“I can’t let that part of me win.”

“This guy is boyfriend material.”

Santa Barbara firefighter Liam Knight is in hot water, and he agrees to therapy to keep his chief happy. When he bumps into a pretty guy working in the craft store below his apartment, Dylan seems perfect to relieve Liam’s stress… until he catches Liam’s interest and protective instinct, not just his eye.

“I’m not good enough for him.”

Dylan Waters is juggling part-time jobs while attending college to become an art therapist. He’s about to transfer to a huge campus, but his childhood left him afraid of crowds. When hunky firefighter Liam blusters into his PTSD knitting support group, Dylan spots the familiar signs of a man hiding from his past, but he can’t stop thinking about him.

“It was nothing. I thought I was over it.”

It’s more than fleeting attraction between them, but Dylan’s stubborn fear of help and Liam’s low self-esteem are a deadly combination. When it all goes up in smoke, they only have themselves to blame. Can Liam get to Dylan in time to save him and the one relationship that could make him believe in love?

After the loss of a lifetime, a heartbroken cowboy gets another chance at love…

It’s been years since Karl’s wife, Deanna, died in a tragic accident on their Oklahoma ranch, leaving him with the land and their son, Hunter, to care for. Despite his desperation and loneliness, Karl keeps to himself, creating walls around his heart to keep from ever having to lose someone again.

Vincent, an older artist from New York, is the only person he knows he can trust, and when the man asks to use his ranch as a painting retreat, even Karl has to admit that he could use the company. Life is easier with Vincent around, and five year old Hunter immediately takes a liking to his father’s best friend. However, when a romance starts to build between Vincent and Karl, fear of loss and change overwhelm the cowboy.

Karl isn’t sure he can love again, and he’s reluctant to try. But if there’s one man that could change all of that, it’s his best friend, calm, wise, and passionate Vincent, who’s there for him through it all. If only Karl could stop running long enough to realize it.

Like out of a dream…

Cameron Walker has never been in love. It’s not that he doesn’t want it – he’s just never found the right man – until a painting trip to the beach put him right on his canvas. The mysterious surfer in red. He’s charming and sexy, and Cam can’t get him out of his mind…but there’s only one problem: The guy is 100% undeniably straight.

The current pulls them together…

Lee Castle is a real free spirit. He’s traveled the world with only his surfboard, and now he’s finally back home in the OC. His only worry is how the waves are going to be that day. When Cameron shows up at his private cove, the two are drawn into a close friendship, and Lee takes it upon himself to show the risk-averse painter how to have a little excitement.

Magic is real…

As Cameron falls deeper in love with his best friend, he finds it more difficult to hide his feelings – and his orientation – from Lee. It seems like he’ll suffer unrequited love for as long as they’re together – until one day, the tides of fate change their lives forever.

Kian’s been neglected by his mother all his life—and he can hardly remember his father. But on his eighteenth birthday, his dad shows up and he wants to be a part of Kian’s life. Kian’s mother can’t keep him away anymore, and Kian leaps at the chance to know him.

With a new family who loves him, it’s too much to hope for to find a boyfriend as well. But that’s what he does when he goes with his best friend as emotional support to get her tattoo. Only she doesn’t need the support, he’s been set up with Silver, the tall, fit tattoo artist!

They quickly end up in bed, and in a relationship, but Silver’s got his own secrets. Secrets related to the big memorial tattoo on his back. But a memorial to what? And when the danger of an HIV infection rears it’s ugly head, can their newfound relationship survive?

Kian doesn’t want to lose Silver over a mistake Kian made before they ever met, but if Silver can’t trust him Kian may have to let him go.

“With just a few words, you can change someone’s life forever.”

“I became a teacher to help people, not to deal with office politics.”

Professor Daniel Talbot learned the hard way that the cost of taking risks is just too high. But when his best friend’s wedding makes him realize just how lonely he is, he gives in to one night of reckless passion with a younger man.

“Don’t waste your time on me, Professor. I’m the resident screw-up.”

As a recovering addict, Matt Graves is no stranger to bad choices… he just never thought a harmless one-night-stand would end up being one of them. But sometimes one taste is all it takes to get hooked.

“You make me feel like I can be something better. Like I can do something better.”

When Matt realizes the class he’s taking is Daniel’s, both men are forced to confront their lingering attraction. Daniel can’t nurture any kind of relationship with Matt, but he also can’t resist teaching a student who desperately needs to be heard. Learning to love, on the other hand, could destroy them both. Can Daniel and Matt overcome their pasts to create a future?

Work is the most important thing in my life, until now.

I love being a cop, it’s what I’ve always wanted to be and I put my heart and soul into it. I never cared that all my relationships have failed due to working too much because, really, I never felt very passionate about any of the women I dated. But I feel passionate about Charlie, even if he’s resistant to it.

I hope his dog, Bailey, can be the tie that binds us.

He’s perfect for me, but he’s straight…

Noah would normally be everything I wanted in a man, but him being straight complicates things. And the last thing I need is more complication after my recent break-up. Not to mention the fact that I’m trying to care for my father with alzheimers who I haven’t spoken to in nearly a decade. Things are hard enough without adding a new relationship into the mix.

But my dog, Bailey, really likes him. If I have to keep seeing him for her, I don’t know how long I can resist him.

