Portrait of two young boys gay on a black background

Whiteout & Whitewash by Ann Grech

Pro-snowboarder, Reef Reid, has it all, except what he desperately wants: the happily ever after. At the peak of his career, he takes a break, but a ticketing mishap sends him to Queenstown, New Zealand, another ski resort.

Mountain rescue paramedic, Stratford ‘Ford’ Wallace, understands attraction to the opposite sex until Reef literally drops out of the sky. When a whiteout traps them together on a mountaintop, neither expects the
explosive attraction sparking between them.

White Noise: Everything he didn’t know he wanted, and now couldn’t live without… Ford fell hard for Reef. Unexpected, but undeniable. Neither has uttered those three little words. Yet.

Tragedy striking on the Canadian slopes in pre-season training forces Ford to face painful memories. He sacrifices himself to protect Reef. But is it all for nothing when Reef’s presented with an offer too good to refuse?