Taste on my Tongue by Beth Bolden

Almost pop-star Landon Patton has just turned a corner on the worst two years of his life: dropped by his label and dumped by his ungrateful ex-boyfriend. However, his new agent’s brilliant plan for Landon’s superstardom doesn’t have anything to do with his music – it’s called Kitchen Wars, and it’s the hottest new reality show on TV.

Since the first morning he mixed flour and water, Quentin Maxwell knew he wanted to be a baker. After becoming the pastry chef at a popular LA bakery, anyone else might be satisfied. But Quen wants to call his own shots. Going on Kitchen Wars to win the money for his own bakery seems like a huge risk, but maybe it’s worth it.

They’re an unlikely pair. Landon can’t even figure out how to turn an oven on, while Quentin makes his living with one. But with each passing week on Kitchen Wars, they discover what a great team they make–on set, off set, and between the sheets.

Winning should be everything, but what happens when the tastiest pairing is their own?

How to Love a Monster by Lyssa Dering

Seraphim has the superhuman ability to control his own brain. Or at least, he used to, before his government-mandated brain surgery. The surgery killed him, but he’s just woken up, shivering and alone, in the rain-soaked alleyway of a city he doesn’t recognize.

Fiend is a childhood monster. Dreamed up by Seraphim’s friend Wish, he was imprisoned in Wish’s subconscious until the birth of Wish City, a place for people with superhuman abilities to take refuge after death. Now Fiend is free, in charge, and on the hunt for anyone with abilities once they cross over.

Eager to play with his new toy, Fiend quickly makes contact with Seraphim. Lost and injured, Seraphim lets Fiend slither into his heart. But under aching pleasure is a hunger that can’t be denied, and lurking in the shadows of the neon city are truths neither man nor monster is ready to face.

Femme by Marshall Thornton

Queeny cocktail waiter, Lionel, wakes up to find himself in bed with Dog, a straight-acting softball player and the two embark on a rocky road to romance. A journey that requires coming out of the closet, going into the closet, a pair of red high heels, many pairs of red high heels, a failed intervention, a couple of aborted dates, and homemade pom-poms. Mostly, Lionel and Dog learn what it means to be a man. Finalist for the 2016 Lambda Award for Gay Romance.

Undaunted by Devin Harnois

Kelas Vartorvi escaped from one vampire only to find himself bound to another. Roshan saved his life and honor demands Kelas stays by his side until he repays the debt.

Roshan takes his broody new werewolf bodyguard in stride. Slowly, his relentless good nature begins to break down Kelas’s walls.

And their tentative friendship becomes something more.

An unexpected visitor from Roshan’s past throws them into a political plot and gives Kelas a chance for revenge. But are the gods blessing Kelas, or asking for a sacrifice?

Faking a Husband (Making a Family 1) by Rosa Swann

I have my pride as an Alpha and I don’t want to be the only unmated Alpha at my youngest sister’s wedding.
What’s an Alpha to do? Well, maybe ask the cute Omega who seems to be in need of some cheering up after his Alpha leaves him.
Nothing should go wrong if I invite him to be my fake husband for the weekend, right?

After my sister leaves me her three-month-old to look after, I want to be the parent that she can’t be for him.
Life as a single Omega parent won’t be easy, but I’m sure I can manage. But even I can’t resist the looks from the handsome Alpha who runs the café I frequent, or the way that he makes me smile during this crappy week.
What could go wrong in accepting to be his fake husband for a weekend?

Broken Chords by Sam Elswit

Betrayal hit me hard. Mostly because I didn’t see it coming. This time, I wasn’t going to let it happen again. I would be guarded. I wouldn’t be so quick to trust. Yet, despite these precautions, he still managed to sneak his way into my heart one smile at a time. The same feelings are there… the same ones that got me into all this trouble in the first place… but something is different.

But, when the band’s success depends on our harmony, storm clouds loom as our sounds clash together like thunder. Farmer’s Market was supposed to be an edgy, alternative group. He was trying to become the next John Legend. It would never work. We were like oil and water trying to mix together. Until I tasted those sweet lips on mine. They were fiery and passionate, making my head spin in a matter of minutes.

Wolf’s Mate 5 Book Box Set by Kiki Burrelli

Five fun romantic stories of finding fated love and starting a family. Follow these sexy alphas as they do what it takes to claim their mates. From a young man trying to find his way in life to a dangerous shifter with a dark past who needs saving from himself, these five full-length stories will introduce you to a world of dominant wolves and their mates.

Uneasy Pieces by Declan Rhodes

“Maybe you need a man with a little more maturity.”

For second year high school math teacher Jordan Vaughan, that man might just be Marshall Easterling, the 46-year-old left fielder for gay softball league defending champions the Soft Serves. They meet when Marshall’s teammate Blake Powell applies for an open coaching job at Jordan’s school.

It looks like a perfect match until past memories and insecurities begin to creep into the picture. Marshall is haunted by memories of his first partner, and Jordan can’t let go of insecurities about his age and relative lack of life experience.

Will Marshall’s teammates and Jordan’s teaching colleague Karen help them both understand that they just might be two uneasy pieces that are a perfect fit?

Manny and Me by Avery Ford

Sebastian Shallotte has just graduated and he’s looking for something that will put his knack with numbers to use. He wants a normal, quiet life in the suburbs with a white picket fence and 2.5 kids, and the skeletons in his closet will just have to be buried very, very deeply in the back of his closet.

Douglas McAlpern is just not cut out to be someone’s romantic partner but he isn’t about to give up on his dream of being a dad. When a family friend agrees to surrogate for him, he’s finally able to hold his own child in his arms.

Sebastian can’t find work in his field. Douglas can’t stay at home with his son. It seems like a match made in heaven, until Douglas realizes that Sebastian sets every one of his senses alight…and Sebastian’s secret comes tumbling out of the woodwork.