Gay Couple Love Home Concept

The Sweetest Star by Raleigh Ruebins

Eric used to be a superstar… now he’s only cooking up trouble. He needs a fake boyfriend, and fast.

As a former member of the boy band 5*Star, Eric never imagined he’d be starting a new gig as a host on a live cooking show, with a hot new co-host.

Dash loved his quiet life as a food writer until a horrible breakup stirred things up.

The offer to be on a TV show is too good to be true, but there’s only one problem—he kind of hates Eric.

Eric is everything that Dash isn’t: loud and unpredictable, wild and fun loving… so why does he want sleep with him so bad?

As the cameras roll, the line between what’s fake and what’s real quickly blurs when Eric and Dash realize they have sizzling chemistry. Can Eric give up his playboy ways? Will Dash’s heart crumble like a cookie?

Trust by Alice May Ball

When Mrs. Harper finds herself unmarried, unexpected freedom makes her yearn. Her needs and wants rage harder than they ever did before, and a hunger for adventure burns deep down. Mrs Harper’s journey starts, one still and sultry morning, when her poolboy’s bold suggestion makes her blush. Another friend comes calling and he breaks down the walls of both the poolboy and the pouting Mrs H.

Where it all might take her, Mrs. Harper cannot see but now she knows she needs to grasp whatever comes. She has to feed her hunger for the pounding and the clenches in the desperately clinging nights that make her howl and plead and moan. Somewhere in the world, through the heated thrashing whirl, will a hero stand up tall for her and give her what she really, truly, desperately needs?

Adam’s Song by Spencer Spears

They say it’s a bad idea to fall for your best friend. But when have I ever let that stop me?

Struggling musician Adam Hart didn’t want to fall in love with his best friend and old roommate Ben Thomas, but he didn’t really have a choice. Ben’s smart, sweet, hot as hell–and a famous popstar too. How was Adam not supposed to fall for someone so perfect?

Well, except for one tiny little detail. Ben’s straight.

But after an incredibly embarrassing, alcohol-fueled, on-stage meltdown, Adam’s cleaning up his act. First, he’s coming out of the closet. And second, he’s getting over Ben. No more waiting around for the day Ben magically decides he likes di–sgustingly sappy guys with giant crushes on him (aka Adam).

So why did Ben have to pick now to start messing with Adam’s head… and his zipper?