Your Fallen Star by Raleigh Ruebins

A decade and a half ago, Leo Stone was famous. Fans galore, and money pouring in like a waterfall. Music industry royalty.

…And then the band broke up.

Now Leo is trying to make a comeback. To clean up his image and grab a little publicity, his manager hires Jamie Sheffield to write his biography.

Jamie can’t believe his luck. He’d never quite gotten over his teen-aged crush on Leo, and now here he is, talking with Leo, thinking about Leo. Sleeping with Leo. And the heat between them is enough to set paper on fire.

But Leo’s afraid to commit to Jamie, no matter how much Jamie wants it. Not with the tabloids standing by, waiting for their next serving of scandal. And all the while, the book is getting closer to being finished. Will their story be cut short, or can they make it last forever?