Losing It in Africa by Viv Phoenix

Bisexual MMF Menage: A curvy hacker, a troubled billionaire & the brave bodyguard who loves them both!

“A whole lot of action in this, along with 3 people coming together to find they fit. Love, sex & adventure.” —Karin Gesell

Inexperienced in every way, Ivy aims low to get Weston Drake to hire her and take her to Africa.

Once I got over the awkwardness, it was strangely comfortable in the big bed between the two big men. Kane had the blackest skin I’d ever seen up close and the most beautiful smile that ever rained sun down on me. West was a mysterious, sexy older man who seemed too good for real life. I felt included, like these two men opened an intimate part of their lives and let me in. It was a good feeling, and it fit, because they had.

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