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My Dark Knight (Kings of Hell MC #2) by K.A. Merikan

Knight. Party monster. Handsome Savage. Doesn’t do monogamy.
Elliot. Obsessive. Intense. Uncompromising.

Knight has never seen a more pathetic creature than Elliot. He’s also never met anyone who needed him more. Skinny, messed up, and a bucket of trouble as thick as tar, everything Elliot does seems to be a wordless death wish. No matter how much Knight hates Elliot’s alter ego, under the makeup and theatrics hides a fragile young guy with a passion for history, and Knight can’t help but catch Elliot every time he falls.

Elliot has bad taste in men. Always hopelessly attracted to violent brutes, his favorite is a long dead serial killer. But he gets more than he’s bargained for when he seizes an opportunity to meet the man of his dreams. The ghost is manipulative and dangerous, offering Elliot all he’s wanted, for a price he can’t pay.

Elliot is faced with a choice between two men.
One alive, one dead.
One carnal and honest, one drizzling sweet, poisoned promises into his ear.
One unwilling to commit, the other promising an eternity together.

Room for Rent by Nicole Stewart

Can two dreamers shed their old lives in order to find ultimate bliss together?

Join Caleb and Mason as their worlds collide and naughty sparks fly, defying everything that is expected of them in the name of true love in this steamy story for the ages!

Eye Candy by Amanda Young

Jake Remora has no intention of ever playing again. He works hard, plays even harder, and leaves a string of easy lovers in his wake. Having his first love move home and resurrect long-dormant emotions is the last thing he ever expected … or wanted.

Just as things reignite between them, a new scandal of sexual impropriety arises. Past and present collide in a clash of rumor and speculation, jeopardizing any hope of a future the two men might build together.

Straight Up by JS Finley

Sometimes you need the truth Straight Up

Brent is HOT but hot doesn’t matter when you can’t have what you want.

After the Marines, they went their separate ways, but he can’t forget…never forget and never leave a man behind, but that’s what he did when he ran from Brent.

Maybe it wasn’t the best reaction, but he couldn’t face the truth. Now he has a second chance and he doesn’t want to blow it, instead, he wants to blow Brent.

Maybe there’s something between he and Jake, but Brent can’t ask, and Jake won’t tell because in the Marines being gay is bad for business.

Time heals all wounds, and that’s what Brent is gambling on when they meet in the hills of Tennessee. Brent is hoping for friendship…but if there is more, he’ll take it.

My Girlfriend’s Brother by Skye Faun

…He wasn’t the love I thought I had…

Adam has it all; loving family, good looks, and a hot girlfriend. Best of all, his girl happens to be the sister of his best friend. Adam and Kyle have been through thick and thin, and he couldn’t imagine his world without him.

Kyle has loved Adam from afar since childhood, never letting on the reason for his celibacy. Why give yourself to someone who could never compare to your best friend? No matter what, he’s there for him.

When their two families head out on a Hawaiian vacation, will truths be revealed and Adam find himself questioning every relationship he has?

Will Adam finally have Kyle in his arms in the morning light instead of only in his dreams?

Beg by Piper Scott

Criminal defense attorney Marcus Hayes’ bedroom is empty, but he can’t bring himself to fill it. Years of heated play sessions with seasoned submissives have numbed him—the older he gets, the more the lifestyle loses its allure.

But change is closer than he thinks.

Lucian Bracknell is finally free. Independence means redefining his relationship with the world, but when he lands a bartending job at The Shepherd, that world turns upside down. There, Lucian is untouchable, and ‘no’ is a drug he can’t get enough of.

Until his eyes lock with those of an alpha he’s not allowed to have, and those firm ‘no’s turn to whimpered ‘yes’s.

But forbidden desire this hot can’t be contained forever, and when the fires of their lust scorch, Marcus and Lucian will either have to succumb to the heat and face the consequences, or burn until one of them begs for relief.

Ace of Hearts by Devyn Morgan

Sometimes your best match is the person you’d least expect

Brendan Cole’s quiet nature makes it hard to connect with people, but after meeting Lucas Amsden, everything changes. So when his new friend is pushed onto the street by a bullying ex-boyfriend, Brendan is more than happy to offer Lucas a place to crash.

Lucas enjoys Brendan’s steady practicality even as he prods Brendan to relax and have more fun. The only problem? Living with such a gorgeous yet untouchable guy just might drive him crazy. He understands why Brendan can’t offer traditional romance, but he also can’t imagine spending their lives as just-friends.

They’re not the typical couple, but Brendan won’t let Lucas just drift out of his life. Can the puzzle pieces of these two different lives be made to fit together? With a little ingenuity, and a lot of luck, maybe they can create their own happily-ever-after.

Love on the Fox by Zach Jenkins

Love on the Fox includes three hot fireman novels, and the new, sexy short story, Night on Fire, available nowhere else.

Night on Fire

Inigo and Levi meet in a hotel lobby… things heat up so quickly that it’s a good thing Levi is a fireman.

The novels included are:
Love on Fire
Truth on Fire
Choice on Fire
Over 125 5-star reviews between them.

Extra Credit by L.A. Watson & Felix Brooks

Everyone has that one professor they just can’t get along with. For Eli West, that’s math professor Jared Hollifield. The man seems utterly out to get him. It’s not like he wanted to be in school, anyway–he’s a quiet soul who prefers the outdoors to a lecture hall. With the semester at an end, he’s ready to head up to Redford Ridge and do some painting in solitude.

Things haven’t been the same since Jared lost his musician brother Bryce in a tragic accident. As their annual vacation comes up, Jared heads to Redford alone for the first time in a decade, hoping to put the past behind him.

But things are never that easy. When one mishap after another puts him on a collision course with his most problematic student, not even the cold air can keep the sparks from flying.

Chance Encounter by Chris Savage

Braiden and Trey once shared a burning passion for each other when they were younger. Because their fathers were bitter rivals, they had to keep their relationship a secret. Upon turning 18, Braiden wanted to take their relationship public and declare their love for each other to their families. Trey, however, was not ready for this and this led to a huge fight and them breaking up. 

Fast forward 20 years and neither have seen each other since that fateful evening. Upon seeing each other the mutual attraction is instantaneous, but neither is sure how the other now feels. They are both rather hesitant in their first interaction.

When they tell Braiden’s father, he goes ballistic and the source regarding the longstanding animosity between the two men is finally revealed. This is a secret so big that it could potentially tear Braiden & Trey’s relationship apart.