“We’re stopping Tom.”

Kevin Walker, baker and young businessman, is in trouble on Ember Isle. Gorgeous Eli awakened Kevin’s sexuality and worked his way into his heart. Now his business mentor on the exclusive island has found out and he disapproves. To the outside world, unaware of Eli’s breakup with A-list actor Tom, Kevin looks like a homewrecker. Kevin suspects a jealous Tom is sabotaging them. Is this the end of both his long dreamed-of business with his closest friend, Troy, and his relationship with handsome and sweet Eli?

Ex-fiancé Tom’s conniving antics aren’t impressing once-heartbroken billionaire Eli Black. Eli’s angry that Tom is interfering with his desire: a life with loyal and determined Kevin over his knee and in his heart. Even help from Dean, Eli’s best friend, can’t fix everything. It’s been three weeks of knowing Kevin and their bond is scorching hot, but outside forces threaten their future.

Ember Isle is up for sale, and Eli’s worried for the future of Kevin’s business, his good name, and most importantly, their relationship. In this final installment of Island Heat, push comes to shove. The clock is ticking on Kevin and Eli. Is their love just island heat or a lifelong fire?

Stuck between two shifters…

Andrew breaks up with a werewolf only to fall for the hot, sexy werebear who helps him when his car dies on the highway. The bear seems so much more fun, caring, and sensual. Andrew might have finally met his soul mate.

A love worth not hibernating for
People suck. Shifters suck. Victor is ready to head north and try to hibernate for a few months to avoid them all. Something about Andrew sparks his interest and drags him out of his comfort zone.

Love is a dangerous thing
When Andrew’s ex-boyfriend is not willing to let him go without a fight, Andrew and Victor are forced to rally the werebears to battle the werewolves to truly fight for their survival…and their love.

Throughout certain magical circles, a male omega wolf’s heart is considered a valuable commodity. Used for all manner of spells and potions, the heart of an omega is renowned for its fertility properties.

When Benjamin Noble woke up in an operating room, his wolf howled with despair. Lone survivor of an attack on his pack, Benjamin was taken alive for his omega heart. With one look to his right, that heart identified its true mate.

Holden McKenna had been held captive for three days. His alpha grizzly blood is considered priceless, after all.

Recognizing its mate, Holden’s bear breaks loose. Saving Benjamin is only the start, though.

Around them, a mystery unfolds. Between them, intimacy blooms. As the threat of recapture looms, Holden’s worldview collides with Benjamin’s leanings toward the mystical.

Can a wolf and a bear who come from similar but disparate worlds ever transcend their differences to become one?

Oscar wants to play it safe —

Oscar Rosales Ortega is the first openly gay player in Major League Baseball. The fans call him “Oro” — both for his initials and for his golden touch with a bat — and say he’s destined for the Hall of Fame.

Oscar knows that the men in his life are more interested in the baseball star than in the man, and he’s learned to enjoy the perks of his celebrity while protecting his heart.

Danny won’t ask for more —

Buried by his late mother’s medical expenses, Danny Sawyer foregoes college and takes every job he can get just to keep his head above water. When he opens his home to friends in need, the makeshift family they create gives him everything he could ask for: people to love.

Danny is determined to give the people he cares about what they need. Taking care of others makes him happy. It’s never occurred to him to want something for himself.

Some things are meant to be —

From the moment they meet, Oscar and Danny are pulled toward each other. Oscar has been hurt, and his feelings scare him. Danny has never looked at a man, and his attraction surprises him.

They each have their reasons for not believing, but in the aftermath of violence, if they can learn to trust — and are brave enough to risk their hearts — these two men who aren’t looking will find the very thing they need… love.

It would be ludicrous to stop the wedding. Really, it would. Even if the marriage is a sham, he can’t just leave Lou at the altar, even though one look at the boy on the end of the row of white chairs is enough to have Robert desperate with need.

It only takes one look for him to know that Charlie is the mate he’s been waiting for.

But Charlie doesn’t have a clue. Robert can’t just introduce himself as a werebear and start talking about mate bonds and babies – Charlie’s a human.

Or is he?