels more than brotherly love for his lifelong friend. After five months apart they will be reunited but does Paul feel the same?

For lonely Adam, one fateful plane flight will end up starting the trip of a lifetime.

Adam should be happy, and he knows it. He’s fought hard to become a reporter and he deserves the success that he’s gotten. Only the fact that he’s sacrificed his personal life to get it has started to bug him more and more as he realizes that he doesn’t really have anyone to share his life with.

Then he meets Antonio, a gorgeous Italian, on the plane that’s taking Adam to Milan for Expo 2015. Adam finds himself quickly falling for the gorgeous, handsome, and sexy man, but will the new relationship they’re building be able to withstand the strain when Adam’s boss threatens to fire him if he doesn’t stop being so open with his sexuality?

Reporting From Milan is an explicit gay romance with a hea and no cliffhanger.

Algernon Clarke risked everything investing in new technologies, but the collapse of his investments has brought him to the brink of ruin. Just when he thinks debtor’s prison is inevitable, he receives a visit from Mr. Sutton, railway solicitor, with paperwork to indicate that Algernon is the long-lost heir of Wealdhant Manor. The railway needs a portion of Wealdhant lands in order to lay their locomotive tracks, and Algernon is in no position to look a gift horse in the mouth. He accepts the inheritance at once, heading off to settle the railway’s affairs.

The situation he finds in distant Lincolnshire is far more complex than he was led to believe, and Algernon is soon at odds with the gruffly handsome groundskeeper whom the village folk refer to as “Lord Jasper.” As the railway’s deadline approaches, Algernon struggles to forge an alliance with Jasper Waltham, to protect the people of the village, and to make peace with the restless ghosts of Wealdhant Manor. Clean romance, no cheating, standalone novel.

So Sudden is a collection of three steamy stand-alone gay for you romance stories!

“Let’s see what kind of guy I’m going to be dealing with for the rest of the semester.”

A conservative home schooled background means everything on the first day of college is super overwhelming for Paul Greenstreet. Paul is so deep in the closet that he can’t even admit to himself that he likes guys, but it all comes crashing down after he meets his dorm mate, Jackson McPearson.

“Proud of me, coach?”

Neil Horowitz is a real stud. He’s the star of his college football team and the guy that everyone looks up to. When one of the team’s top players gets injured before the big game, the coach asks Neil to train the only replacement they could find: the aloof and devil-may-care AJ Doyle.

“Let me enjoy it, bro. It’s not often I meet someone who doesn’t know me.”

Riding his dirt-bike alone through the desert backcountry is the only way that Kit can feel alive anymore after working day in and day out at his soulless desk job. During one reckless ride, Kit finds himself stuck out in the middle of nowhere.