Omega wolf Simon Malone never thought he’d wake up in the back of a car, bonded to an alpha. And certainly not one as strong-willed and carefree as this one. Now, with a betrothal rapidly approaching, Simon must find a way to break the bond before he loses what little life he has. If he can’t, who knows what lengths this rich alpha will go to. There’s just one problem—Simon can’t quite tear his eyes—and heart—away from sinfully sexy Cody Adams.

All alpha wolf Cody Adams wanted was one glorious week of freedom before his official bonding to a high class omega. A last hurrah before taking on the responsibilities on his status and resigning himself to a mundane life of perfunctory sex and duties. Now, with one week to rid himself of this low bred wolf, Cody must reign in his temper and his heart before he does something else he regrets—like falling in love. It doesn’t help that Cody’s never seen an omega as captivating as Simon. And when Simon turns out to be pregnant, things get even more complicated.

Sometimes your best match is the person you’d least expect

Brendan Cole’s quiet nature makes it hard to connect with people, but when he meets Lucas Amsden, everything changes. From the moment Lucas sweeps up to offer Brendan a plate of freshly baked cookies, his sunny disposition and generous nature give Brendan a new outlook on life. So when his new friend is pushed onto the street by a bullying ex-boyfriend, Brendan is more than happy to offer Lucas a place to crash.

Lucas soon finds himself relying on Brendan’s steady practicality, even as he enjoys prodding Brendan to relax and have more fun. The only problem? Living with such a gorgeous yet untouchable guy just might drive him crazy. He understands why Brendan can’t offer a traditional romantic relationship, but he also can’t imagine spending the rest of their lives as just-friends.

They may not be the typical couple, but Brendan cares too much to let Lucas drift out of his life. He’s determined to find a way to make things work. Can the puzzle pieces of these two very different lives be made to fit together? With a little ingenuity, and a lot of luck, maybe they can create their own happily-ever-after.

Amidst the roar of the inferno, two things became clear:
He was my mate.
And he was about to die.

– Rhys –
I’d always known I would find my mate someday.
I didn’t expect him to be dying.
By the time I pull him out of the burning building his life hangs on by a thread. He is a human, delicate and damaged, yet all I can think about is the need to fill him with my fire and claim him for my own.
I need him like I need air.
My fire would burn him to ash.

I wanted his fire to obliterate me.

– Theodore –
He hits me like a semi I never see coming.
The night my boyfriend walks out on me I fall asleep alone; I wake in the midst of an inferno with my apartment burning down around my ears…and see HIM.
Eyes like molten metal. Skin the flames do not burn. A connection I can’t ignore.
I can’t look away from him.
He’s not human.
And our mating will change my life forever.

Hot men and happy endings dominate this six-book multi-author romance bundle! From long-time friends to new lovers, from first times to second chances, these swoon-worthy heroes will melt your heart and heat up your night. Titles by Andrea Dalling, Devyn Morgan, Amanda Young, Celia Stratford, Roma Dark, Artemis Wolffe, and Tami Veldura.

Isaac Hawk’s life wasn’t going as planned. He was living in a crummy apartment with a future career that left him feeling empty inside and a love life that had him feeling even emptier. On a whim, he decides to drop out of the police academy so that he can at least fix one aspect of his crumbling future. The only problem with his rash decision? A negative balance in his bank account and no way to pay for rent.

Diego Cruz seemed to have things set. He was on his way to Rome so he could bring home an Olympic gold medal in gymnastics. His mind and body were honed in on that one goal. He was determined to find a reason to move past the deep regret of leaving Isaac all those years ago.

When Isaac reluctantly accepts a job working as security for the American gymnastics team, he knew his path would cross with Diego’s. What he wasn’t expecting was the flood of emotions that would overcome the both of them from the chance encounter.

Isaac and Diego will both have to face their past and hold on to those second chances with an eagle grip.

Giving himself, body and soul, to a man he’s never met was never something Bryce thought he would do until he enlists in Project Alpha, the military’s most secret operation to date. After all, Bryce is straight. No genetic modification is going to change that.

But after a medical procedure goes wrong and he awakens as an Omega, there isn’t any choice but to submit and serve at the side of a powerful Alpha unit. At first, Bryce is appalled-

-until Jackson Henley walks into his life and awakens in him an inescapable bond that turns Bryce’s whole world upside down.

Haunted by his traumatic past and without hope for the future, Jackson sees Project Alpha as the death sentence he craves. Trained to be the ultimate warrior, he knows he’ll risk it all on the front lines, and with his upcoming match to an Omega unit imminent, he hopes it won’t be much longer before that risk turns to ruin-

-until a chance encounter with an Omega he’s forbidden to love awakens within him a protector who will do anything and everything to keep safe what belong to him.

“I have to room with a freshman?!”

Straight muscle jock David’s girlfriend broke up with him and kicked him out of their apartment. He has to move in to the last dorm room available — with his new roommate, Elias Chan, who at eighteen years old is already famous for founding a successful dating website.

“I can’t stop looking at his body.”

When David stretches and lifts in their dorm room, Elias catches himself staring. Elias wasn’t sure what he was. He was never interested in girls, but when he sees David casually doing chin-ups from the top bunk of their bed, he can’t help but wonder what can be. David says he’s straight, but his backstory seems a bit off, and he seems to take a bit too much pleasure in showing off his amazing muscle body to Elias whenever they’re together.

“Partners in business, partners in love.”

Elias’s business is attracting all the right attention, and with David’s software expertise, there’s a twenty-million-dollar investment deal coming. But David still wants to prove that he’s good enough for his ex-girlfriend, while Elias is nervous that David is faking love.