Seeing Sunrise by Raleigh Ruebins

A one-time hookup becomes a summertime roommate…

Jesse is in Colorado for the summer, and he is determined to have fun. During his first week in town, he has a sexy hookup in a bar with a mysterious man. The connection is explosive, but afterward, he refuses to meet up again.

But then Jesse finds out that the man will be his roommate for the rest of summer…

Nathan is hurting after his engagement crumbled. He’s focused on his work as a photographer, and definitely isn’t looking for a relationship. But then he meets Jesse in a bar, and soon after, they become roommates.

Nathan is forced to photograph a wedding that Jesse is catering, and ends up bringing Jesse on an overnight camping trip. It soon becomes clear that their feelings can’t be ignored, and what they thought was a summer fling is much more….

Homerun by Hayden Hunt

When Ben is faced with seeing Grady again at a baseball game where he’s the star player, he doesn’t know what to think. While he once had an intense amount of love for Grady, it was destroyed when Grady made a choice that changed both of their lives.

And now Grady wants to make amends more than anything. But the real question is, can Ben let go of all the hurt feelings to find the love between them once again?